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White Cage

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White Cage

GrinnypYou might not have noticed it, but one of our favorite room escape designers has been missing for a while now. And by a while now we really mean two freaking years!!! Where did Petithima go? Some say to the Caribbean, where Petithima cavorted with dolphins by day and with Parrotheads by night. Others say the Himalayas, where all good escape designers go to find their Zen. While we may never know where Petithima has been, we now know what they've been up to as their latest effort, White Cage, arrives with a bang.

White CageWhile it is nice to have a room escape designer that can put out lots of escapes for us to enjoy, it is also nice when a designer takes their time and produces one really exceptional effort rather than a handful of fun to mediocre games. Petithima has used that time off well in putting together this fabulous little gem which, despite having only four scenes, manages to pack a ton of puzzle-solving goodness inside along with a healthy dose of fabulous with the gentle animations which run throughout the piece. The movement is everywhere, from the clouds slowly drifting past to the subtle movements of the lonely bird in the tree, all designed to enhance the escaping experience. And while the animated elements are fantastic, the best part of White Cage is the plethora of amazing and amusing puzzles to solve.

With both a main quest to help the birdies reunite and a side quest to find all seven hidden eggs, White Cage is a lot of entertainment packed into a little space. So welcome Petithima back and enjoy White Cage!

Play White Cage

Walkthrough Guide

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White Cage Walkthrough

General Information

  • The main quest is the reunite the little birdies.

  • There is a side quest to find eggs, seven in total. You don't need to find them to finish the game.

  • Don't forget to examine everything you pick up or open. Twice.

  • There will be a separate section listing the egg locations in the walkthrough.

  • There will be directions for the color-blind in the walkthrough.

  • Good luck!


  • You begin facing a tree. There is a bird in the tree and a prominent arrow that says "Click" pointing to it.

  • Click on the bird. The bird will explain the main quest (free the blue bird).

  • Note the tree. There are fruit in the tree, as well as a fishing pole and an egg.

  • Click on the tree trunk and notice that you can shake the tree this way.

  • Click on the tree trunk a couple of times and the egg will fall out of the tree. Take it (Egg #1).

  • The fishing pole, however, will not fall out when you shake the tree.

  • Notice the fruit on the ground between the tree and the water. Pick up the fruit.

  • There is a small pond to the right of the tree. You can click on it but nothing happens.

  • To the left of the tree is a thorn bush that you cannot touch, a caterpillar that you cannot touch, and a small plant.

  • Go right.

  • In this scene is a strange ax contraption to the left, a large boulder to the right with holes in it, and a windmill in the middle distance.

  • You can't seem to do anything here, so go left back to the tree.

  • Once you are back at the tree go left.

  • You are now facing a cave. There is a concrete pillar and a box to the right. Suspended above the cave entrance is the blue bird in a cage.

  • Click on the pillar. It has four ladybugs on it. Each one has a different number of spots, and each one turns different colors when clicked. Back up.

  • Click on the box. The lock here involves shapes, and has a picture of a windmill on it with the word "look". Back up.

  • Click on the entrance of the cave to enter.

  • There's lots of stuff in here. On the floor on the left is a TV which is off. Leading to the TV is an electrical panel on the wall. Click on it and see that it has a keypad and needs a number code.

  • On the floor in the middle is a box that needs a five letter code. There is also a book that has a lock.

  • To the right and above the large rock is a bird house. Click on the bird house and you will see that it is a left/right puzzle.

  • Back up out of the cave then go right to the tree.

  • Time to solve some puzzles!

Going Fishing (Part 1)

  • Let's get the fishing pole and see what we can catch.

  • You should have the fruit in your inventory. Use the fruit on the fishing pole to knock it out of the tree.

  • Pick up the fishing pole, then use it on the pond.

  • Wait until you get a bite (it will say HIT) and click.

  • Congratulations, you've gotten a can. Take the can.

  • Now what?

The Can, The Flower, and the Ladybugs

  • Use the can on the pond to get some water.

  • Use the can full of water on the small plant to the left of the thorny bush.

  • The water causes the flower to bloom. Click on the flower for a close up and see a color clue.

