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Weekday Escape N°228

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Weekday EscapeHi, escaping time is here, it's Wednesday!

Amajeto's has locked you in their living room, without a balcony but with many tasteful decorations. The second game in this WE is short point'n'click adventure by KiwiRosa and shadowycycledew, in which you need to collect ten coins for ferry fare, and after you gather them and get across the river, you have to find your way out from Selfdefiant's secret laboratory. The last game by Nicolet is excellent again. Lovely, clever and funny. And good looking.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Bloom Room
Bloom Room

Amajeto'd gone through Tomatea archives, digged out few of their favourite decorations - a pidgeon, flowers and few pieces of African art - and used them. And also created another quality game where you need to use your brain - can you escape?

The cursor is changing, no save button, one ending.

P.S. Here is Loom Dawn, one of the best escape games ever made, and Loom Above, both by Place of Light. Not similar to Amajeto at all, just reminding of them.

That Blurry place - chapter 1: the boat
That Blurry place - chapter 1: the boat

This week we introduce another interesting new authors, KiwiRosa and shadowycycledew, and their short adventure game, apparently the first part of a longer story. You find yourself in a strange place where you meet hooded ferryman requiring ten coins for the transfer on his boat. Apart from the coins, you need to find few items, combine them and use them; as the cursor isn't changing and clues are a bit vague, explore the place carefully and click everywhere.

The cursor is changing, autosave, one ending.

P.S. If unusual art styles interest you, check Triangle by SuzumeDr. It's unique.

Underground Secret Escape
Underground Secret Escape

You are trapped in Selfdefiant's secret underground laboratory, maybe control room of some kind, and to escape you have to do some repairs, move few crates and barrels, and figure out several codes. The facility is absolutely empty so you don't need to worry about security guards asking you what are you doing here and how did you get there. Nobody cares, so you may take your time and escape comfortably without stress.
The cursor is changing, autosave, one ending.



Beautiful Nicolet's creation returns to the spring season with its fresh green grass, soft colors, gardening, cute chickens and later you may witness also the process of pollination! Very interesting. Puzzles are top notch, of course. I'm not keeping you from the game any longer - go and play!
The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending.

The game is available for Android and iOS too.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Bloom Room

Fewer cupboards, more shelves, and flowery ornaments in full display!


The starting screen puts the couch and picture (with missing pieces) front and center. The left and right shelves have lots of flowers and decorations, but of particular interest are the four-color compartment in the middle of the right shelf, the grid of shiny colored flower decorations below that, and the porcelain pigeon below that with a square tile next to it. Hmm, what's that hole in the wall behind the tile?

Turn right to face the windows and wooden desk, with a cupboard built in the desk which has a lock with a grid of sixteen buttons. On top of the desk, there are four purple objects on a metal tray with a square tile leaning on them, and a closer look reveals that they're candles with curved lines drawn on them.

Turn right to face the locked exit door. Just like the previous rooms, the picture on the left tilts when you click its corners. But this time, it also has a drawer beneath with four dials on its lock, and on the left there's a two-button cupboard, some spotlights that seem to point at nothing, and a four-letter cupboard, among other things.

Turn right to find an armchair, a TV, a wall shelf with books which includes a four-digit drawer, and under the TV a mini garden made out of pots of flowers with a square tile at the front.

(Check that you have picked up 3 square tiles.)

Two buttons

Use a clue from the garden beneath the TV to unlock the top-left cupboard on the door screen.

The tallest plant sprouts branches to the left and right. From the top down, these occur on the LRRLLR sides, so push those buttons to unlock the cupboard.

After taking the square tile from inside, you find a tiny white square that's actually a switch panel.


Place the switch into the hole beside the bird (that you revealed from picking up a square tile earlier), and push the button. It seems to be a busy sequence of flashing lights, but you notice a pattern.

Color theory

Use clues you've seen on the shelf with the bird to unlock the compartment in the middle of it.

