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Weekday Escape N°52

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Weekday Escape

elleFor some, this time of year is filled with festivities. A lot of those festivities are meant to be merry and happy, filled with fun, good times, letting loose. It's the letting loose part to watch out for: it goes with the fun, and it might also go with the intake of liquids that might or might not be part of the fun. I think you know what I mean. Each one of us has heard those cautionary tales of what "too much fun" can result in. In the best of situations, the worst is a blushing chuckle and a "I can't believe I was so dumb." But dumb can have consequences. Heck, they even made a song about that sort of thing. Not only a song, but also a mobile game. Um, anyhow, I'm just gonna come right out and admit it: I kinda sorta love you guys. This is spoken straight from the heart. So be careful out there, okay? I want to see you here each week solving escape games with us, remarking about those pixel hunts or whimsy-topped scenarios and just generally being your lovable selves. As you digest that little thought, let's visit three new ways to play smart—Flash512's adorable rabbit house, No1Game's green guy's hiking excursion, and Yomino Kagura's rather large time piece...

Cute Bunny Home EscapeCute Bunny Home Escape - So apparently bunnies have prettier homes than I do. They have spiraling staircases and carriage beds and lots of cuteness, plus clean and neat and filled with puzzles to occupy those moments when you're supposed to be working but would rather play, as I found out when plugging into Flash512's latest creation. Select one of three "PLAY" links midway down the page to start, use objects by dragging them from your inventory and, in case you need to, click the initials in the upper right corner until you have "EN" for English. There's some possibility for confusion in the narrative, that helpfully notes missing flower "cores" and tells you the food orders of hungry critters. But there are a few quirks: such as a minigame that offers no clues beyond your experimentation and not all clues are clear to begin with. Yet who wouldn't want to be like a cute bunny? The charming and whimsical parts help make up for any head-desk-thump parts you might encounter.

Find the Escape-Men 127: HikingFind the Escape-Men 127: Hiking - No1Game seems to never run out of themes for playing hide-and-seek with little green men. This time around you decide to go hiking up a mountain, since it's a holiday and it seems like a good idea. But maybe you had just a bit too much to drink and now need a rest stop (we are still civilized, after all; we don't go just anywhere). That's where the difficulties begin. The antics are typical of the Escape-Men series, and without a changing cursor, there you'll need to click almost everywhere looking for areas that hide something useful. Adding to the pixel hunts, many item uses are not intuitive. Yet there is that weird humor and irresistible urge to collect all ten little greenies to see what happens next, so it's worth a few hassles.
NOTE: This game contains one instance of mild profanity.

Escape from the Big Clock Room 2Escape from the Big Clock Room 2 - You'll be glad to find that this little escape from Yomino Kagura is as pleasant as can be, especially if you're one who enjoys the pure code-breaking and puzzle-solving aspects of the genre. Everything is neatly laid out among the minimal furnishings and hip vibe of the room; when you encounter a clue, very little is left to guesswork or inference, as long as you remember to explore everything, and to thoroughly examine your inventory. There's only one bit that's a tad clunky: reading the insides of the cups. That part aside, you should find few barriers beyond your own mental calculations for achieving a successful escape.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


stuckinabasement December 3, 2014 2:12 AM

Escape from the Big Clock Room 2 Walkthrough

Looking Around
The Door Wall

  • The scene opens to a view of a door and light switch on the left and shelves to the right.

  • Zoom in on the light switch to see that there are two clickable buttons (up and down) with a red musical symbol next to it.

  • Zoom in on the shelves to see three shelves in all. The top two shelves have 6 musical symbols each, either red, blue or yellow. The bottom shelf has a box with 3 buttons (R/B/Y) with a picture of a mug on it.

  • Zoom back out and turn right to go to ...

  • The Desk

  • This is a minimalistic view - all we have to look at is a desk with a locked draw that needs a 3-digit code and has the clue "Time" written on it.

  • Zoom out and turn right to go to ...

  • The Clock

  • Again, not that much to look at. There's a black circle, with 12 spikes (R/B/Y/G) making it look like a clock (hence the name of the wall).

  • Zoom in on the clock to see a locked panel.

  • Zoom out and turn right to go to ...

  • The Cupboard

  • This has two sets of doors - upper and lower.

  • The upper doors are tied with some kind of wire. Behind the doors, we can see stuff on shelves. We need to get in there some how.

  • Looks like we need another 3-digit code to open the lower doors. This time the clue is a Blue Square + Red Circle.

  • Right ... let's do this.

  • Solving Stuff
    The Light Switch

  • The red music symbol on the light switch tells us we need to use the pattern of red symbols on the shelves to press the upper and lower switches.

  • U D D U U D

  • The room goes dark ...

  • The Desk Drawer

  • Although it's dark, we can still move around the room.

  • Go to the clock and notice there are now two white lines in the centre circle - a long and a short. They correspond to the minute and hour hand on a clock, giving us the ... "Time".

  • Go back and turn off the light switch.

