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Plants vs. Zombies Guide

Plants vs. ZombiesSunflower

The Plants * Plants with a * are single use plants and will disappear after their function is complete.
  • PeashooterPeashooter - This is the most basic plant in your arsenal, and the backbone of any strong defense throughout the early stages of the game.
  • SunflowerSunflower - Plant these to increase the amount of sun you will get. Sun is vital to plants and to your survival! Two columns of these should be built in each stage.
  • Cherry BombCherry Bomb* - Plant these to get an explosive reaction from the zombies nearby. Great for taking out groups of enemies, works in a 3x3 grid centered around where you place it.
  • Wall-NutWall-Nut - a great defensive plant, that will hold the zombie hoards at bay while your other plants pick them off.
  • Potato MinePotato Mine* - Great for taking out strong enemies in lanes where you don't have a wall-nut up yet, or to take care of pole vaulting zombies that make it over your wall-nut. SPUDOW!
  • Snow PeaSnow Pea - Snow Peas will freeze zombies and make them walk and eat slower. Great for holding back strong units while your stronger plants take them out. If a snow pea bullet passes through a Torchwood it will melt the ice turning it into a regular pea, losing the freezing effect.
  • ChomperChomper - Chompers work great in combination with your wall-nuts and tall-nuts. They will devour most zombies in one bite, but it takes some time for them to swallow.
  • RepeaterRepeater - These are a great addition to your arsenal. They cost twice as much as a peashooter, but do twice as much damage, and still only take up one space.
  • Puff ShroomPuff-shroom - These are a staple for any night time level, they may be weak, but they can still take out a zombie. What's even better is they're free!
  • Sun ShroomSun-shroom - These little guys cost half as much as a sunflower, but only give you 15 sun to start with. After a while they will grow to full size and give you 25 sun. I still prefer sunflowers over these, even in night levels.
  • Fume ShroomFume-shroom - These work great on the early night levels, and their attacks pass right through the screen door zombies!
  • Grave BusterGrave Buster* - These plants will eat the graves you see in the night levels, and will even pop out a coin when you they are done!
  • Hypno-ShroomHypno-shroom* - These will turn any zombie that tries to eat them into a zombie that works for you. Great against football zombies! The zombie will fight backwards until it walks right off your lawn.
  • Scaredy-ShroomScaredy-shroom - these long-range plants are cheap, but they will hide if a zombie gets too close. Not very effective alone.
  • Ice ShroomIce-Shroom* - This mushroom will freeze every zombie on screen and do a little bit of damage to each of them.
  • Doom ShroomDoom-shroom* - These bad boys will blow up a huge area on your lawn and destroy all zombies within range, however the tile you planted them on will need some time to recover before it can be used again.
  • Lily PadLily pad - Not much to say about these other than they allow you to build on the water.
  • SquashSquash* - These guys will crush enemies that get too close. if there are multiple zombies in a small area it will crush all of them.
  • ThreepeaterThreepeater - Threepeaters will fire across 3 lanes, each pea is slightly stronger than a peashooters. Great for the three center lanes but there is no point in putting them on out outer lanes.
  • Tangle KelpTangle Kelp* These work like potato mines, but are to be placed in the water.
  • JalapenoJalapeno* - These guys are just bursting to get into the action. Placing one of these will destroy all the zombies in the lane they are in.
  • SpikeweedSpikeweed - The spikeweed will attack any zombie that walks over it, as well as popping tires on zombonies and Catapult zombies. Popping a tire will destroy the spikeweed and you'll need to plant a new one.
  • TorchwoodTorchwood - Placing these in front of plants that shoot peas will set the peas on fire and do triple damage! Snow peas will melt and lose their freezing effect though. Also drives away fog for a few tiles around itself.
  • Tall-NutTall-Nut - Harder, better, taller, stronger than the wall-nut. The tall-nut will keep enemies at bay for a long time, as well as preventing pole vaulting or dolphin riding zombies from jumping over them.
  • Sea ShroomSea-shroom These water based fungi work much like the puff-shrooms only they can be placed in water, however their recharge rate is quite slow.
  • PlanternPlantern - Plant these in the fog to drive it back, so you can see whats happening on your lawn. They are pretty weak and don't do any damage though, so put a Tall-Nut in front of one so it doesn't get demolished.
  • CactusCactus - The cactus will pop balloons, as well as attacking zombies on the ground.
  • BloverBlover* - Blover will blow away any air zombies, and temporarily blow away all the fog. Decent substitute for planterns and cacti, while only taking up one seed slot.
  • Split PeaSplit Pea - Split peas will shoot forward and backwards, however they shoot twice as fast backwards and they do forwards. Good for tunneling zombies, and not much more expensive than peashooters.
  • StarfruitStarfruit - Starfruit shoot in 5 directions. None of them are forward. Works well in groups, though.
  • PumpkinPumpkin - Pumpkins surround another plant protecting them from zombies. Even works on Tall-nuts adding a much stronger layer to your defensive lines.
  • Magnet ShroomMagnet-shroom - This mushroom will steal metal objects from zombies, such as buckets, helmets, ladders, and pickaxes. Great to have a few of these behind Tall-nuts, even during the day, although you'll have to wake one up using the Coffee bean.
  • Cabbage-pultCabbage-pult - Plant these on the roof to lob cabbages at the zombies, where peashooters can't reach due to the roofs incline.
  • Flower PotFlower Pot - This plant lets you plant plants on your roof! Sounds crazy but it works! Just like a lily pad but for your roof.
  • Kernel-pultKernel-pult - These guys will lob corn, and occasionally butter at the zombies. The corn is a bit weaker than cabbage, but the butter is just as strong as cabbage and will also stop zombies in their tracks.
  • Coffee BeanCoffee Bean* - Plant this on your mushrooms during the day to wake them up!
  • GarlicGarlic - These guys smell bad, but work great! Zombie will take one bit of these and move into another lane!
  • Umbrella LeafUmbrella Leaf - Umbrella Leafs will protect nearby plants from bungee zombies, and from catapult zombies.
  • MarigoldMarigold - While she won't attack, the marigold will spit out cash for you to collect. A few of these with the Gold magnet-shroom will do wonders for your bank account.
  • Melon-pultMelon-pult. - The Melon-pult lob watermelons at zombies doing large amounts of damage to groups of zombies! Great addition to your lineup.
  • Imitater - The imitater works just like your other plants. In fact it works EXACTLY like your other plants. Pick the imitater and it will give you the option to pick a plant. This way you can have two of the same plant in your arsenal. This will reduce the waiting time to build plants by half!

Plant Upgrades These upgrades are one time upgrades to the plants that you already have in your arsenal.
  • Gatling PeaGatling Pea - Upgrade for the Repeater, shoots 4 peas instead of two for a relentless, fierce attack. Add a Torchwood into the mix for a Zombie barbecue.
  • Twin SunflowerTwin Sunflower - Upgraded version of the sunflower, producing two sun each time. Great for long levels, survival mode, and for maximizing spots available for offensive plants.
  • gloom.jpgGloom-ShroomAn upgraded version of the Fume-Shroom, this plant will release toxic fumes in a small area around itself. Attacks quickly, but short range.
  • CattailCattail - Upgraded Lily Pad. The Cattail can attack on any lane, and it also pops balloon zombies. Having at least one of these in longer pool levels instead of cacti is a great way to save space and money.
  • Winter MelonWinter Melon - Upgrade of the Melon-Pult. Adds a freezing attack to the Melon-Pult, but fires at a slower speed. Adding one or two of these is a great way to slow down zombies when you are using Spikerocks. Frozen zombies will thaw if hit with a flaming pea.
  • Golden Magnet-shroomGold Magnet-shroom - Inexpensive upgrade to the Magnet-shroom. Removes the magnet ability but it will collect coins and diamonds for you. Great if you have a lot of marigolds, but not really essential.
  • SpikerockSpiderock - This upgrade to the Spikeweed can pop multiple tires before giving out and does more damage to zombies walking over it.
  • Cob CannonCob Cannon - This is the strongest plant you can get. You must build it over two Kernel Pults, and click it to activate its massive attack.

