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Weekday Escape N°206

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Weekday EscapeHi! Welcome in 2019 with new Weekday Escape!

Kamonosoukutsu locks you inside a room with Mr. and Mrs. Duck, and you goal is to find something for Mrs. Duck. MysteriousBox's games are getting better and better; the new one is smart, good-looking, and with relaxing music, pleasure to play. Short game by Carraka introduces Zoe, mythological enthusiast, and her night adventure with several gods. Neat Escape wants you to escape his friend's comfortable apartment.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Chotto Escape 010 - She Wants to Wear Little Slippers
Chotto Escape 010 - She Wants to Wear Little Slippers

Mrs. Duck from Kamonosoukutsu's lovely room definitely needs to put something on her tiny feet, the floor is so cold that she can't stand on both! (Mr. Duck is used to the cold probably.) Small fluffy slippers she wants would be a solution, but they are not lying anywhere around, so you have to solve several puzzles, figure out correct codes, and open all the locked drawers and cabinets to find them. The game isn't long yet offers more than it seems!

The cursor is not changing, save button, one ending.

The game is available for Android too.

Cardboard House
Cardboard House

You wake up in a cardboard house without the slightest idea how did you get there and why. Maybe it's only a dream. Everything is made from the cardboard, even the laptop (I'm not sure about the fan though) - and works! Well not at the beginning of course, you need to solve some puzzles before, but in the end it does! The exit door is closed, and you don't have any big knife to check how thick the walls are...the only way out are hints, clues, locks and most of all, right solutions.

The cursor is not changing, autosave, one ending.

The game is available for Android too.

Zoe and the Polypantheon
Zoe and the Polypantheon

Zoe loves mythology, all mythologies, and when she gets locked by accident in the Temple of Polypantheon overnight, she's not panicking at all. She quite enjoys it and decides to try to ask gods - every god in this polypantheon - for a help. Three gods appear to be strong enough to open the way out ...but in unexpected and mysterious ways. In gods' ways...
Carraka's point'n'click game isn't long, but much fun and has three different endings. You don't have to replay it thrice, at the end it's possible to return to the menu and click 'continue' button, and try another decision. During playing, you'll find several tablets and also the place where to insert them - note that their position isn't important, just put them wherever you want. Also note that for exploring the first 'item' in your inventory, opened hand, must be highlighted.

The cursor is not changing, no save button, three endings - all three worth playing!

Escape from the Apartment
Escape from the Apartment

Neat Escape's friend invited you to visit him - his apartment is great, but nobody is here, and you can't leave as the door is closed (suddenly). On the table lies a note in Japanese which says 'Please, escape!' and soon you find out that the friend has prepared private escape game for you and has put a lot of effort in it. He even got trained fish! And if you solve all the puzzles, you get a nice dinner too!

The cursor is not changing, autosave plus save button, one ending.

The game is available for Android too.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


EclecticPlatypus January 2, 2019 12:19 PM

For Chotto Escape 010 - She Wants to Wear Little Slippers, I'm stuck figuring out the number clue.

It's something to do with the star cabinet, but I can't figure out how to interpret it.

EclecticPlatypus January 2, 2019 12:26 PM replied to EclecticPlatypus

The banana clue is used twice

Turns out I wasn't as stuck as I thought.

Ah well back to fighting with



Walkthrough Chotto Escape 010 - She Wants to Wear Little Slippers


We start facing a character - duck, maybe - who wants fancy pink fish slippers. Next to her, there are several hats on a hanger. After we zoom in on hanger, a star on the duck back can be seen - collect it.
Turning left, we see three-door blue cabinet. Opening its door reveals (from top) letters A, B, and N. Above, there are three divers on shelves - pink is highest, green lowest, yellow in the middle. On three tables, there are three boxes - above the leftmost sits sad frog, the middle reads letters BANE and the right has two lines of four squares - and small green hole, which can be somehow connected to the fact, that it does not respond.
Turning left again, there is another duck, thinking deeply above a picture of arrow and some rectangles. He says that this arrow is connected to the three-door blue cabinet and lock with BANE letters.
Turning left for the last time, we see monkey with mischievous sign "locked". It sits on a cabinet, which is, not surprisingly, locked and not responding. To the right, there is another cabinet with stars, with some points yellow and some points black. Part of the cabinet is blocked, we need screwdriver to open it.

