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Weekend Download №75

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Weekend Download

JohnBIf you were looking for the latest edition of Weekend Download, I'm sorry to inform you it's been in a terrible accident involving scissors, a blowtorch, and those annoying little pudding cups in the aluminum tins that, if you snap off the "easy open" tab, suddenly become an impenetrable fortress of pudding protection.

nud.gifNUD (Windows, 1.5MB, free) - A tower defense game that puts heavy emphasis on the placement of towers (called NUDs) in relation to each other. NUDs provide adjacent NUDs with various bonuses, so if you want to maximize your firepower, experiment and come up with the best tower arrangement. A forgiving build/undo system lets you tweak and refine your pattern with ease, and a sweet old-school vector graphical style does nothing but add to the game's appeal.

macheist.jpgMacHeist 3 (Mac/Win/Linux, free) - In MacHeist 3 you take on secret agent-style missions by solving Flash-based puzzles right in your browser window. Dig deep enough into the espionage story and complete the puzzles and you'll score a collection of free Mac-only software (while helping out charity organizations as well). Any operating system can play the games, but only Mac users can enjoy the booty. You have to register to play, but it only takes a second, and you'll appreciate the nice prizes for playing a few simple browser games.

afterliferickard.gifAfterlife: Rickard's Quest - (Windows, 4.5MB, free) - An extra-challenging action/puzzle game that relies on physics and precision movement to lay on the difficulty. You control a hot air balloon (piloted by Rickard, of course) and can toss bombs and use a Deadly Hunting Umbrella to vanquish foes. There are tons of unlockables, including extra game features, new balloons, and unique abilities, all spread out over 100 levels. Certainly more than an afternoon time waster, and you can't beat the price!


Ahoytheship February 7, 2009 12:56 PM

Oy. I don't even know where to begin with the lockbox in MacHeist...


Try studying the only clue they give you:

the picture of the box and key.

Ahoytheship February 7, 2009 1:20 PM

Yes, I went back and was able to find the answer. I am not even going to try the second part, however, due to the unfortunate fact that

I have never been able to solve a sliding puzzle

in my entire life!


I'm a little let down by MacHeist3. The puzzles are decently challenging, but there are only three. Somehow I was expecting more.... or maybe, since it's the continuation of a series, the chance to try out previous episodes I've missed.

DeltaGeek February 7, 2009 3:01 PM

Re: MacHeist, it looks like they're between heists at the moment. The 3 puzzle one you can do now is just a mini-heist.


What are NUD's hardware requirements? I can't find them and it says I don't meet them!


Hmmm. I figured out the entire lockbox easily enough, and now it says I have a new mission, but I can't seem to find it. I watched the debriefing and everything. And I've tried every tab. Hmmm. :\


Although I don't own a Mac, I really liked MacHeist, and can't wait until they release the next mission!


Oh... I guess it isn't compatible with my dual monitor setup *sigh*. (AKA I fixed it.)


Macheist is awesome. Standard, yet beautiful puzzles, and huge amounts of shwag!

GreenGhost21 February 7, 2009 9:38 PM

Sweet! I got KavaTunes!

Patreon Crew SonicLover February 8, 2009 7:14 AM

MacHeist is pretty good, but I was expecting more from it. Personally I love sliding puzzles; I don't get what people hate so much about them.


I cant get macheist to open...im not on a mac but do i need firefox or something as it says internet explorer can not open the page!? looks and sounds so good me want to play hehe


I'm really enjoying the start of MacHeist. I'm not a Mac user, so not being able to use the prizes is a letdown, but the puzzles are still quite fun!

My advice to anyone stuck on the second or third puzzle in the lockbox: Take a moment to draw what you see on paper and sort it out there before going on a click-fest.

Tip for solving the sliding blocks with wires:

Focus on the blocks that have a lot of wires coming out of the sides. Copy that block on a piece of paper, noting where the different colors come out, then find another block that matches one of those sides. (For example, if a certain block has a red wire and a yellow wire coming out of the bottom, look for one with a red wire and yellow wire coming out of the top.)

Remember: You can save yourself a ton of time by sketching out your target ahead of time!

Tip for solving the Rush Hour-esque sliding puzzle:

Yes, you can get there with random sliding, but try to think about the end of the puzzle. Draw a 6x6 grid on a piece of paper, and think about what block you want to be where at the end of the puzzle (naturally, the wiry block right at the exit). Since you know where you want it to be, look at the other blocks in the same rows/columns. If that block must be right at the exit, where must some of the other blocks be located at? Where could some other blocks be at? If you sketch in the likely positions of some blocks at the end, you now have a goal for a few blocks, narrowing down the ways to reach the goal.




Is it compatible with my dual monitor setup?


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