The Zombies
  • Regular ZombieRegular Zombie - The most basic zombie out there. Very easy to dispatch, but watch out if there are a lot of them!
  • Flag ZombieFlag Zombie - Just because he has a flag doesn't mean he doesn't want your brains! Leads every "Huge wave of zombies".
  • Conehead ZombieConehead Zombie - Regular Zombie with a traffic cone that helps with defense. Takes about twice as much damage as a Regular Zombie.
  • Pole Vaulting ZombiePole Vaulting Zombie - He moves fast until he meets the first plant, which he will vault over (unless it's a Tall-Nut), and then he moves slow.
  • Buckethead ZombieBuckethead Zombie - Takes about 5x as much damage as a regular zombie, but a magnet-shroom will steal his bucket.
  • Newspaper ZombieNewspaper zombie - This zombie will charge at you once you destroy his newspaper.
  • Screen Door ZombieScreen Door Zombie - This zombie protects himself with his screen door, however fume-shrooms will pass right through the screen and attack him directly.
  • Football ZombieFootball Zombie - This zombie is extra protected with a helmet and padding, so it will take a bit more to bring him down. His helmet has metal on it that reacts to Magnet-shrooms.
  • Dancing ZombieDancing zombie - Will summon a backup dancer in four directions. A real thriller!
  • Backup DancerBackup Dancer - This zombie is really weak but will get in your way if there are too many of them.
  • Ducky Tube ZombieDucky Tube Zombie - This zombie is really weak, and only appears in the pool lanes.
  • Snorkel ZombieSnorkel Zombie - This zombie stays underwater until he attacks. Place lily pads near the from of the pool to draw him out. Kelp works too.
  • ZomboniZomboni - The Zomboni crushes plants and leaves a trail of ice behind him. You can't build on the ice and bobsled zombies will appear if there is ice. Use Spikeweeds to pop his tires.
  • Zombie Bobsled TeamZombie Bobsled Team - These guys will ride in on ice, and go fast until they run out of ice. They are pretty weak but there are four of them.
  • Dolphin Rider ZombieDolphin Rider Zombie - Similar to the Pole Vaulting Zombie only in water. Tall-Nuts will be effective against him. The dolphin is also a zombie.
  • Jack-in-the-Box ZombieJack-in-the-Box Zombie - This zombie moves pretty fast and will randomly explode. Magnet-shrooms will take his toy away and prevent him from exploding.
  • Balloon ZombieBalloon Zombie - This zombie will float over all your defenses unless you pop his balloon. Other than that he is very weak.
  • Digger ZombieDigger Zombie - This zombie will dig under your plants and attack from the back. Use magnet-shrooms or split-peas to take care of him.
  • Pogo ZombiePogo Zombie - this guy will hop over all your plants until you have a magnet-shroom to take his pogo away.
  • Zombie YetiZombie Yeti - This zombie rarely appears, and will run away after a short time. Get him while you can!
  • Bungee ZombieBungee Zombie - He will drop down from the sky and either steal a plant, or drop a zombie down on your roof/lawn.
  • Ladder ZombieLadder zombie - This zombie will place a ladder down on the first plant he meets allowing zombies to simple climb over that plant. Bad if he puts one on a Tall-nut. Magnet-shrooms will take his ladder away, and cherry bombs will dislodge ladders that he managed to place.
  • Catapult ZombieCatapult Zombie - This zombie will sit at the back of your roof or lawn and launch basketballs at your plants. Use spikeweeds to pop his tires, and get rid of him easily.
  • GargantuarGargantuar - This giant will crush your plants, and extremely strong. Try to take him out using bombs, jalapeños, Squashes or anything you can before he destroys your plants. He will lob the imp zombie when he is low on health.
  • Imp ZombieImp zombie - Although he is very weak often times he will be launched past your plants and right to your sunflowers, or your lawnmowers or roof/pool cleaners.
  • Dr. ZombossDr. Zomboss - Here he is. The leader of the zombies. Use Ice-shrooms to freeze him when he is down, and let your other plants attack him. Keep an ice-shroom and a jalapeño for when he throws a fire ball or ice ball at you.

General Hints and Tips
  • For the most part in adventure mode, and survival mode you will want to start by getting two rows of sunflowers as fast as you can, at the back of your lawn
  • While you are trying to get your sunflowers up, try to only build plants that you will need immediately. Such as a peashooter only in a lane where a zombie is approching.
  • Once you've got your sunflowers up, start focusing on your defences. You will need to use different strategies depending on what level you are on.
  • Try to keep at least one bomb type plant in your inventory on each level just in case things get bad.
  • If there is a lull in zombies use the break to dig up and replace badly damaged wall-nuts or tall-nuts.
  • It may be worth it in later levels to bring coffee beans and magnet-shrooms with you in daytime battles. to help deal with metal weilding zombies.
  • If a snow pea shoots through a torchwood then it will cancel out the freezing effect.

Adventure Adventure mode isn't terribly difficult and shouldn't give you too much trouble so I've just listed off a few tips for each of the five level types.

  • These levels are fairly straightforward. Just build a few peashooters in each lane and you should be okay for most of these levels.
  • Build wall-nuts, and repeaters once you unlock them
  • Not much to these levels except for learning the basics
  • Night time has arrived! No more free sunshine for you!
  • Dont underestimate the power of free things. Although the puff-shrooms are pretty weak, they are essential to your defenses at night time, especially when the amount of sun you get is lower.
  • Make sure the first plant you buy is one of the two that will give you sun, otherwise you wont be able to afford better plants as the level progresses.
  • If you keep these two things in mind the night level shouldn't give you too much trouble
  • Ah now its getting interesting. Zombies will usually ignore the two pool lanes in the beginning, so you should too.
  • Make sure to build at least a peashooter and a repeater in the pool lanes by the first huge wave of zombies, as there will be extra zombies that pop out of the water part way down the lane already on top of the ones that come from the back.
  • As long as you remember to have some defences in the pool lanes by the first wave you should be alright.
  • Remember you can place wall-nuts and tall-nuts on the lily pads.
  • You should put spikeweeds at the right of your lawn in case zambonies show up.
  • Starting to get tricky now. Pool, night, and now fog! Keep your head on your shoulders (har har), and you will do fine.
  • Although you can't see in the fog you can still build in it.
  • Build up a solid defense by combining what you did in the night stage with the pool stage.
  • If you really need too you can build a lantern to help you see, but its not too much of a big deal.
  • Just build up a solid defense and you should be alright.
  • Its going to get a little tricky now. Peashooters and repeaters don't work well on this level, unless you build them at the top of the slope.
  • You can get away with building them on the first column after the slope on the roof starts but after that they will be useless.
  • Basically for this part you will need to replace peashooters and repeaters with Cabbage-Pults and Kernel-Pults.
  • Other than that theres not too much to this one, other than keeping an eye on what zombies you will have to fight.
  • It might be worth your effort to build a magnet-shroom and use a coffee bean on it in later levels.