Swan's quiz

The missing blue rectangle on thinking duck's picture shows, which door of the blue cabinet should we open (order given by arrow and orientation by the line across the rectangle). It is middle-up-down-up-down-up. After the sequence, frog figure appears in the (until than empty) cabinet. Collect.
As we open the doors, we can see the letters. They form the word BANANA. Put this word to the BANE box and collect the banana that is in there.

Monkey cabinet

There is just one animal that would welcome the banana - the monkey. Satisfied, it changes the sign to "unlocked" and we can start to work on the cabinet. Two upper door can be open without any other complication; they contain place for four stars and screwdriver.
Lower left needs three-number password. No idea - yet. Lower right shows three divers... but we have seen those somewhere, right? Yes. Leave the pink one on the highest spot and find out, which one changes to green on the low position and which one on the yellow on the middle position. Open and collect star.

Frogs and hats

With screwdriver, we can open the star cabinet. Wooden plank can surely be used somehow - lets cheer the sad frog, put the wood above its head and the other frog can sit on that place. Box opens and we can collect green key. It fits perfectly into the box on the right table and now we can set the correct order of the hats according to the hanger (empty pegs help with the orientation). Inside the box, there is yet another star and...

Star cabinet

... picture of several star points - up, low left and low right and moreover, the up left point gives number four. The number is formed from 3x5 yellow blocks, the star cabinet is also 3x5 shelves.Observing the (opened) star cabinet, we can notice, that the stars that have up left points yellow form the number four (three top positions in left column, middle position and all the positions in the right column). Checking the yellow positions for the other mentioned points gives us another three numbers, 976. Of course they go to the low left door of monkey cabinet. Fourth star.


Some of the stars in the cabinet have turned red (those that were originally closed). Place the stars into the shelf of monkey cabinet in the same pattern. Here are the pink fish slippers and duck princess won't have to walk barefoot. For exchange, she gives the key from the exit door. We are out and we can enjoy flamingo picture!

Patreon Contributor kktkkr January 2, 2019 5:48 PM replied to Kaa

Thanks for the walkthrough! Here's the next one.

Cardboard House

That's right, it's a mysterious box.


Indeed, every wall and object around seems to be made out of cardboard: the chest of drawers (which have a keyhole, buttons with card suits and a four-digit lock), the blank panel set into the wall, and even the laptop on the desk on the right.

Click the left side of the laptop to get a side view. From here, you can see a diamond-shaped socket and six round dials.

Before you start turning, click the yellowish faces at the left edge of the screen. This gives you a view of the entryway/genkan. The door doesn't open, the faces are lined up in rows on both walls, and the slippers on the ground are a little messy.

Back out and turn left to find two picture frames and a cuckoo clock which hasn't been set. The left picture shows some blocky apple trees, and the right one shows a few abstract space-y drawings.

Turn left. Yes, you've been walking around a low table this whole time. On the table top, you find two safes. The left one has a vertical slider with a light blue star, and the right one has four diamond-shaped buttons/knobs with one quadrant colored dark on each. In the background, you see some potted plants, some hanging and some not, and what are those triangles around them? You also see another area in the background, but it's blocked off by a locked gate.

Turn left to find four shelves with some decorations on them: a castle, sailboat, snowman and lady, all made out of cardboard. There seems to be another area upstairs, but there's no stairs and you see a gap in the railing instead.


The triangular markings on the bottom drawer have notches in them that match the smiles on the faces! So use the clues from the faces in the corridor to unlock the bottom drawer.

Hint: I'm putting this first to emphasize that you don't need to look up any other clues.

Following the arrows away from the door gives you two sequences of four pairs of shapes and operators, but what you really need to read it as is a sequence of four pairs of two pairs of shapes and operators.