  • Go to the desk drawer and enter the "Time" as a 3-digit number to unlock it ...

  • 2:35 = 235

  • Take the pliers and use to open the upper doors on the cupboard.

  • The Button Box

  • The top shelf has 3 mugs - Y/R/B. Look inside each to see numbers ...

  • Y - 145, R - 26, B - 3

    These numbers correspond to the order to click the buttons on the box on the other shelf ...

    Y R B Y Y R

  • Use that code on the button box and take the Blue Square.

  • Go back to the shelves in the cupboard.

  • The CLOCK Box

  • Under the mugs, we see a box with "CLOCK715" on it. We need a 3-colour code to open the box ... maybe those numbers relate to the clock???

  • The digits 7, 1 and 5 relate to the hours on the clock. The colours needed are:

    7 - R, 1 - B, 3 - B.

    So we need to set the colours on the box to R, B, B.

  • Use that code on the CLOCK box and take the Red Circle.

  • Zoom out and go to the lower cupboard doors.

  • The Lower Doors

  • Take a closer look at the Blue Square and Red Circle to find
    that they have numbers at the back of them ...

  • Blue Square - 59
    Red Circle - 200

    Add them together to get the necessary 3-digit code - 259.

  • Use that code on the door. Notice the box that needs a circle, triangle and a square shape. Also, take the screwdriver.

  • Zoom out and go to ...

  • The Clock Panel

  • Use the screwdriver on the panel and collect the Yellow Triangle.

  • Getting Out

  • Go back to the lower cupboard doors and use the Blue Square, the Red Circle and the Yellow Triangle on the box to get a key.

  • Go to the door, use the key on the door, and bish-bash-bosh, you're out.

  • Reply

    There's a weird bug in Cute Bunny Home Escape.

    If you're trying to use the radio code to open the box, it won't open the first time. You have to zoom out, go back to it, and click on it. THEN it'll open.

    Otherwise, just remember you have to DRAG items to use them in Flash 512 games!

    korvarthefox December 3, 2014 9:43 AM

    Hoping for some power of post here...

    I have used:

    Snail Shell
    Flower Core

    I have no unused items left.

    Things I don't know:

    Code on the dresser (with the heart-tentacle sweet jar thing and Dancing Light-Bulb Man)
    What the Dancing Light-Bulb Man's dance means
    Code(s) on the drawers underneath the cabbage curtains
    Where the radio antenna is
    Why I want an enlarged snail shell underneath the carriage bed
    Code on the green box on the shelf next to the sofa

    cstarr December 3, 2014 10:21 AM replied to korvarthefox

    The dancing man's dance is the code to the drawers on the right behind the curtain


    I didn't get nearly as far as you guys. I've used

    the flower core and butterfly, and figured out the butterfly code,

    but I can't figure out how to use

    the spray paint or trowel, or if there are other items I can get. I haven't gotten any other codes yet.


    Man where are you guys finding

    the shovel?

    Charlotte, you might want to check upstairs. You have to be zoomed in on the stairs and then click on the top of the screen to do so.


    The shovel is

    behind the stairwell. You click to the left of it when you're zoomed out.

    jayisgamed December 3, 2014 3:22 PM

    Does anyone know how to get the 10th escape man?


    Cant seem to find a place to use the


    mcecny December 3, 2014 3:49 PM replied to jayisgamed

    Did you get the one in the clouds above the hill using the viewfinder?


    I have nine escape men

    The two fighting in the mud (got them up with the power drink)
    The one from the back of the echo guide
    The one from the echo
    The one by the shop door
    The one on the price sign in the shop
    The one from the key chain in the shop
    The one from the sky (seen trough binoculars)
    The one singing in the van

    But I can´t seem to be able to get the last one, i.e.

    the one in the toilet?

    stuckinabasement December 3, 2014 4:16 PM replied to Hespetre

    Hespetre, you have to ...

    roll something in there that will scare him out.

    maybe something you found around ...

    the vending machine


    Ah, @stuckinabasement, thank you!


    where did you find the code for the box in the shop?


    nevermind found it


    Too many questions about the bunny room. I think I need to wait for a walkthrough...

    korvarthefox December 3, 2014 5:54 PM replied to cstarr

    @cstarr Thank you so much! Apparently I never clicked that, and just assumed I knew what it was!

    stuckinabasement December 3, 2014 6:30 PM

    Cute Bunny Home Escape
    I don’t know if there’s more than one ending. I only found one. Also, apologies for the amount of clicking to open up spoilers. It's a hard one to segment.

    Go right once, open the green curtains and zoom in on the purple flowers and take the FLOWER CORE.

    Zoom out and turn left to face the couch.

    Zoom in on the flower above the couch and use the FLOWER CORE on it.

    Zoom out and then zoom back in again to get the BUTTERFLY.

    Zoom out and turn left once to face the spiral staircase.

    Click between the staircase and the left cabinet to go under the staircase and pick up the SHOVEL.

    Zoom back out then zoom in to the staircase itself and go up the stairs twice.