  • In this one the zombies are also plants! But they still want your brain.
  • Guard your sunflowers because you will need all the sun you can get.
  • Zombies act like the plants on their heads act. Peashooters will shoot at your plants, wall-nuts take a lot of hits. Keep this in mind while building your defenses
Wall-nut Bowling
  • Just like the wall-nut bowling you had to do in adventure mode.
  • Higher combos earn you more gold
  • Save a bomb or two for emergencies.
Slot machine:
  • Use then sun you collect to play the slot machine at the top
  • Try and keep the slot machine going as often as you can to earn extra plants and sun.
  • Shouldn't be hard to get this with a little luck.
It's raining seeds:
  • This one is just like the kind of level in adventure mode where the seeds come on a conveyor belt at the top, only you need to use them almost right away
  • Just like bejeweled! You fought zombies in bejeweled right?
  • Make matches to earn sun and upgrade your plants
  • Start with your offensive plants first
  • Combo's earn you extra sun
  • Its pretty basic, other than the fact that the zombies are invisible. So build evenly in the lanes since you can't tell where they are coming from!
Seeing Stars:
  • This one is pretty basic too, You just need to fill in the stars on the lawn with the starfruit
  • Might be a bit tricky to get "Star"ted (haha!), but once you get some basic defenses up you should fill in the star as soon as possible.
  • This one is a basic clone of insaniquarium. Just save up and buy 5 or 6 zombies then let the sun roll in. Don't forget to feed them!
Beghouled Twist:
  • Just like bejeweled twist! Same concept as beghouled
Big Trouble little zombie:
  • All of the zombies are tiny, but they still have big appetites! Use the basic pool defense here and you'll do just fine.
Portal combat:
  • This ones a bit tricky. Keep an eye on where the portals are but still build evenly as the portals will move around the map.
  • Make good use of your wall-nuts, and make sure to have a Cactus in each lane, and you should be alright
  • Save a bomb or two in case things get a little tight.
Column like you see 'em:
  • This one can be a bit tricky. For the most part you will start with the same few plants each time.
  • Potato mines should go one column from the right, and your tall-nuts right behind them.
  • After that leave a space then put your magnet-shrooms down.
  • If/when you get chompers put them right behind your tall nuts.
  • Try to have at least one clear column somewhere for placing bombs. Save the bombs you get for ladder zombies, Gargantuars.
  • As long as you don't let the ladder zombies bypass your tall nuts, and you put lots of pumpkins down you shouldn't do too badly here. Might take a few trys to get it just right though, since you don't always get the same plants each round.
Bobsled bonanza:
  • Build spikeweeds to pop the tires of the zombonies. If they can't make ice the bobsled zombies can't show up!
  • You can also use jalapeños to melt the ice.
Zombie nimble, zombie quick
  • No crazy tricks here, everything is just faster
  • Use your basic pool level strategy and you'll do just fine here, just make sure to keep collecting the sun, even though it might seem hard since it shows up so fast.
Whack a Zombie
  • This one is pretty simple. Just hit the zombies with the hammer as they pop out of the graves
  • Once in a while a zombie will drop some sun, use it to buy Grave Busters and eat the graves closest to your brains.
Last stand:
  • Build your defenses like this. HS_Kero_PvZLS.png Use the money you get in between rounds to first add a second pumpkin to the other torchwood in the water. Refresh your garlic. And add a repeater to the spaces above and below the cattails.
  • Build a nice solid pool style defense and you should be okay. Remember to save some money for buying new tall-nuts in case things go sour.
ZomBotany 2:
  • Just like zombotany only harder.
Wall-nut bowling 2
  • Just like Wall-nut bowling only harder.
Pogo Party
  • Sunflowers, cabbagepults and tall-nuts will be your friend here. If you have the imitator, use it to get a second tall-nut
Dr. Zomboss's revenge:
  • Just like the final level of the game so you should be okay here. Just remember to always keep at least one jalapeño and one ice-shroom on you at all times for when he throws fireballs or iceballs at you.

Puzzle There are really only two puzzles here, one is vases and the other you play as the zombies.

Vasebreaker style:
  • Start with the vases that have plants in them
  • After that start at the back and work on one lane at a time.
  • Don't put too many plants in one lane, you will need to make sure you have at least one offensive plant in each lane or its impossible to win.
  • In the later levels keep some squash for Gargantuars.
I, Zombie style:
  • In this one you get to play the zombies and try to eat the brains.
  • There is no time limit so sit back and think a bit before you start throwing zombies at the plants.
  • Try to find the spot where you can send one or two cheap zombies and still manage to get a sunflower, or two.
  • Once you get some sun use stronger zombies in combination with the weaker ones to get to the harder brains.

Survival In survival you will get a chance to change up the plants you picked at the start between each level so start with the basics on each one, and go from there. Don't get ahead of yourself. If you start with all the expensive plants you won't be able to afford a good defense and will leave your brains venurable. Use the same basic defense skills you developed for each of the adventure levels, but after a few waves upgrade your plants to be able to deal with the later levels. There isn't much new here it's just harder.

Dave's shop
  • Slot upgradesBuying these will allow you to take more plants into each round with you
  • Pool CleanersThese work just like lawn mowers, only they are for the pool lanes.
  • Garden RakeThe rake will randomly start in one lane for 3 levels after purchase. Will kill the first zombie to walk on it in each level
  • Roof CleanersRoof cleaners are your last line of defense on the rooftop levels, good idea to purchase these.
  • Wall-Nut First-AidThis upgrade lets you replace Wall-Nuts, Tall-Nuts, and Pumpkins without having to wait for them to die, or dig them up first.
Easter eggs Type the following codes during gameplay to enable the 'cheats', type them again to disable.
  • daisies - zombies push up daisies when they die. (You need to have a tree of wisdom that's at least 100 feet tall for this code to work)
  • future - zombies sport cool, futuristic shades.
  • mustache - zombies grow a 'stache.
  • pinata - zombies cause a shower of candy when they die. (Your tree of wisdom needs to be 1000 feet tall for this to work.)
  • trickedout - for tricked out lawnmowers.
  • sukhbir - activates zombie "THEIR BRAIIINS" call.
  • dance - Makes the zombies dance! enabled at 500 feet.


One more Easter Egg from the Wisdom Tree.

At 500 feet, the Wisdom Tree enables the command dance - Makes zombies boogie, like in the endgame credits

pinata is given at 1000 feet, and is the last piece of wisdom. After this point, the Tree says

"Thank you for feeding me! I've given you all my wisdom, but you can still grow me taller!

[Awesome! I'll update the guide :D Thanks! ~Kero]


there's another plant upgrade...the imitator, which lets you have two of the same plant in the level. not sure how it works yet.


Question? How do I wake up the sleeping mushroom in my zen garden? All it does is sleep and not give me coins.. help!


Shrooms need the night garden to wake up, similar to the aquatic plants needing the aquarium. You need to purchase those at the shop, but they're expensive.

Both types will do nothing but sleep in the regular Zen garden.


Yeah! I spent $30,000 on the Imitator and I can't for the life of me figure out how it works! Please advise!


I like to use pumpkin imitaters, so I've always got a pumpkin shell ready to throw on any plant that happens to be in danger!

Also, there is a slight difference between the imitater and the plant it's cloning. The imitater takes an extra second or two to transform, so it makes a poor cherry bomb in emergency situations.

Torchwood May 19, 2009 5:39 PM

After purchasing the night garden, how are you supposed to move the sleeping mushrooms there? The glove doesn't work :\


Crazy Dave has a wheelbarrow he'd like to sell you!

benjabby May 24, 2009 5:05 AM

@sabbit, it basicly lets you have 2 of the same plant so while one recharges you can plant the other

Question, my tree of wisdom said somthing like "try clicking on the plants in the main menu", But there arnt any, what does it mean?