To put it less confusingly, the first thing you need to work out is ▲+⬟=, where the ▲+ part comes from the right side and the ⬟= comes from the left. (If you do the math, you'll see why the right side has to come first.) Now what numbers do the triangle and pentagon represent?

Each shape represents its number of sides, so the triangle is 3, the pentagon is 5, and so the first sum is 8.

Working this out in full, you get:

Enter 8161 in the drawer and open it to find a portable charger.


Plug the charger into the left side of the laptop. Hmm, looks like we need to tweak these six knobs to make it work. Where's the clue for that?

The slippers point (from our perspective) right, straight, left, left, left, right.

So click the knobs 2, 0, 1, 1, 1, 2 times, and the screen turns on! Uh-oh, it needs another four-digit code and we don't have one.


Only two things in the room are that bright shade of blue: the handle on the slider box, and the flowers behind it.

The triangles between the flower pots tell you to read the clue from left to right. Each pot has some flowers growing up or down.

The star-shaped slider moves to adjacent positions (up or down) when you click those positions, so follow the flower clue to move the slider up twice, down thrice, up once, and then down twice.

This opens the box so you can take the blue key.

Unlock 1 / Exploration 2

Use the blue key to unlock the gate to the left of the flowers.

Stepping inside, you see a stack of cardboard boxes (of course), the middle one labeled Orange with an unusual symbol. The locker on the right has four light blue triangular buttons pointing up, and you notice a toy bird and a wall fan on top of the locker. There's also a panel on the wall with two identical rectangular buttons.


Use the clue from the labeled cardboard box to unlock the laptop.

The symbol on the box isn't just telling you to recycle! The symmetry of its arrows suggests that you rotate the clue upside-down. Normally this would result in a jumbled mess of inverted letters, but you've probably already noticed that the letters aren't painted a uniform shade of black.

If you only look at the darker parts (in the letters OAGE) and mentally rotate them, you find that they form the digits 3970. After entering that, you find another clue and four-letter lock on the screen.


Use the clue from the left picture to unlock the laptop again.

Superimpose the left tree on the left grid so the red apples align, and you should see a letter appear there: the cells which remain brown form the letter P.

Similarly, the grid with a yellow apple becomes the letter U, and the grid with the green apple becomes L, so enter PULP, and the computer immediately opens the wall panel. Looking there, you find a weird box with four round protrusions at the top and a cardboard picture of feet.


Use the clue from the shelves to unlock the right box on the table.

On each shelf decoration, one object is triangular and a darker color.

Looking at the castle flag, snowman hat, lady's umbrella and sail, you notice that they are different-sized right triangles oriented in the ◥ ◢ ◤ ◣ directions.

So click the buttons (clockwise from top) 2, 3, 1, 0 times to open the box and find a postcard of some Mountain Path.


Use the clue from the postcard to unlock the locker.

Notice that the mountain is divided into four layers, each a different shade of green.

The flags on the postcard all point right, so read them from left to right to find that they appear in the 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 3rd layers from the bottom.

Click the buttons on the locker accordingly to open it, then take the ladder.

Climb / Exploration 3

This ladder has a hook on top, which is perfect for placing it against the wall with the shelf decorations and climbing up. Rest assured there's absolutely no danger involved here.

This rather narrow ledge has a bed on it, and you can pull the blanket permanently back into place to appreciate its space-themed patterns. You also see a cardboard box under a bed, so pull it out and open it to find another box, then open that box to find another box. A few quick clicks later, you finally get to the bottom of it, and your reward is a nice papercraft lobster.

You also see a map on the wall, but for some reason the only part you care about is the compass rose which has card suits on its cardinal points.


Use the clue from the boxes upstairs to activate the panel beside the locker.

Looking closely at the boxes you opened, you find dark rectangles on the inner flaps.

In the order that they appear (i.e. outside in, the order that you open the boxes) the rectangles appear on the LRRLR sides, so push those buttons.

The fan turns on briefly and blows the toy chicken onto the floor!


Use the clue from the map to unlock the middle drawer. (The drawer buttons only reset when you've pressed all of them.)

