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Welcome to Winkletown

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Rating: 3.9/5 (75 votes)
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Welcome to Winkletown

Villainy is afoot in FlashChaz and CKP Entertainment's randomly generated strategic puzzle game Welcome to Winkletown, where there's new crime to solve every day. Using a series of clues, it's up to you to pick out the guilty party from a bunch of Winkles. The information you're given probably won't be enough on its own to figure out who dunnit, so you'll need to question Winkles. Doing so costs you one Action Point, which you have a limited number of, forcing you to figure out what clues you're given are reliable enough to figure out the culprit's identity. You don't want to accuse the wrong person, after all. Figure out the guilty party before you run out of Ability Points to keep your successful crime stopping career going. It's a relatively simple game of deduction and logic, though its difficulty will depend on the clues you're given. Once more map locations open up, you'll have a lot more Winkles to choose from in different places, making picking the right one even harder! Cuter than a whole box full of buttons, Welcome to Winkletown proves crime doesn't pay, but it's still pretty fun.

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ChaoSpectre January 17, 2016 7:46 PM

Weren't there comments for this game, previously? What happened?


Maybe there should be a "blood" tag? Or at least something less abstruse than "rating o." I have no idea what "rating o" means. "Omnivore?" "Obstreperous?" A blood tag would be nice.


What a shame. This game could be really good if they just made a few small changes.
I was going to complain that the physical description are complete useless, since we talking about amorphous cartoons. But then I realized, "He had a head like an orange" is exactly the kind of vague, unhelpful descriptions real cops must hear all the time when interviewing witnesses in real life. So maybe the designers were just going for realism.

argyblarg January 18, 2016 2:06 PM

Actually, Indie, they're only kind-of unhelpful...

It took me a while to catch on, but "Head like an orange" means you can

rule out the Winkles with tube-shaped heads (Who will be addressed as having "long faces" or "tube-like" faces.)

Body descriptions are important as well.

Winkles seem to come in "roly poly", "muscular", and "average". The shapes are ever so slightly different when you look at them.

The stuff about the age is a bit iffy to me, as is the clothing. I don't know if

flexing arms vs. canes vs. gold watches

mean anything yet, either.

Still, at the end, it seems like mostly a random number generator, and luck is a big factor.


The extra clues you get after using up 3 APs are perfectly useless, at least to me. It basically gives you three undecipherable pictures (is a little brown rectangle toward the top middle of the square supposed to be a mustache? a small hat? a pipe? something else entirely?) of questionable reliability. So I'm left with randomly guessing, more often than not incorrectly. Meh.

Dingding321 January 19, 2016 5:36 AM

I actually found it relatively easy, got to around 20 on my second try. Sometimes its based on a "best fit" rather than "all targets met", which is realist but not necessarily very logical. I mean, what if there were two Winkles that both met the descriptions?! BUT I have to say that that's never happened to me, all Winkles that fit the description are pretty much the guilty party. And by this I mean that the clothing descriptions are supplementary and convictions can be made sometimes without even questioning any suspects (though this gets more difficult as the number of suspects increase).

In brief, my approach to being a Winkletown detective:

In terms of body/physical characteristics that you can see without questioning:

As said above,"looks like a plate/orange/football" faces are round, "looks like an edison cylinder/tube" etc have cylindrical heads.
On body shapes, "big and solid/been working out" is muscular (body curves slightly to the left of the screen, with larger chest muscles), "not buff or fat/average body" means a normally sized Winkle (body curves inwards to the right), "roly poly/could roll him down a hill" means the Winkles with a bulging, round belly.
I agree that the ages ones can be more ambiguous (though generally they also come in three age ranges--young adult, middle age and old; in my mind they come to around 20-39, 40-59, 60-80). So the young adult might be "wet behind his ears", the middle aged Winkles "ready for a mid-life crisis" and the elderly "old enough to know better".

It's possible that you can rule out all (or most) other suspects with this information, which means that you can instantly arrest without questioning, which gives you a 3AP bonus.

About the clothing clues,

You'll find it more difficult to instantly arrest as the number of suspects you get increase (especially when the descriptions are based around traits instead of physical characteristics), and so you get clothing clues when you interview three suspects (which get improved upon if you manage to make it to interviewing six suspects). The boxes, from left to right, generally contain a hat, then facial hair, then clothing that the guilty party may be wearing. The smaller box under the clue tells you how reliable that information is, which may help you identify your guilty Winkle--Green means that the guilty Winkle is definitely wearing that (rare on your first 3AP reveal), yellow means that it is likely but not necessary, and red is the most ambiguous.
There is usually 1 yellow clue + 2 red clues in the 3AP reveal. I do a sweep of all the Winkles with the clothing clues, check their physical descriptions and question those that match if I haven't already. If one of the Winkles I suspect (matches the physical description, most of the traits) matches the yellow clue, I arrest him. If I have no yellow clues, I usually use the red to highlight some Winkles I may not have suspected before, and check their stats against the physical description.

The key is that while arresting with few physical descriptions to rule out suspects, the guilty Winkle may not have all the psychological traits described!! Even if there are four traits listed in the description (bloodthirsty, foody, communist, shy) but the Winkle may only have three traits. So don't rule out Winkles that match the physical/clothing description but have less trait slots than the description!

primitiveLOGIC January 22, 2016 8:06 PM

Cool game, but I don't understand the Winkles with

they're traits already unlocked. You can't take a mug shot of them, arrest them, or question them. Also, the only way to get out of their little window thing is to move on to another Winkle.

Is that a glitch?


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