Somebody May 24, 2009 6:26 AM

There are some flowers near the grave (in vases)
On the vases writes Help.quit and options
Click on the petals of the plants and you will see


This game is amazing. I have been playing it for a week or so and I am not bored with it at all. I have managed to beat the adventure mode and puzzle mode. I am currently working on the survival mode but I am stuck I can't seem to get pass the 4th flag on the Hard Roof. I have tried most everything and still getting my butt handed to me. If anyone has any ideas on how to beat this please help and addict out hehehe


Abbadon May 26, 2009 12:29 AM

A Few tricks I have discovered in Plants vs. Zombies for continual automated money that I will share

The growth of Nursery plants along with the purchasing of marigolds in Dave's shop are refreshed on a daily basis. This can easily be manipulated by changing the day on your windows calendar and clock. Your plants grow in a matter of minutes rather than days.

The ability of the snail to collect is also based on time using the windows clock. Chocolate allows him to auto collect at full speed for 1hr (rather than slowly for 3 min) before he goes to sleep. After all my plants are happy, glowing and producing money (and the snail fed with chocolate) I check the time and then loop the time every 20 min to 1 min after my little ritual was complete.

To automate this process I created a bat file with the following code

echo 7:04|time
ping -n 300 -w 9999 >NUL
goto begin

To make a bat file simply open notepad, save with the code and rename the extension from .txt to .bat , then execute. Also remember to change the time (I used 7:04) to the appropriate time you wish the program to loop to. Leave the computer running over night and enjoy (with a full nursery) ~$40,000 every hour.

Abbadon May 26, 2009 12:35 AM

Connie: I find winter melons do the trick everywhere, every time.

LatexSpikes May 26, 2009 11:24 AM

Last Stand minigame: mad money

Try this layout for Last Stand. Works well and gets you about $7,000 each time. You'll need 9 slots, and the gold magnet and gloom-shroom upgrades.

First four columns on every row has marigolds (w/lilypads in the water)after that as follows:
rows 1 & 6: fume-shroom with pumpkin shell, 4 blank spaces.
rows 2 & 5: magnet, 2 gloom-shrooms, 2 garlic
rows 3 & 4: magnet, gold magnet, both with pumpkins shells, 3 blank spaces.


After each flag replace the right most garlic, replace the left ones as needed.

Thanks to my daughter's boyfriend for this one.

Surcouf May 26, 2009 1:42 PM

Hey Abbadon,
I don't have chocolate and I want to try making a bat file that will loop every two minutes because if the snail only owrks 3 min, I need two restart the thing after two min.. How would you suggest I do that?


Hello, LatexSpikes. I made it about half way through the third flag, then a pole vaulter jumped my fume in the lowest lane. Managed to get ~ 4000.

Abbadon May 30, 2009 6:12 AM


Adjust the -n 300
Actually I think 300 loops every 5 min. I think... just try -n 1 and time it see how long that takes till the loop and adjust accordingly... Seriously though get the chocolate because a slow snail doesn't pick up and misses alot of coins.

Anonymous May 30, 2009 1:19 PM

Giving a chocolate bar to a fully grown marigold makes it "dance" faster and produce coins faster. I have a full garden of marigolds. Is there a fast way to get candy bars? If i were to feed all my marigolds chocolate and give the snail some choco, it would be fun to see how much coinage you could get!

Skyanjel May 31, 2009 9:09 AM


I tried your bat file this morning and my game shut down for no reason and wont run at all now. Is there anyway to fix it?


Hey LatexSpikes, thanks for the tip on Last Stand - it worked wonderfully! Your daughter's boyfriend is a genius.
Lily - are you sure that you're following Latex Spikes' layout perfectly? Because if you are, then any pole-vaulters should die long before they get to the fume-shroom.


Did anyone notice that right before the final boss, Dave says says the 1st part of the konami code?
Thing is, if you do it (up up down down left right left right a b (or b a i don't remember) you will have a sound, just as using "daisies" or other codes.
Anyone knows what will it do? Or I'm just hearing stuff?


I believe that the hypnoshroom is actually a really good tool against the Dancing Zombie. After you transform it to a good zombie, any other zombies it summons are good as well.

AtomicSong June 1, 2009 11:48 PM

Here's a random tip:

1: When you start out on the first level, always start out with two sunflowers then when the first zombie comes you will soon have enough sun to buy a pea shooter in the spot where the first zombie is. Then just build more sunflowers as you go (you only need one row of sunflowers even though most people tell you to use two, it saves space but it might slow up your sun flow but you will survive fine) and also as more zombies come plant pea shooters where they are in the next row then follow up on whatever strategy you think is best, if you're not sure what strategy you should use then just ask me. Also you can ask me for tips on all the other stages.

calliope June 3, 2009 8:27 AM

Is there any trick to get free garden plant gifts faster?


Your guide didn't mention about the wall nut first-aid which Crazy Dave is selling for $2000.

[Edit: Thanks for pointing that out. We'll fix that omission straight away. :) -Jay]


hi, I've beaten the adventure mode and now I am trying to beat the other modes as well
In mini game, I only have Bobsled bonanza left and I can't get through it, the zombies show up so fast and I don't have enough sun for peashooter yet, can you help me here please?
Also, in puzzle, I got to 10 streaks in Vasebreaker and 7 streaks in I, zombie, do they have an end at some point or they're just really "endless"?


liz - For bobsled bonanza,

I only used the road spikes and things like squash, mines, and peppers. It worked for me to line up as much of the path as possible with spikes and have a squash or mine right at the end to catch any stragglers. Hope this helps!


Liz, use the spike to destroy the sleds & bobsledding zombies. Also, upgrade them so they do more damage & dont disappear when they destroy a sled.

FlyinFree June 5, 2009 6:28 PM

I'm having trouble with survival endless I can't get past 21 flags. What successful defense setups are you guys using?


Thanks for the tip, I've finally got through it and got a golden sunflower trophy!
I also tried the time looping thing from Abbadon and it worked WONDERFULLY! You're genius!

Alexandre June 6, 2009 3:07 PM


What do you do with the .bat file once it is created? Does this work for Macs?


Is anyone else having huge problems with Whack-A-Zombie?
The guide says that it is "pretty easy", but I cannot beat it. It's the only mini-game I can't beat! There are too many zombies and they end up eating my brains....ALWAYS. What am I doing wrong?

NameofRain June 6, 2009 5:21 PM

Two questions:
1) How do I enter the codes? I have a few from my Tree, but I don't know when/how to enter them.
2) Can you get aquatic plants and mushrooms on Endless Survival, or just day and aquatic ones?
Please let me know. Thanks!


To NameofRain:

I tried one of the codes and just typed it on my keyboard while the game was running, just as some zombies stepped onto my lawn.

I think you'll get mushrooms on Endless Survival if the levels are at night.

sheepgomeep June 7, 2009 12:14 PM

just had a zombie yeti appear on zombie nimble zombie quick, which is a daytime level.. so they don't just appear at night!

also, tip for wallnut bowling 2 - screen door zombies can be killed in one hit, if you get them by bouncing off another zombie rather than hitting them head on.


managed to go up to 24 flags at survival endless. as of now, i realise that my survival ended the moment 2 gigantaurs (the normal one and the super red eyed ones) showed up.

basically its 2 rows of spike rocks with 1 row of tall nut, one row of magnet shrooms, one row of fire tree, and lot of machineguns. keep the pool filled with cat tails to help out.

FlyinFree June 9, 2009 9:43 PM

27 flags in endless survival with just tons of mellonpults.


@ Skyanjel

That shouldn't happen, all the bat does is reset your clock every -n X seconds to the time you allocate it.
You don't have to run the bat, you can reset the clock manually every however minutes you want. I simply created the bat to automate the process.
I tested it again it runs fine.

@ Alexandre

I'm sure macs would have some similar programming capabilities. You just need to create a program that does the same thing with the mac clock. But mac is often anal about allowing that level of user control.

Also JIGuest has some great tips over in the PvZ review section.