Translating the suits according to the compass rose (♥=↑ ♦=→ ♣=↓ ♠=←), you find that the drawer buttons read
___ ↓→ ↓↓
_↑_ ↑→ ↓←
↑↑→ ↑← ←←

Starting from GO in the middle and following the arrow instructions takes you to the following buttons in order:
9 5 2
8 1 6
4 7 3

As you push the last button, the drawer springs open, and it contains a cardboard bee!


Use the clue from the right picture frame to decode that on the blanket.

Look at the picture frame and mentally connect the symbols that appear on the top stripe of the blanket. If you do this correctly, you'll find that the resulting path forms the digit 4. Similarly, the bottom stripe makes 7.

The middle one is a bit more complicated: there isn't a backslash on the poster, but go ahead and draw the paths for the half-clues on either side of it. Each of those paths is a vertical line.

Put those clues together, and what do they spell?

The resulting code 4 11 7 looks like a four-digit code, but it could also be just three numbers with the middle one being 11.

Those three numbers fit on the clock face! Pull the handles beneath the clock 4, 11, 7 times to make the hands point to Ⅳ, ⅩⅠ, Ⅶ, and the clock chimes with a bird holding an orange key.

Unlock 2

Use the orange key to unlock the top drawer and find a tiny cardboard cat!


Now that you've gathered all four cardboard animals, use them to unlock the box in the wall on the first screen.

You can place the animals on the four spots on the top of the box, and the clue tells you how to do it: in order from fewest feet on the left to most feet on the right.

Okay, these animals don't really have feet, strictly speaking, but you can count legs to find that the correct order is Chicken Cat Bee Lobster.

The box opens and you find a box cutter inside.

Use the box cutter to cut open the doors to the room, and escape to finally learn why you were here.

I'm skipping over Zoe because of the almost-text walkthrough that's already linked from the page, which I think is really good.


Escape from the Apartment

This apartment is amazing! Just look at that shiny floor! And that surround sound system! And you know what, let's just get to it.

(One of the endings can be forced at pretty much any time, but I've delayed the choice to the end in this walkthrough.)


So much is visible on this screen that I'll break the description up a bit finer than usual.

Let's begin with the table in the middle, where next to the laptop (you can't touch) there's your friend's note but in Japanese, so you can see that it really begins with a "Ganbatte". Anyway, look in the pencil holder to find an unsharpened pencil.

On the left, a TV sits on a cabinet with three locked drawers. While the left drawer clearly has a lock with three different-sized circular buttons and the right drawer has one with three roman numeral buttons, the middle one doesn't seem to have anything other than the handle.

On the right, the bed has a safe on it with three yellow-green digit buttons arranged vertically. There's nothing under the pillow.

But there's a locked briefcase under the bed.

Zoom in on the window (which sounds weird to me, so I'll call that the balcony doors). Grayish curtains surround the doors which you can click to open. From here, you can't get a better look at the scenery, but you can change the view to the left side (a table with a sealed cardboard box) and the right (an air-conditioning unit with two plant pots).

Look in the corner beneath the pair of orange plant pots to find a utility knife.

Let's go back in for now, and turn around to face the kitchen counter. On the left, you see a fish tank. The fish inside don't seem to be moving, but that's because animation is hard.

Click over the kitchen counter to enter the kitchen area. On the left, you see a working sink and can open the doors beneath to find a weight balance with a padlock on one pan. You can't seem to do anything with the stove, but there's a light switch directly above it, but that light switch doesn't work, but you can look closer through the round gap below the switch at the faulty (or is it missing?) light bulb.

On the right, you can't use any of the kitchen appliances, but you can still look at the picture frame of the wall to read a clue about letters in circles.

Back out and move on to the corridor. The folding doors on the right is locked, so enter the bathroom on the left instead. It's rather simplistic, but you can pull back the shower curtain to find a battery in the bathtub. You can also look at the mirror to find you have no reflection, but more importantly the mirror is fastened to the wall with a screw.

Return to the corridor and walk towards the door. It's still locked, so look at the shoe cabinet (or shall we say, shoe shelves) beside instead. There's a safe with three buttons that cycle through different shapes, and you find a smudged piece of paper on a lower shelf.