    There’s a cover under one of the stairs on the left of the screen. Click it to open and take the SCREWDRIVER.

    Go up twice and zoom in on the plants to the right.

    Click on the plant to the right to collect the LEAF.

    Zoom out once and then click on the shorter plant second from left.

    Use the SHOVEL to get the CARROT.

    Go back down to the bottom of the staircase and turn right once to face the couch.

    Zoom in twice on the plant to the left.

    Feed the snail with the LEAF. You get a SNAIL SHELL.

    Zoom out and then zoom in on the bunny on the top shelf of the 3-shelf cabinet on the right.

    Give the bunny the CARROT and it turns around to show a panel secured by screws.
    Use the SCREWDRIVER to remove the screws and then take the BATTERY from inside.

    Zoom out and go left once to face the stairs.

    On the left cabinet are two items. Zoom in to the one on the right – it’s a wooden human figure with a bulb for a head.

    Click on it to turn it around and reveal a space for the BATTERY. The head lights up.

    Click on the “man” to see him do some funky calisthenics. It’s not random though. Note the 4 different shapes that he makes with his arms and legs …

    The directions are from Mr Bulb Man’s perspective, not ours.
    1. Right arm and right leg out
    2. Both arms out
    3. Both arms and both legs out
    4. Both legs out

    Zoom out and go left twice to face the purple flowers.

    There are two sets of double-doors. Zoom in on the double-doors at the bottom and to the right.

    Click on the buttons to see the symbols required. They maybe possibly look kind of like the shapes that …

    A human could make with hands and legs.

    The code required comes from Mr Bulb Head …

    > v x ^

    Open the left door and take the CROSS.

    Zoom out and turn right once to face the carriage.

    Zoom in twice to the crown at the top and place the CROSS inside.

    Click on it to reveal a clue …

    Q E E N

    Zoom out and turn right once, then zoom in on the middle drawer of the cabinet to the left of the staircase.

    Enter the 4-letter code to open the drawer and take the WRENCH.

    Zoom out and go to the cabinet on the right of the staircase.

    You see 4 squares, with 2 butterflies each, all outside of a circle and facing the centre. Except, the top right square is missing a butterfly. Use the BUTTERFLY here.

    Now, if you click on any of the butterflies, it goes inside the circle either stays or comes out immediately. If the butterfly you clicked first stays in the circle and you click on another butterfly, either they all stay inside the circle or they all come back out.

    The trick is to click on them in the correct order to get them all inside the circle. As far as I can tell, there’s no clue to this. It’s all trial and error. The correct sequence is …

    With 1 being the first butterfly going clockwise from the top …
    2 8 6 1 3 5 4 7

    The 4 squares are now open. Open the top left door to get the SPRAYER.

    Zoom out and go left once, then zoom in on the right wheel.

    Examine the SNAIL SHELL and use the SPRAYER on it to turn it into a BIG SNAIL SHELL.

    Place the BIG SNAIL SHELL under the carriage. There’s a circle in dotted lines on the ground as a guide.

    Use the WRENCH on the wheel to remove the bolt and take the wheel off the axle.
    Take the REEL OF PAPER.

    Examine the REEL OF PAPER to see a 4-digit code. I think this changes every game.

    Zoom out and go left once, then zoom in on the double-doors to the bottom left.

    Use the 4-digit code from the REEL OF PAPER to open these.

    Open the right door and take the ANTENNA.

    Zoom out and go left (or right, if that’s your thing) twice then zoom in on the radio on top the cabinet to the right of the staircase.

    Use the ANTENNA on the radio to reveal another 4-digit code.

    Zoom out and go right once, then zoom in on the green box in the middle shelf on the right of the couch.

    Enter the 4-digit code to open the box and reveal a KEY.

    Zoom out once, go left once and go to the top of the stairs, where you shall be able to use your bunny-headed KEY to get to freedom.


    Well, cute bunny home had some nonintuitive bits. Worst was definitely

    Having to spray the shell to make it bigger.

    Was there a clue to that somewhere?

    Snarfhead December 5, 2014 7:38 AM

    Clearly, I'm a bit late to the game by a couple of days, but I'm curious if anyone found a use for

    the heart-shaped decoration on top of the bureau? I'm out without using it, but since you can zoom on it I was wondering if there was a second ending that involved it.

    stuckinabasement December 5, 2014 3:52 PM replied to Snarfhead

    @ Snarfhead, I thought same as you, mate. But I couldn't find anything to do with it, same as with ...

    the fabric doll (?) thing on the opposite bureau. I thought the direction of those arms meant something.

    Maybe they're just red herrings.


    is there an escape men walkthrough in the works? I played the other 2 and enjoyed them.


    I can't seem to use any items in Cute Bunny Escape for some reason. I can do everything else

    stuckinabasement December 8, 2014 4:41 PM replied to Gabe Puratekuta


    Try clicking the items and dragging onto the screen to use them. That's the usual Flash512 method.


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