P. Lord June 10, 2009 1:20 AM

Nicely done. The Gloom Shroom deserves a section but otherwise a very solid guide

one addict to another June 10, 2009 5:07 PM

I typically buy the rake from Crazy Dave just so I can get the jump on sun and have more of a chance to set up defenses


For the bobsled bonanza, it was a huge challenge for me until I found this strategy in one of the website.

pick sunflower, twin sunflower, wall nut, squash, star, cattail, lilypad, jalapeno

1st row
twin sunflower, space, space, wall nut
2nd row
sunflower, space, space, wall nut
3rd row (water)
space, stars, stars, stars, cattail, space, wall nut
4th row (water)
space, cattail, stars, stars, stars, space, wall nut
5th row
sunflower, space, space, wall nut
6th row
twin sunflower, space, space, wall nut

squash is prefered to squash the zomboni while jalapeno to take out ice, sledge team and zomboni. Fill up the space with stars or cattails. I have the snapshot but unable to load it up here.

[Spoiler tags added. You can upload your screenshot to a photo hosting service such as Photobucket or Flickr and just post the link here. -Pam]

Anonymous June 11, 2009 4:37 PM

thanks for the help with the bobsled


The guide says that yeti zombies only appear at night, yet I once saw one of the roof! So, I guess they appear whenever they want to! No darkness can hold yeti zombies back!


I am trying to find out what the best levels are for getting water plants. also I have made it 26 flags in endless

Anonymous June 16, 2009 8:25 AM

abbadon - great ideas. i was trying to find a way to manipulate that, that works perfectly.

stockpile some chocolate and feed it to all your plants and you'll double your money even faster (with a faster time repeat).


using the imitator
once purchased he will sit at the side of your menu. simply click on him and a menu of plants pops up in gray. click the plant you want him to be and he will transform into it when you place him down. be aware he takes a few seconds to become the item you have chosen when you are placing him.

mushrooms in zen garden
to wake mushrooms you need to own the night garden and move them using the wheelbarrow into it, the same goes for water plants.

Anonymous June 17, 2009 3:41 PM

my notepad won't save as a .bat file. It's either .txt or "All files."

lilac22281 June 17, 2009 3:58 PM

yeah, what does the "contra" code do? up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a? I hear a "pop" sound when I do it, too

Thatguy June 17, 2009 9:10 PM

Hello, Kero... your guide doesn't have a * for the Grave Buster, its gone after one use.

[Edit: Thanks! Fixed. :) -Kero]


AWSOME! Cat-tail is so CUTE!!! But can I ask for you to update this with the items you can buy at crazy-daves shop? Like the water-version of a lawnmower? And some pictures. I love pictures.


I love the coffee bean, its effects is so obvious XD.

BTW: For plant upgrades, its missing Gloom-Shroom.



Was looking over the strategy guide and noticed that, in plant upgrades, the gloom-shroom has been left out.

Also, I'm wondering if anyone has done a comparison of the power of each plant. In other words, will a gloom-shroom or a cattail kill a zombie faster? Or does one work better for certain types of zombies, etc?

PvZ is a great game. Thanks for the strategy hints,


Anonymous June 24, 2009 5:47 PM

The potato mine can be used against the tunnelling zombie. It will explode as the zombie tunels under it.

alexandria June 25, 2009 6:18 PM

i tried clicking on the flowers on the main menu screen like the tree of wisdom told me to, but nothing much happens... am i missing something? thanks!

Anonymous June 27, 2009 3:30 AM

Hey, I was wondering... there is an empty spot which the plant calls the yeti zombie. How do we encounter it?



......... June 27, 2009 8:35 PM

To get the 'yeti zombie' you have to play adventure mode for the second time. get all the way up to the end of the fog level. In this level it is raining and it's pretty dark, so look real carefully for it. It will go into any lane and go back out of it so defeat it as quickly as possible.

Yours sincerely



If you can kill the Yeti Zombi quickly, you get...

like 4 grand!

Also, when planting Sun and trying to build defenses I love to use the potato mine and plant it right next to the Sun flower. It's cheap, and by the time the zombie gets there you have planted more sun and the potato mine is almost recharged to kill the next one coming.


I have a MiniGames tip:

they get easier after you lose. I played Last Stand twice and lost, then finally won on the third try. Same with Column Like You See 'Em.
In Last Stand, I used an entire back row of melon pults, with every other one frozen, Tall Nuts in the front with Magnet shrooms, then with the sun I earned I replaced Tall Nuts or a magnet shroom.

Does anyone know what program to use to save screen shots? I know to click Control, Print Screen, but then where do I paste the pic? I used to put it into an email then right click save, but that doesn't work anymore. Thanks, rat


To Rat:

If you have Microsoft, you can use Paint to save your screenshots. After you capture the screenshot, just open Paint, click Edit, then click Paste. Save it as a .jpeg file and you're all set!

FlyinFree June 29, 2009 4:01 AM

39 flags in survival endless!

Filled the front half of the pool with pumpkin covered gloom shrooms and the back half with cattails. Never had to worry about the water or lanes next to the water. Outer lanes were gatling peas with torchwoods and 2 spikerocks on the end. The outer lanes are the weak point, haven't found a solution yet.

Oh, the back columns; first column pumpkin covered double sunflowers; second column a gloom shroom and an umbrella leaf on land and just more cattails in the water.

Anyone manage to get farther than 39 flags?


Survival Endless Wintermelons help keep zombies back at the first two squares

borntorule June 30, 2009 1:25 AM

to Flyinfree use 2 wintermellons instead of the Gatling and Torchwood and you can make it further

FlyinFree June 30, 2009 3:03 AM

So far this is the best defensive layout I have come up with for survival endless. It can easily deal with anything except jack in the box zombies occassionally blow everything apart.


borntorule June 30, 2009 8:01 PM

how do you tell how high your tree of wisdom is?


To Borntorule:

Once you reach 50 feet, the height of the tree will be seen at the top of the screen. Until then, you don't know the height.

borntorule June 30, 2009 10:07 PM

ok thanks

FlyinFree July 1, 2009 11:53 PM

45 flags on survival endless with the same defenses shown above. Same result can handle limitless waves of anything but a few badly timed jack in the box zombies and it's all over. Just comes down to luck at that point.


49 flags using the same method of defense. I think that's the only way of defending to reach above 25. Yup, it's all about luck at the end... red eyed monster with jack in the box usually means end of game. =(

Patrick July 2, 2009 10:52 AM

I need help with the Cob Cannon. It says you have to plant it over two kernel pults, but I have no idea what that means.... I have five kernel pults in pots, but it wont allow me to choose the Cob Cannon. How do you use it??


To Patrick:

You have to plant two kernel pults next to each other on the same row. Then you put the Cob Cannon on top of them. :)


To Patrick,
Also, neither of the two kernel pults can have a pumpkin protecting it in order to place a Cob Cannon over them.

FlyinFree July 3, 2009 4:13 PM

OK final revision of the survival endless layout.


Start out with the entire back column double sunflowers then put those back 4 winter melons down last. You should be able to have it all up in 8 flags. This layout can take out everything without you having to do anything. Just replace spikerocks and pumpkins as they wear out. The cob cannons are to pick off jack in the box zombies in the outter 2 lanes and to put one hit into giga-gigantors to soften them up so they don't chew up your spikerocks. Keep the plants in the toolbar as shown, use the jalapenos to clear the outter lanes of jack in the box zombies if your cob cannons aren't ready. Basically you will last forever until you get unlucky with a few bad jack in the box zombies.

If anyone has a suggestion to better deal with the jack in the box zombies in the outter lanes let me know.