The colors on the bird and the pad it's standing on change simultaneously, with the bird color being an even mix of the platform colors. The pairs of colors that appear together on the platform also appear on the flower ornaments directly above, one pair for each column.

So combine the colors in each column (or match each pair to its bird color) to get purple, green, pink, orange. Click the buttons 4, 3, 1, 2 times, then open the compartment to find a square tile.


Use the other clue from the colorful bird display to unlock the cupboard built in/under the desk.

The platform under the bird cycles through different pairs of colors, but each has the same pattern: the second color appears only in the ↘ diagonal squares and the other two corners.

Click the six corresponding buttons on the lock and open the cupboard to find a remote control and square tile.


Use the remote to turn on the TV, which displays a clue with flowers.

Then use it on the TV again to get static. The next channel is also static, but using it once more gets you a clue with numbered circles.

Four digits

Use a clue from the TV to unlock the drawer to its left.

Only four channels are available on the TV, and they're numbered 2 3 4 7.

Enter that into the drawer and open it to find a square tile.


Use another clue from the TV to unlock the tilty picture beside the door.

The colors of the flowers on TV match those in the garden below, where they appear at the ⌝ ⌞⌝ ⌜⌟ corners.

Click those corners of the picture, which comes loose, then flip it over to find a square tile on the back.

Four spots

Use the remaining clue from the TV to unlock the drawer under the tilty picture.

The arrangement of the numbered circles matches that of the spotlights. Matching them up, you find that the lights numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 point left, up-left, down, down-left.

Click the dials 6, 7, 4, 5 times, then open the drawer to find a matchbox and a square tile.


Use the matchbox to light the purple candles on the desk, which immediately makes more curves and lines appear on them.

Four letters

Use the clue from the candles to unlock the cupboard at the bottom-left of the door screen.

The strokes on each candle can be rearranged to form a letter (and it's helpful to note that only ten letters are available on the lock).

These letters spell out the word ROOT, so enter that and open the cupboard to find the last square tile.


All that remains is to place all ten square tiles into the picture above the couch, and then solve the randomized puzzle that appears there by rotating the tiles until they align.

(Hint: if you think you're done, check the last tile in the second row.)

Once you've formed the picture, the compartment under it opens up so you can take a golden key. Use it to unlock the door and end the game!

That blurry place - chapter 1: the boat

Do not adjust your set.


The river looks too pink to swim. Thankfully, the hooded figure (or is it just an animated cloak?) will get you out for the low price of 10 coins.

Go left (there's an arrow at the left of the screen) to find a swan holding a key in its wings. A flower floats among some lilypads on the right.

Go left to find a rather messy plant, as well as a broken cart. With some precision, you manage to remove the top brown piece of the cart. And then the gray thing, the big rectangular thing, the narrow metallic thing, the blurry wheel, the green patch and the wooden planks. Oh hey, there's a rope under all that!

Go left. A tree stump has three buttons which cycle through a huge variety of different items, but none of that matters yet because the red button is inactive. You also see a coin on the side of the stump and something bright floating in the water.

Go left. You have the option to enter the house, but let's leave that for later. There's another thing in the water.

Go left. The thing that looks like a water snake is just another one of those floating objects. You can also move a heavy rock from the right side, but there's nothing under it.

Go left. A blank patch of land has a yellowish flower, and on the left there's a piece of bread you can take.

Now for the house…

As you enter the house, you immediately face the doorway back. On the right, tip over the bowl on the table to find a coin.

Turn right. The grandfather clock is locked, and there's a shoe under it. Take the fishing rod (no line) leaning against the bookshelf, as well as the shovel on the bottom shelf. None of the books have any importance.

Looking more closely at the shoe, you find something pink sticking out from the back. It's a scroll with a number 1 and a drawing of a tree.

Turn right to find a dark-colored potted plant that you can move aside to find a coin. Checking in the chest of drawers, you find a hook and coin.

Turn right to find a table with a fruit basket on top, as well as a picture you can tilt. There's no puzzle to it, because after two tilts a coin drops out. Also, who tipped over that chair on the left?