  • Note that you still have the can. Use the can on the water again.

  • Look at the can in close-up and you will see an egg floating inside. Take the egg (Egg #2).

  • Go left.

  • Click on the concrete pillar for a close-up.

  • Note that the ladybugs can turn the same colors as the flower we just saw.

    • The flower had the following colors: upper left blue, upper right green, lower left yellow, lower right red.

    • You need to click the ladybugs so that the colors match.

    • For the color-blind: click the upper left ladybug 3 times. Click the upper right ladybug twice. Click the lower left ladybug once. The lower right ladybug should already be red.

  • Once the ladybugs are the proper colors, click the little white button below them to open the pillar.

  • Note that the ladybugs flash in a pattern.

  • Click on the top of the pillar to open it and take the arrow rock.

  • Back up.

The Ladybugs, the TV, and the Large Rock

  • The ladybugs, besides opening the pillar, are the clue to another puzzle.

  • Do you remember the pattern they lit up when you pushed the button on the pillar?

  • If not, you can go back and push the button again to watch the pattern.

  • Remember, each ladybug had a different number of spots.

  • That, plus the pattern is a clue.

  • Go into the cave.

  • Click on the electrical box on the wall.

    • The clue is the number of dots on each ladybug combined with the pattern in which they flashed.

    • The ladybug with 7 spots flashed first, then the one with five spots, then the one with three spots, then the one with five spots, then the one with two spots, then the one with seven spots.

    • Thus the clue is 753527.

  • Enter the combination into the key pad and press the "E" button.

  • If you entered the correct combination it will say "success" and the TV will light up.

  • Notice that there is now a picture of the large rock on the TV. Note the arrow to the left.

  • Back up out of the cave, then go right twice to the large rock.

  • Note that that ax device is now working.

  • If you hover the cursor to the left of the rock, an arrow will appear. Click on it to go behind the rock.

  • On the ground behind the rock is a small box, click on it for a close-up.

  • Looks like we need a four letter code. It also looks like the only letters available are E, N, O, and P.

    • Using those four letters, form a word.

    • The word is OPEN.

  • Enter the code into the box and click on the latch to open it.

  • Take the arrow rock.

  • Back up to the front of the rock.

  • Hover the cursor to the left, then click on the arrow again.

  • Once you are back behind the rock, wait.

  • A strange bug will eventually show up, pushing an egg. Take the egg (Egg #3).

  • Back up to the front of the rock.

The Large Rock

  • Note that the two arrow rocks are just the right size to fit in the holes in the large rock.

  • Place the arrow rocks.

  • Find the place where both arrows are pointing, then click several times to reveal a button.

  • Click the button to fire the rock. Note something goes shooting off to the left.

  • Go left twice to the cave and pick up the item that shot out of the rock.

  • Congratulations, you now have a metal glove!

Going Fishing (Part 2)

  • Go right to the tree.

  • Use the glove on the top of the thorn bush to get the scissors.

  • Also use the glove to pick up the caterpillar.

  • Pull up the fishing pole into close-up, then use the caterpillar on the hook.

  • Use the now baited fishing pole on the pond and wait until you get a bit.

  • Click when it says "HIT" and you will get...a really bizarre fish with legs and a box on its back.

  • Click on the box to take it.

  • While the box is in close up use the scissors to cut the ropes holding it.

  • Open the box and you will get a ring-like device.

  • Pull the box up into close up again, open it, and click inside the batting to reveal another egg. Take the egg (Egg #4).

  • Go left to the cave entrance, then enter the cave.

  • Click on the book on the floor, then place the ring on the book lock.

  • Open the book. Inside is a picture of large and small blocks. Note the little legend that shows a small block going from gray to white.

    • The blocks are a clue. If you white out all of the small square blocks and leave the large rectangular blocks you will see letters.

    • The code is SHOES.

  • Close down the book and click on the box between the book and the TV.

  • Enter the code you just got from the book and click on the "push" button.

  • Once you hear the click, you can click on the top of the box to open it.

  • Inside are two items, a telescope and some shoes. Take both items (you will have to go back and open the box again).