Anonymous July 3, 2009 10:15 PM

i don't understand ,can anyone tell me what's a BAT?


i know this is going to sound lame i already passed the minigames and bought everything from daves shop my gardens are full my tree is frkin tall as heck but i cant pass the whack a zombie any tips plz


I've gotten my tree to a little over 200 feet, but it's tiring and expensive as heck to continue growing it one. stupid. foot. at a time. Does anyone know if it "magically" skips 50 feet at a certain point or whatnot?

FlyinFree July 5, 2009 9:35 PM

Nope just 1000 long, boring, tedious feet of pure mind-numbing hell.

FlyinFree July 5, 2009 10:49 PM

65 flags and going strong when the POWER GOES OUT! ARGH!

65 Flags Screenshot

Here's the layout I used.

randomguy July 6, 2009 12:39 AM

That reminds me of an earlier one, except with an extra wintermelon.
By the way, I have a simple way of beating last stand, though you need cob cannons. It isn't what I would call the best way though.

Just build six cob cannons and a row of tallnuts at the fourth column. Also, build two cattails and use the rest of the sun to maintain your tallnuts. Very simple.

By the way, gloom shrooms go well with garlic (put this on the guide please). You put the garlic in front of a row of gloom shrooms, and the shrooms kill the zombies when they pass by.

And for whack a zombie, you just need to click really quickly. Not much more to say there.


I'd love some tips for adventure level 5-5 (second time through adventure mode)...the conveyor belt only drops Chompers and (very rarely) cherry bombs and pumpkins.

I've come close to finishing it, but every time just before the end, I either run out of offensive seeds, or a backlog of zombies cuts right through my flower pot the moment I set it down, so I can't even put anything in front of the

Vexille July 9, 2009 2:44 AM

is there a layout for endless survival to earn money and survive at the same time?


Hi am I missing something about Bobsled bonanza? Its great that people have posted strategies but I simply cannot get enough suns to build enough defences before I am overrun with zombies! Please help it is driving me mad! Could someone post a "walkthrough" maybe?


To T1ger:

I've been able to beat Bobsled Bonanza a couple of times. I'll play it again and try to write a walkthrough for you. :)


To Chad:

I just went through that level today. The thing that saved me was that I held onto as many cherry bombs as I could. At the end when the swarm of zombies came, I dropped three cherry bombs in the sea of zombies and cleared them out enough that I could finish the level.

Muttly13 July 9, 2009 10:28 AM

Just a heads up on the Bobsled level, bobsleds can be eaten in their entirety (all four zombies and the sled) by a Chomper if they are still inside it when it snaps.


Heyy, just felt like helping out a little :D

Use a mouse for whack a zombie :D

And just click. If you all are using mouse pads it would take some time :D If you already are using a mouse just play it a few times, you'll get better :]

This guide is really great, and I love the comments too xD Really alot of extra information, esp about the Zen Garden! Never thought of scamming the game liek that :D thanks!

Hoho my record for survival is only 25 flags ._. how long did you all take to reach 65? and doesnt the gloom shrooms cost like a hell lot aft a while ._.


To FlyinFree :
thx for the layout tips, its great !
46 flags at first try :)

Anonymous July 10, 2009 8:19 AM

I'll echo the person who can't get past Whack A Zombie. It's the last thing I need to beat to get my gold trophy, and it's just bloody impossible. Any tips very welcome.

Anonymous July 11, 2009 3:28 PM

I see all these screen shots for the survival level and yet I don't know how to get the seemingly unlimited suns you guys have.

Whenever I start that level I have the standard 50.

(Before you ask I have beaten the game.)

Anonymous July 13, 2009 12:43 AM

OK 116 flags. This is my last revision for survival endless(I know I said that before but I lied). As you can see by the screenshot I'm at 100 flags with full sun and all my plants in perfect condition.

116 Flags Screenshot

To the user asking how long it takes to get to 65 flags - hours, get comfortable.

To the user asking how I get so much sunlight - double sunflowers in the entire back column (I later replace 2 when I don't need as much sunlight).

To the user asking if the gloomshrooms get expensive - as you can see in the screenshot they are up to 950 sunlight.

PS: The almanac is wrong, winter melons have the same firing rate as melonpults.

Raymond July 13, 2009 2:51 AM

how do you get unlimited sun? do i really just type in the word "TOHOT"? Can someone please let me know how tall my tree of wisdom needs to be. thanks. oh and another way of getting lot's of cash is

to simply change the clock on your PC, then go back to the game and check out your zen garden cause all of your plants will need water. simply do it all over again after every feed. well that's it for now..

[Edit: The spoiler above contans a tip that includes changing the clock on your pc. Please be aware that this can harm your pc. You should only do this if you know exactly what you are doing. ~ Kayleigh]


wow 116 flags ? awesome !
I can only beat 84 flags, using similiar layot but with 4 cob cannon.

Anonymous July 13, 2009 11:21 AM

One thing that I've not notice mentioned is that after you beat Dr Zomboss and you get the end credits, you can go back and play the same Adventure game again. But this time round, although you have all the plants you had accummulated, Crazy Dave randomly selects 3 plants for you at each level which you cannot deselect. Just makes things a little more interesting when you find that he's pick 3 totally useless items for you! =P


Regarding the sunlight thing, one thing i do is just spam sunflowers for the first level. By spamming means at the end of the first 2 flags only the last 3 columns dun have sunflowers :D and then slowly replace the sunflowers with plants. Its good to start out with 9000+ sunlight.

Well thats what i learnt from watching youtube vids ._.


hey the up up down down left right left right b a thing does work.is there any codes for pvz on xbox 360


hi all, im not really sure about the code thing that Abbadon posted in page 1 of the comments list..
echo 7:04|time
ping -n 300 -w 9999 >NUL
goto begin

however, i wanna know whether this code will help to generate more coins from flowers in zen garden is it? what if i only have 1 pumpkin and 2 marigolds now.. (well i just started playing not long ago)will it still work?


Can you unlock the Last Stand on the iPhone app version? I beat the Adventure Mode, but still haven't been able to play.


sorry, but u cannot get last stand on the iPhone app version


how do you get Quick play without finishing the game?


for last stand try this:

[1]wm () () () () () () () ()
[2]wm () () () () GS GS gar gar
[3]ct ct ct *ct* () () () ()
[4]ct ct ct *ct* () () () ()
[5]wm () () () () GS GS gar gar
[6]wm () () () () () () () ()

wm = winter melon GS = Gloomshroom
() = empty ct = cattail
gar = garlic
add 2 cattails in front of those you already have at the end of the fourth flag if you want. replace garlic only if they are almost eaten up

hope this helps


For those who cannot beat whack a zombie:
dun overclick if u just want to complete it. (by overclicking i mean by not clicking like mad.)
I got past it on my first try without any plants used and 2 lawnmowers left (cuz i overclicked)


to those who cannot get pass survival pool(hard)& survival day(hard) AND have cob cannon, here's a tip.
build 5 to 6 cob cannons ASAP! I tried it and NO Gargantuars showed up. works every time!
and can SOMEBODY PLZ post a walkthrough for survival roof(hard). I can only get to 7 flags!!!!!


could anyone tell me what the notes say

Anonymous December 4, 2010 7:18 PM

What you said about mini-game zombie nimble zombie quick was usefull but what are the best 8 plants you can use for it?


I painstakingly played a bunch of mini-games and puzzles, the first flag of survival mode and the first level again (after I won the again of course) and finally I got a chocolate drop after about 30 min of playing. I gave it to the bloody Snail and he zoomed around for about 10 seconds then went to sleep! Does that happen sometimes? Is something wrong?

BTW, if I feed Stinky chocolate then go to the shop, when I come back will he still be all hyped up on it? I noticed if there are coins out and I go to the shop (perhaps I need bug spray) that when I come back they are gone and according to my $ they were not collected.