That either caused or was caused by its leg snapping off. After removing the tip of the chair leg, you find a scroll.

Turn right to find windows with no handles. The kitchen area has a sink with a coin stuck inside, and its tap can be turned on to flow into the other sink. In the right cabinet above, you find a pair of shears.

(All that exploration has led you to a total of five coins, so you're halfway done!)


Fix the fishing rod by attaching the rope and then the hook to it. (To combine two items, click them in any order.)


Use the completed fishing rod to remove the coin from the sink.

Oh, it didn't work? Try three more times until the coin comes up onto the side of the sink.


Also use the fishing rod to collect all 3 pieces of bread floating in the river. (You'll fail about three times along the way too.)


Give all four pieces of bread to the blue swan. Unsurprisingly, it's just enough to make it leave. Take the key it leaves behind.

Then use that key to unlock the clock in the house. Take the coin inside.


Use the shovel to dig up the patch of ground under the rock you moved earlier to find another coin.


Use the shears to remove the gray spiky parts on the messy plant. A coin appears on the ground.


Since the fruit basket is actually a bowl, you can fill it in the right sink. (Placing it will block the tap, so turn the tap on first.)

Now you can bring that full bowl to the leftmost screen, and use it on the plant there. It's a waterlily!

Find the matching plant on the river (next to the swan), and place it there. Another scroll appears!


Now that you have all three scrolls, the button on the tree stump glows green.

Also, those are your only clues left so the next move is obvious.

The pictures on scrolls 1, 2, 3 are the tree, feather, car.

Click the buttons 17, 7, 10 times, then push the green button. The entire lock panel disappears, revealing the last coin.


Give all 10 coins to the hooded figure and then get on the boat to end the game.

Elmo Rogers August 10, 2019 10:40 PM

I can't get the stump to do what it's supposed to do: solved the puzzle, but nothing.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr August 11, 2019 1:51 AM replied to Elmo Rogers

Make sure

  • The button is green, which means you have all three scrolls.

  • You've entered the correct symbols (the tree from scroll 1 has leaves).

Other than that, I don't see any reason it shouldn't work.


Underground Secret Escape

To describe it less impressively, it's a lab in the basement.


You start off facing a long table, with the clipboard on top showing a short clue. The barrel on the right is terribly heavy, while those on the left can be removed and moved (in a certain order) until you find a blue box with five cross-shaped controls on its lock.

Very sneakily, the clipboard has a silver key the exact same color as the metal clip it's hidden on.

Turn around (left or right). There's a bunch of boxes on the left, and a vent on the right you can't reach. But clicking each of the boxes (in the correct order) to move them to the right forms a staircase that lets you climb up. Also, it reveals a panel on the left with red wires that would be connected if you could just attach a screw.

Climbing up, you find that the vent is blocked by bright red lasers. Take the screw from the bottom-right corner.


The clue on the clipboard (ULRUD) reads Up Left Right Up Down, so click the buttons on the box 0, 3, 1, 0, 2 times, then open it to find a screwdriver.


Place the screw in the wall panel and fasten it with the screwdriver.

Returning to the vent, you find the lasers gone, with a single red wire hanging from the top-right laser aperture.

Keep going, and you find yourself in another room.

Exploration 2

Now you're facing the other end of the vent, with a barrel strategically placed to let you backtrack. The lab table has a laptop showing an five-digit code, as well as a microscope.

Go right to find three large metal machines. With the help of the changing cursor, you find that the left one has something behind its grate, the middle one has a four-digit lock (and a color clue to help you with it), but the right one is just boring.

Go right to find a shelf with crates and a crowbar, a forklift blocking the door that the game tells you is missing a propane cylinder, and a hand cart.

Go right. A glass cabinet has a lock with four different-colored buttons. On the right, there's a table with beakers of colored liquids, some of which are connected by crazy straws. There's also a machine producing a continuous blue spark, but there's nothing you can do with it.