  • Back up out of the cave and go right to the tree.

  • Give the shoes to the fish thing and watch him (her?) go!

  • Notice that the fish thing leaves footprints on the ground. Look at them closely.

  • Go left to the cave entrance and watch the fish thing walking around. Eventually it will pause and look down at the ground. Click on the ground where it looks to find an egg (Egg #5).

The Telescope and the Windmill

  • Go right twice to the large boulder.

  • Use the telescope on the windmill for a close-up.

  • Between the rotating blades notice the symbol on the windmill, it sort of looks like a fish on its side. Here's a Screenshot.

  • Back up and go left twice to the cave entrance.

  • Click on the wooden box to the left of the concrete pillar for a close up.

  • Use the buttons on the left to recreate the pattern you saw on the windmill. Here's a Screenshot.

  • Press the enter button and a little door will open.

  • Flip the switch inside and the bird cage will lower.

Freeing the Bird

  • Okay, now the cage is where you can reach it, we just need a key.

  • Go into the cave.

  • Click on the birdhouse for a close up.

  • This is a left/right puzzle.

    • The clue is in the footprints left by the fish thing.

    • If you line up the footprints you can see the left/right pattern.

    • The pattern is right, right, left, right, left, right.

  • Click on the right and left buttons in the proper pattern and click on the doors to open them.

  • Inside is a walnut, take it.

  • Back up out of the cave, then go right twice to the large rock.

  • Notice that you still have the telescope. Use it to look at the windmill again and you will see a different pattern. Here's a Screenshot.

  • Back up, then place the walnut on the stump below the axe. You can only do this when the axe is at the top of its swing, and the light in the device is green.

  • Wait for the axe to chop the walnut, then pick up the key from the ground.

  • Click on the button on the large rock several times until it fires again.

  • Go left twice to the cave entrance.

  • Look on the ground in the rocks around the cave entrance. There is an egg there, that just shot out of the large rock (Egg #6).

  • Remember, we still have a pattern from the windmill. Click on the wooden box to the left of the pillar for a close up.

  • Use the second pattern from the windmill and press enter. The side of the box will open up to reveal an egg (Egg #7).

  • Click on the bird cage for a close-up.

  • Use the key on the lock on the birdcage.

  • Open the case door and click "yes" to escape (click "no" if you need to go back and find more eggs).

  • Enjoy the reunion!

Egg Locations

  • In the tree (shake the tree to make it fall).

  • In the can (fill with water a second time and look in close-up.

  • Behind the large rock (go back after you've opened the box and gotten the arrow rock and wait for the bug to push the egg).

  • Inside the box you got from the fish thing (after you get the ring click on the packing to find the egg).

  • In the grass outside of the cave entrance. Give the shoes to the fish thing and watch it walk around. It will eventually stop and look down at the right spot.

  • Fired out of the large rock, lands in the rocks in front of the cave entrance.

  • In the wooden box to the left of the concrete pillar. Use the second windmill clue to open the side of the box.


It's outdoor, G-rated Detarou! Love the art. Just so much pleasantness. The beginning seems more difficult than the latter half. Might help to know Aztec Game mechanics are in-play. (Gathering eggs reminds me of Neutral for some reason. Or some other Japanese designer whose identity escapes me. They do like their homages.) The overall grouping seems scattered... dare I say, bird-brained? But the puzzles by themselves are nicely logical.


The clue for waiting for the egg behind the boulder is the "10s" on the ground. Meaning you're not waiting a while, you're waiting for ten seconds.