Last question: It was said not to use bug spray as you don't get your money's worth, however, if you don't spray it will the plant continue to produce coin? Will it ever ask for water or the phonograph again?

SilverDragon December 10, 2010 2:17 AM

I just posted several questions but they didn't show up?

[Editor's Note: Unless you register for an account with the site, all comments made by unregistered members must be approved by a moderator/editor before posting. Sometimes it takes a little while, as we do get a lot of comments to go through. :) Thanks! -Dora]


@ JIGuest,
I'll try playing Zombie nimble zombie quick again & try to post it ASAP
For your zen garden question,
What Stinky did (stayed awake for 10 Seconds) I have not encountered before. I always go to the shop after feeding Stinky Chocolate and he always is awake after i come back.
If you dont spray your plants eventually they WILL need water again & they might ask for music


The game has no walk through. It would be nice if I could learn how to use the shovel and why to use it. If I do, the plant just disappears.
What is the purpose? Where can I learn how to use the shovel? Pop Cap needs a way to learn this without going on line.



The maximum sun you can get is 9990


I have a question about the pyromanic achievement. How on earth do I do it without them eating my brains? lol

Please help me

At first I thought I would be able to plant sunflower but that didn't work, please please help me and give me some tips!!!!


I beat the game completely. I've bought everything from Crazy Dave's, shop my wisdom tree is 3,000 feet tall, I know every cheat. I can help you with any level I have both the silver and Gold trophy's. And to think I did this in about 2 weeks! I have ALOT of time on my hands

Eatmynubcakes December 22, 2010 7:48 AM

Im stuck on lvl 4-4 help


Try this for last stand.

row 1 wm cc () () () () () ()
row 2 wm () () () () () () () ()
row 3 wm ct ct () () () () ()
row 4 wm ct ct () () () () ()
row 5 wm () () () () () () () ()
row 6 wm cc () () () () () ()

()=empty wm=winter melon cc=cob cannon ct=cattail


this is how the intimidater works: you know how some plants like jalapeno tall-nut take a really long time to recharge, well, tall-nut allows you to use that plant before its done recharging

Anonymous January 7, 2011 3:53 PM

when I played survival day, it was the FUNNIEST GAME EVER! at the 5-th wave i had: (1 for each line for all) 5 twin sunflowers, 5 pea shooters, 5 GATLING ...(I don't remember!)(peas or smthg), 5 torchwood. when(for example) each football zombie(toughtness i high!!)(for example!), this zombie was killed in 3 seconds!


When playing invisighoul stages you can find out how many zombies are on screen and precisely where they are by using an iceshroom. Any invisible zombies on screen get ice crystals around their feet whilst they are frozen


@Mary: The shovel just gets rid of plants. It's doing exactly what it should (there should have been a quick tutorial when you first got it).

This is useful if, for example, a zombie has broken through your lines; you can remove a sunflower and plant a cherry bomb in its place.


Does anyone know how gloom-shrooms work?
I don't get it because everytime i planted one over my fume-shroom and a zombie goes towards it in the same lane it doesn't attack. I also planted tall-nuts in front of it though. Maybe its range isn't that far?
Please help!
Thank You!


Hi I want you guys to give me tips on how to get specific zen garden plants please thanke need the sea shroom


Gloom-shrooms work by squirting their gas all around them in a square about 4 times in quick succession, but only have one square radias. Very good in groups of 4 or 6 at the ends of pools.

There isn't a specific place to get zen garden plants, but as a basic guide:
Night levels gives night time plants
Daytime gives day time plants
Pool levels give aquatic plants
Surv enless gives all types

Also, don't use the chocolate: if you get less than ten chocolate, you start getting choc instead of zen garden plants.

Hope it helps!


Is there such a plant called the KO TOMATO?
And if there is how do you buy it?

joe smith February 7, 2011 7:34 PM

i have beaten every minigame except zombotony2. can someone please help me out here?


i have beaten every survival except survival night. i am fine for 8 flags, but then the grargantuars come and destroy the entire screen. i need help please!


flyin free, you should go down in history! also, (a) do golden magnets need coffee (b) do golden magnets take coins from the entire screen?


Can you help me on survival night hard? I do fine until 7 flags, then the football zombies show up and take out my tallnuts, and if they don't the gargantuars wreck the entire screen!!! Can you post a setup or a walkthrough please?


hey just a tip... :D

The pult(kernel-pult, cabbage-pult, melon-pult) plants can take down screen door zombies without having to destroy the screen door shield mainly because they do headshots.

hope it helps :)


how can i beat puzzle "all your brains are mine" thing?


Theres an Easter egg in which you go to the Achievements page and keep on scrolling all the way down to the bottom and you get to see CHINESE zombies!


heres a little guide to bobsled bonanza:

pick sunflower, pumpkin, starfruit, lilypad, squash, jalepeno, cherry bomb, and chomper. fill up the first four rows of the pool (from the left with sunflower, and the rest with starfruit with pumpkins. do a few fors of chompers with pumpkins, and use the jalepeno, cherry bomb, and squash when needed. you should be able to easily beat bobsled bonanza without any trouble.


more minigame tips! (pogo party)

build TWO rows of sunflowers and a magnet shroom as soon as possible. then follow up with a few rows of 'pults. the squash is useful in the beginning if you don't have a magnet shroom yet.


I never receive pumpkins in my Zen Garden, although I play Survivals. What should I do?


I love wack-a-zombie! it's my favorite game. it's also the fastest way i get money. every chance i get to use the grave buster plant i do so on the grave closest to the mowers. and usually i can tell when a new grave is about to pop up and 9 times out of 10 it was the closest grave. so i usually wait until a new grave pops up and immeadily destroy it. if you are having too much trouble fending off seemingly endless hords of zombies that run towards your mowers, then use a ice-scroom. or the very first moment you get sun plant potato mines on the #1st coloum and you should be fine.

joe smith March 14, 2011 7:12 PM

minigame zombotony (1&2):

you just need to do as the zombies do. pick sun, single pea, double pea, torchwood, pumpkin, lilypad, walnut, tallnut, and whatever assortment of instant- use plants you want. then do a couple rows of sunflowers, a couple rows of peas, and a row of blockers. you can also use gatling on the tallnut zombies if you want.


Imp-bomber40 March 18, 2011 5:01 AM

to Anonymous and Alex:

Who in the world doesn't know how to deafeat Whack A Zombie??!!! I defeated it on my first try! The secret is whenever you get sun, use it immediatly on a Grave-Buster. Although I use the multi-touch Ipad version,I can defeat it on my first try with one finger but it gets sore. My question is: Why is it so hard to beat Zombotany 2?

Anonymous March 19, 2011 10:11 PM

Hey Alex, it's "ice-shroom", not "ice-scroom"!! Are you trying to say "ice-cream" or "I scream"? By the way, you have no idea how long it took my brother and I to reach Flag 40 of "Survival Endless". What I tough game it was!! It took like 5 months and more!!


For Pogo Party, this layout is almost invincible* once set up, it'll take you half the game to plant it but then make yourself a cuppa and watch it run itself! Apart from squash & mines virtually nothing will get consumed if you set it up like below:

[C1] [C2] [C3] [C4] [C5] [C6] [C7]
[R1] sun sun sun magnet magnet garlic garlic
[R2] wm wm mine/sq
[R3] sun sun sun magnet magnet garlic garlic
[R4] wm wm mine/sq
[R5] sun sun sun magnet magnet garlic garlic

You'll need:
Sun, flowerpot, potato mine (mine), squash (sq), imitator squash (sq), melonpult, wintermelon (wm), garlic, magnet, coffee bean

- The zombies will get driven into 2 lanes
- Put the first 6 suns in closest to the chimney, defend the outer pots
- Put in one garlic & magnet in the centre to start diverting the zombies
- Then fill in the sun in that row
- Then do the outer rows (this makes best use of the magnet)
- Kill them with the mine & squashes in the two positions above
- When you have enough sun add the melons
- Keep building up the garlics & magnets, as shown above
- After a while the mine & squashes will hardly be needed, and will just protect the melons
- * When complete the only threat is zombies getting dropped at random, so keep an eye!