Use the clue from the beaker to unlock the glass cabinet.

From left to right, the beakers are green, blue, red, yellow, blue.

So click the ⌝ ⌞⌜⌟ ⌞ buttons to open the cabinet, which only contains a glass slide.


Use the slide on the microscope to view a clue with four colored wriggling creatures.

Then use that clue to unlock the green locker.

The rectangles on the locker are red, blue, green, yellow, and the creatures with those colors on the slide have 6, 4, 8, 3 legs/hairs.

Enter that into the lock and open the locker to find a gas tank.


Even after placing the gas tank on the forklift, you find that you don't have the ignition key. Look around a bit more.

Crawl back through the vent to the first screen, and use the hand cart to move the heavy barrel, revealing a black key on the ground.

Now you can start the forklift (with the black key), which drives aside so you can access the door.

But the lock panel for the door has three pairs of contacts, so you'll need more wires.

Conveniently, a green wire has appeared behind the seat of the forklift.


Use the crowbar to remove the panel on the left machine. There's a blue wire there!


Place all three wires on the door panel (in any order), which changes into a digital keypad.

There's only one possible clue for this…

Enter the code from the laptop (80805) into the keypad, and click the E button to open the door.

Exploration 3

Surprise! You're in the sewers now. The green stuff on the grates doesn't look good, but the locked door in between them seems important.

Go right. Other than the annoying dripping water, you also see a ladder that's too high to reach.

Use the key you picked up from the keyboard to unlock the door in the sewers.

The room inside is full of old pipes, but thankfully you can just open the cabinet on the left and take a ladder from it.


Place the ladder you picked up under the one already in the sewers. Just as you climb up to leave, you find your path blocked by a door with a large round handle surrounded by a ring of sixteen buttons.


You'll never get out just guessing the code! There must be clues somewhere around.

The two sewer grates have a total of eight green spots around their edges, and you need to push the buttons in the same spots.

This can get a little confusing in the diagonal positions, so notice that the top-left spot on the left grate is truly at 45 degrees halfway between left and up, and it's lined up with the first bar. This means the bottom-left spot, lined up with the second bar, must be further down than left.

Similarly, the bottom two spots on the right grate line up with the first and last bars, which means they're placed at multiples of 45 degrees, but the top-right spot goes beyond the last bar, so it must be further right than up.

Labeling the buttons clockwise starting from 0 at the top, those that you need to press are 0, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, 12, 14.

Turn the handle to remove the entire trapdoor, and leave through it to end the game.


Top off your Weekday Escape with a little flourish!


Instead of being stuck in a room, you're fenced in a garden with a small pond full of water and a rock with a pipe connecting it to the ground. The top of the pipe is missing its tap.

Turn right to find a large rock with a hole and a smaller rock. A wheel has been padlocked to the fence on the right, and the lock has buttons with lines on it. At the top left, the fence has a weird shape, some colored dots, and something yellow sitting on top. (You can vaguely see more wood on the other side of this fence, but it's not important.)

Turn right to face a locked door. A mailbox on the left has a stack of four shape buttons, while the wall box on the right just has a keyhole.

Turn right to find a small planter. One of the plants has yellow patterned bugs on each of its leaves, while the stalks on the right are somehow the same height despite having different numbers of sections. Take the star-shaped red stick hidden at the corner. There's also a patch of grass beside that you can zoom in on, but it looks normal for now.

However, wedged into the fence directly above the grass is a metal rod.


Use the metal rod on the hole in the large rock. It's perfectly placed to form a lever that lifts the large rock aside.

Under it, you find three worms in front of an orange egg with gold stripes.


Use the clue from the plant with bugs to unlock the mailbox.

From top to bottom, the leaves have bugs with stars, circles, hearts, triangles.

So click the buttons 3, 0, 2, 1 times, then open the mailbox and take the red striped egg from it.


Use the clue from the segmented stalks to unlock the padlock next to the wheel.

Since the stalks are divided at 4, 2, 3 points, click the left button twice and the right button once to make them show that many lines, then remove the padlock to pick up the wheel.