I love point & click gaming when the puzzles flow on instances that follow each other on a short score or a short story. Finishing such games is a matter of understanding the logic behind the story and being able to look at the puzzles from different angles of the score. What we have here instead is, and I don�t particularly mention this game but the entire Escape Genre that it represents, a sea of randomness founded on an illogical structure of combinations and permutations which tries to trick us as if it was �an intelligent construct� with the confusion it generates. But it is not an intelligent construct. Not even close. It is just some arbitrary code that in the end, forces the player to try every item on every item, which finally after consuming some time mandates its illogical solution. The windmill puzzle is one good example. If I can see inside a window with a telescope, then the game should at least reveal some of the story when I look at the window with naked eye. Telescopes bring distant objects closer; they do not brighten dark windows. When I look at the windmill window, I should see some shapes, either small or blurry. I must put forward ideas like �I need to find a way to walk closer to this windmill to see what these shapes are�. Later, when I discover the telescope, I should enjoy the moment of gaining a new point of view. �I don�t need to walk closer, the telescope should work just fine� I should say. This is what makes a good game great. But instead, most developers these days are choosing the easy way; all they do is draw a windmill and write �look� next to it. That�s it. Same goes with the can puzzle, safe puzzle and in fact every puzzle in this game except maybe the fishing puzzle. So why write a 500 word composition about it? Because it is not the developers I am sorry about, but the gamers and the editors who are rewarding this loss of intelligence. In the past, when JayIsGames used to vote a game 4.8, it used to be 4.8. Flow, Samarost, Grow, Minecraft, these games used to be 4.8. They used to be great games. Some were small, some were huge projects. But they all used to present each and every attribute of a great game. Now, since quite a time, 4.8 has just become a number indicating how kitsch or grotesque or bizarre or suicidal a game is and this is making me so so sad�

Meterman70 October 13, 2013 9:43 PM

That fish with legs is SO Detarou!

And the 'weird bug' is a dung beetle.

Shudog - you must be thinking of a couple of 'Cogitoergosum' earlier offerings in regards to collecting eggs.

ThemePark October 13, 2013 9:48 PM

grinnyp, any chance you can provide a screenshot for

the egg in front of the cave? I can't find it, nothing looks like an egg, and I've clicked every rock to no avail.


With regard to one of the eggs:

I was able to get the egg that shot out of the rock at the same time I got the metal glove. I just kept pressing the button.

ThemePark October 14, 2013 1:53 AM

Right you are, thanks ray9na!

magic_leopard October 14, 2013 7:40 AM

You know WinZIP, while I'm loathe to give free games a hard time (and I'm currently enjoying this one) I do agree with you that the logic is stretched beyond comprehension in most Escape Games. If I have to wobble another painting's corners in an inexplicable order I may cry.


magic_leopard :)



You slam the escape game genre for being largely trial and error and yet you cite the Grow series - a series which is chiefly a matter of trial and error - as great games.


Grow offers each very unique and highly creative endings to your interaction with the game. It would only be a chiefly matter of misidentification to describe this experience as "trial and error".



I'd say there is only one ending and several creative representations of failure with Grow games. To get to the actual ending is a process of trial and error. It is, in fact, the core game mechanic - try the various interactions in different orders until you find the one that gets you to the end. It's gloriously constructed nonsense, but it's not much of a game.



We had this discussion before. In reply to players� experiences like "There are lots of ways to solve this game, many of them give completely different results..." Jay had objected;

"While I agree that a different order will yield different results, there is only one solution that will yield maximum levels to all items - and that is the one you posted."

After a brief discussion Jay wrote;

"I stand corrected! =) With that many possibilities, Phoenix, I imagine that there must be many solutions then.

That makes me wonder how many solutions there are, and, if Electricat is right by saying there are different solutions that yield different endings. I'm thinking not, but I've been wrong before! =)"

In brief, there are multiple endings in Grow, which in fact opens the concept of "winning" and "loosing" itself into discussion. That is why players don't quit playing Grow once they find a generic solution but interact multiple times to experience other resolutions of the gameplay. If you read the comments about the game, you will see that the players express their gameplay similarly.


I really love a good escape game, but this isn't it. The insulting "Windmill, LOOK"-clue is one problem, but what I really found annoying about this game was the way you had to check and re-check and re-check stuff without any indication that something had changed, or that the game (for no reason at all) has made you miss something the first time around (telescope).
That's an incredibly ham-handed way to make it more difficult, and up there with pixel hunting in my list of Things That Make An Escape Game Unfun.


Very nice game, thanks grinnyp for the help :-)


Sorry, but I did not enjoy this game at all. I tried using every tool on every object. It's more fun in a game when logic is rewarded.


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