Since the pencil has an eraser on its end, you can use it on the smudged piece of paper to reveal some letters that you recognize as roman numerals.


Use the clue from the erased paper to unlock the right drawer under the TV.

To make the buttons show Ⅷ Ⅸ Ⅳ, you need to click them 7, 8, 3 times. Opening the drawer, you find a light bulb with an unusually dark tint.


Replace the bulb above the stove, and then turn on the light. The stove is now covered in an incoherent wash of mesmerizing colors, but this isn't good enough to help us solve anything.

Walk up to the balcony doors and shut the curtains, shrouding the room in darkness.

This time, when you turn the light on, the outer circles on the stove turn red, blue and yellow.


Use the clues in the kitchen to unlock the left drawer under the TV.

The three circular buttons remind you of the circles on the stove, which also come in different sizes but not in that order.

By comparing the color the blacklight reveals with the circle sizes, you find that the B, Y, R circles are the small, large, medium ones. So push the RLCRLC buttons to open the drawer and find a red key.

Unlock (red)

Use the red key to unlock the folding doors along the corridor. Surprisingly, this isn't a wardrobe! It's a storage area with some boring bookshelves and ornaments, and you can look in the boxes below to find a TV remote, which is missing both of its batteries.


Time for something else! Bring the knife outside, and use it to open the cardboard box, then open the briefcase inside to find a box of fish food.


Pour the fish food into the tank. After the fish swim over to it, you can see three yellowish digits through the water.

So use that clue to unlock the box on the bed.

Enter 888 in the box, then open it to find a screwdriver.

Unscrew 1

Unscrew the mirror in the bathroom. Beside the toothbrush and toothpaste, you find a yellow key.

Unlock (yellow)

Pull the briefcase out from under the bed and use the yellow key to unlock it. All that's inside is a battery!


Place both batteries in the remote and use it to turn on the TV, which shows you an equation with the silhouettes of a half-full water glass and a padlock.


It's time to figure out how to open the middle drawer. Look around for it.

After opening the left drawer, click the handle again to pull it all the way out. Now you can see two screws on the inside holding the middle drawer shut.

Remove those screws, and you can now open the drawer to find a glass.


You can now use the glass on the weighing balance. Since it's empty, it's not heavy enough.

Fill the glass in the sink. Now it's too heavy!

Since you've seen the clue on the TV, you figure out that you can empty the glass halfway into the sink. Now it's just right.

After balancing the padlock, the middle section of the scale opens up so you can take a blue key.

You've completed all the required puzzles, so save your game.

Unlock (blue) / Normal End

Use the blue key to unlock the door and leave. Enjoy coffee with your friend!

Happy End

Use the knife to sharpen the pencil, and use it on your friend's note.

Then use that clue to unlock the box on the shoe shelves.

To make the buttons show circles with a hexagon, triangle and star, you need to click them 1, 3, 6 times.

After opening the box, you find a meal ticket. Leave through the door like before to earn a meal with your friend!

TimeWaster January 3, 2019 4:23 AM

I really enjoyed Cardboard House. The environment was creative and actually beautiful to me (makes me wanna get crafty to be honest) and the puzzles were clever but straightforward. The only time I needed the walkthrough was to remind me of a clue I forgot about. (I also THOUGHT I needed it when I messed up solution inputs a few times, then I figured out I was making dumb mistakes.)


Kaa, most of the walkthrough was fine, but 2 things that you did wrong.

the hat puzzle was not explained correctly. I had to find a video walkthrough to help me understand what to do. And the placing 4 star puzzle was not explained on how to do it as well. I do believe the heights was kinda wrong as well. You might want to give specific instructions and/or screenshots just incase someone doesnlt understand the step by step process. It took me 20 minutes on those things i was telling you about

Other then that you did really well.

Kaa January 4, 2019 11:58 AM replied to Paul

Paul, maybe you should consider writing a supplement to the walkthrough, it would make a useful comment. It is hard for me to guess, which problems might arise for other people - when you come across them and solve them, tell about them to the others as well.


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