Since both the wheel and the pipe beside the pond have star-shaped holes, the red stick must go between them.

Attach the stick to the wheel, then place it on the pipe. It automatically turns and drains all the water from the pond, leaving a box with some weird white-and-black square buttons.

You can also see the pipe that the water drained/filled from, which has a golden key within reach.


Use the clue from the different-shaped area of the fence (where the colored dots are) to unlock the box in the drained pond.

The buttons cycle between three options, with the black area in each one forming a triangle with its base along the bottom edge. Matching those triangles with the pointy tops of the fence planks, you find that their top corners appear in the RLCRC positions.

Click the buttons 0, 1, 2, 0, 2 times, then unlock the box to find a green striped egg.

Unlock 1

Use the key you found to unlock the wall box beside the door. Inside, there's three bowls under a red light, with a red stripe painted on the left one.


Use the clue from the worms to place the three eggs into the three bowls.

With the red-marked worm on the left, the colors from left to right are green, red, orange.

So place those eggs into the bowls, and the light turns green, which means the door is now unlocked!

Exploration 2

As you enter the room, you see a bed of colored tulips, with a metal object between the right two that turns out to be a tiny scythe. Above it, there's a window with a blue cylindrical container sealed with screws, and on the right edge of the windowsill hangs a hook.

Turn right. The wall has a tree painted on it, and in front there's a pot you can take and another one that's sealed, it's cover fastened with screws. Also, four bowls hang from the ceiling.

Turn right. This apparently short door is the one you entered from, and on the left side a chest of drawers has a chick sitting on a bolted platform in front of a screwdriver, a drawer missing a handle, and a drawer with a three-digit lock.

Turn right to find a giant pink-and-blue egg. There are things both above and below it but you can't reach them yet. On the left beside the hole in the floor, a panel has three colored buttons under a row of five lights.


Use the screwdriver to unscrew the pot you haven't picked up. There's something yellow at the bottom.

Also unscrew the cylinder on the window ledge. A brightly glowing butterfly flies out and hovers over the flowers before returning to the container.


Outside, turn the valve handle to fill the pond in.

Then use the pot you're holding to collect water from it.

Transfer the water into the other pot, which makes a chick float to the top.


Use the clue from the butterfly to unlock the floor panel.

The butterfly hovers over the orange, blue, orange, blue, pink tulips, so push the RCRCL buttons on the panel and activate it.

A ladder emerges from the floor and comes to rest on the egg!

Climbing the ladder, you find a loop of rope over a rope handle on the egg which hides a metal plate that turns out to be the missing drawer handle.


While you're up here, use the hook to connect the egg onto the loop. Cool, this made one of the bowls descend!


Place the handle onto the top drawer. In it, you find a spanner.

Use the spanner to free the chick from on top of the chest of drawers.


Go back outside and use the scythe to cut the patch of grass. This reveals a key and a three-digit code printed on a metal plate.

Three digits

Enter the code (487) you saw outside into the bottom drawer, and it opens to reveal a locked box.

Use the key you picked up to open that box. Inside, there's another chick.


Place a chick onto the left bowl, which drops even further and brings the second bowl down with it.

Place another chick into that second bowl, and the same happens.

Place your last chick into the third bowl. The fourth bowl descends, but also…

The huge egg rises, and you can open the trapdoor it was resting on.

Exploration 3

Now you're in a tunnel with the only path ahead blocked by iron bars. Next to them, there's a slider panel on the right wall.

The floor of the tunnel has two piles of dirt. One of them seems to have shiny stuff stuck in it, while the other has a mole wearing a mask with colored pictures on it.


Use the clue from the mole (in the tunnel) and tulips (in the room) to unlock the wall panel beside the bars.

I'm not sure what spring-related items the pictures on the sliders represent, but the mole's mask tells you that they would be pink, purple, orange.

The tulips with those colors are short, tall, medium, so click the middle slider twice and the right slider once, and then push the button to remove the bars.

Exploration 4

Take the ladder up, and you find yourself in another garden. This one's as small as the tunnel you were just in, which means there's only one screen to examine.

In fact, all there is is two colored dots on the left side near a chick sitting on the fence, as well as a small dirt area. In that area, a shovel is tied to that stick and secured with a tiny four-color lock, as well as some clovers with colored stems. Also, there's a small metal cover next to the dirt with a single screw in its top.

Unscrew 2

Use the screwdriver on the metal cover, which turns out to be a cover for a small hole with a slingshot inside.


Use the clue from the fence to unlock the lock holding the shovel down.

If you remember the area you started in, you've seen both sides of this fence, with two colored dots on each side.

By considering the dots on each plank (or imagining seeing the dots through the planks), you find that the furthest dot from the chick is black, followed by pink, blue, green.

Click the buttons 3, 1, 0, 2 times, then remove the lock to get the shovel.


Use the shovel to dig into the larger dirt mound in the tunnel. After removing all the dirt, a propeller remains over a three-digit box with colored buttons.

Three colored digits

Use the clue from the clovers to unlock the box you just found.

The clovers with blue, red, white stems have a total of 6, 7, 4 leaves.

Enter that in the box and open it to find a small ball bearing.


Combine the slingshot with the ball, and use it to shoot down the chick (from the garden side of the fence).

Pick the chick up from the starting area.

Finally, place it in the fourth bowl.

The giant egg rises through the ceiling, splits, and comes back down with a large chicken in it. Also, the chicks in the bowls do a little wiggle before settling down.


On closer examination, the large chick has something on top (and a white chair on its back).

Use the clue from the four chicks to unlock the panel there.

Since only the 3rd and 4th chicks face left, click those buttons to flip them, then click the large button.

The diamond-shaped piece opens up into a diamond-shaped hole.

Use the propeller on that hole to end the game!


Google is phasing out Adobe Flash and will no longer use it by 2020. Since I got Windows 10, every Flash game I play prompts me to 'Run Flash' -- it doesn't run automatically anymore. In Self Defiant's 'Underground Secret Escape', Adobe Flash Player was actually 'blocked', and I had to use Firefox to play the game. So, unless there is an alternative to Flash, I'll be 'phasing out' Google by 2020.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr August 11, 2019 8:28 PM replied to jcfclark

I know that feeling, having managed to postpone the Chrome update until yesterday.
As described here, you can either change the browser setting to Ask first (and get nagged once per startup) or adjust the site settings to Allow flash (once per site per session).

That link also suggests that Chromium-based Edge (currently in preview) may get the same treatment.

Just switching to Firefox won't change much: next month's release will also reduce Flash activation options.


In Chrome, you should be able to click the website info button, left of the address in the addressbar. There you can change "Blocked" to "Allow" temporarily.


Yes, I have tried it. Flash Player is not supported with Google. I'm now using Windows 7. I,m now moving to windows 10 since microsoft is no longer offer support for windows 7. However, this game is showing error with my Android device. It automatically quits. So, I'm changing my operating system to windows 10 so I can play it smoothly.


Thanks brf, that worked. Looks like Google is now defaulting to 'block flash player'. Had to re-set it to 'ask first'. Hope this isn't the case for every game in the future of using Google.


Found one scroll, and no longer have my fruit basket -- it disappeared. Cannot find it anywhere. Seems I'll have to start That Blurry Place from the beginning.

jcfclark August 24, 2019 10:38 PM replied to jcfclark

Fruit basket disappears upon finding the second scroll so my progress was as it should have been. It was the third scroll which stumped me but finally found it

in the house.


Since I got Windows 10, every Flash game I play prompts me to 'Run Flash' -- it doesn't run automatically anymore. In Self Defiant's 'Underground Secret Escape', visit here Adobe Flash Player was actually 'blocked', and I had to use Firefox to play the game. So, unless there is an alternative to Flash, I'll be 'phasing out' Google by 2020.


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