Enjoy, I find this layout really relaxing and enjoyable!


thank you


survival endless 100+ flags with this layup:

TS w-p/GS w-p/WM w-p/WM w-p/C-C/GS w-p
TS w-p/GS w-p/WM w-p/WM w-p/C-C/GS w-p
C-C/C-C/C-C/TN w-p/GS w-p/GS w-p
C-C/C-C/C-C/TN w-p/GS w-p/GS w-p
TS w-p/GS w-p/WM w-p/WM w-p/C-C/GS w-p
TS w-p/GS w-p/WM w-p/WM w-p/C-C/GS w-p
hpoe this helps


Hey ive found this neat glitch I on my iPhone. It's the Imitator, when you click on it you'll have options to pick on other seeds. You first scroll down all the way then you keep scrolling down till all you see is the 4 slots (onion, umbrella leaf, coin flower, and the watermelon). You hold it up there and then you get ready to press the black space where there is nothing there. You let go and quickly press the black space and you should get something random from CrazyDaves Car.


Question about a "supposed cheat". Does the cheat code, "tohot" actually work? It is supposed to give you unlimited sun. I have the game almost beat, and I have never gotten it to work... What do I have to do to activate it? Or does it not exist?

somebody April 6, 2011 6:39 PM

@Christi, I don't think this is a real cheat. As far as I know, this is just a rumor. I may be wrong, I'm not sure, but I remember from somewhere that this one does not exist.

@people who can't beat whack-a-zombie, a good trick is that whenever you get a chance to buy a grave buster, use it on the grave furthest away from all the other graves. So in the end, all the graves will be in one section so you do not have to move your mouse or your finger (for iPod versions) around that much. Also, try to save the lawn mowers for the final round.

somebody April 6, 2011 7:01 PM

A tip for Zombotany 2:
1) Plant one or two sunflowers and start saving up your sun.
*Note: If a zombie shows up in the lane of your sunflower, protect it with a wall nut.
2) Once you have enough money for a lilypad and a cattail, plant one in the pool immediately and then continue your sunflowers.
*REMEMBER, if you plan to plant more than one sunflower in a row, don't put your wall nut directly in front of your sunflower, put it 1 or 2 spaces ahead to make space for more sunflowers.
3) After all your sunflowers have protection, plant more cattails.
*Zombies don't appear in the pool at the beginning, but you should have a wallnut or tallnut half way down the pool by the first flag.
4) You can replace your wallnuts with tallnuts for better protection. Remember to bring squash in case a Squash zombie or a jalepeno zombie cannot be stopped.
*Squash zombies attack the first plant they meet. Jalepeno zombies explode at random times.
*my format is typically 3 sunflowers in each row (not counting the pool), 4-8 cattails and a tallnut in each row.

somebody April 7, 2011 6:03 PM

By the way, in your guide, it says that the cheat is "mustache". "moustache" with an "O" also works. Thanks!

somebody April 7, 2011 6:12 PM

@Mary, when you first get the shovel it tells you how it works just like any other plant you receive. Maybe you should pay attention to the instructions more.
@Tsuki, gloom shrooms have VERY short range. They only attack zombies one space beside them.

somebody April 10, 2011 5:52 PM

Hey Una2020,
You mentioned that you get plants for your zen garden according to what you use. I just got an umbrella leaf plant in my zen garden and those plants don't attack, so maybe it's not according to what the zombie was killed with. However, last time I got a scaredy-shroom without using any. But I had brought it along. So my theory is this: Either you gets plants according to what you BRING with you, or it just selects them randomly.

Cowmanzilla April 13, 2011 7:38 PM

I have found a really good tip for making money

I noticed that most people are keeping on watering their plants for money. Instead, it is better to keep them until they are full-grown, and then sell them. It really helped me with money. these are the prices you get for plants:
Night plants,water plants (in daylight): $3000
Full grown normal:$8000
hope this helped!

Cowmanzilla April 13, 2011 7:51 PM

I also found a secret for the I-phone.when you look at your achievments, you'll notice that you can keep scrolling down, as you scroll down, you'll see a few images from popcap. PvZ is made from the brand popcap. popcap is advertising other games there. when you see a green worm with glasses on it, it is referring to BOOKWORM. a popcap game. then you see gems. They are reffering to BEJEWELED.another popcap game.and then a skeleton of a unicorn. ROBOT UNICORN is the game it is referring to. and lastly, there is china. at the very bottom but it isnt advertising anything.

MistressSneak April 17, 2011 8:17 AM

Another money making setup on Last Stand

This uses 9 slots:

Lily Pad
Fume Shroom
Gloom Shroom
Tall Nut

See these pictures:
Initial Setup: http://i54.tinypic.com/r7ka3c.png

Final Setup (Achieved after the 1st flag):

If you got 10 slots already, you can upgrade the Spikeweeds to Spikerocks. Just make sure you always have at least 100 sun in reserve after the 1st flag for Garlic Maintenance . (However, just the Spikeweeds will do. :))

I get 7K - 8K per session using this setup.
The only time I've seen this fail was when I got too excited getting the coins so I forgot to replace the garlic. :D

So if you're using this, always make sure all your garlics are up . ^^


how do you type in cheats

PvZ expert April 25, 2011 5:14 AM

whack a zombie is so easy, completed it on my 1st try and all lawnmowers intact.NOT JOKING!!!! i did it on my pc with just 1 mouse

PvZ expert April 25, 2011 5:16 AM

can't seem to get past zombie nimble zombie quick someone pls gimme some tips!!!!!!!! everything happened too FAST!!!!

Anonymous April 28, 2011 6:21 PM

okay, i wouldn't know but do you have to restock the cob cannons?
I'd like to know before I tackle survival endless

planty May 5, 2011 7:21 AM

hey anyone know how to get mushroom on your zen garden please?

mememe May 7, 2011 9:49 AM

damn something epic happened to me today. 4 jack in the boxes threw my sun economy into the hundreds. altogether they blew off 5 gloomshrooms, followed by the gigas smashing another 2. i went crazy planting ice shrooms and gloom shrooms. i survived. i am using a 4 cannon setup that follows:

c c/c c/t/t/g/g/g
c c/c c/t/t/g/g/g

w= winter melon g= gloom shroom
i= ice shroom u= umbrella leaf
t= twin sunflower e= empty
c c= cob cannon

all w, g, i, u, t, are in pumpkin (obviously)


I'm playing Plants vs Zombies in my imac, snow leopard OS. The achievement trophy is not clickable unlike the ipod version. So I can't really see what's needed to be done to get gold trophy.

My question is: is this common or is there something wrong with my copy?

coolaxe11 May 18, 2011 8:40 AM

I got to 712 flags in endless before dying. Flyinfree YOUR AWESOME


I hear there aren't any cheats in the Nintendo DS version. If that's the case, then what incentive do I have to reach milestones (such as 100, 500, & 1000ft tall) growing the Tree of Wisdom?


can someone make a cheat on cheat engine for unlimited chocolate and i need help in bobsled bonanza i have read the first page of info and still cant do it after trying

Diana Wollschlaeger May 30, 2011 7:17 PM

I noticed it said that the Yetti Zombie only appears at night...WRONG...I've been the entire game except for roof survival and had never seen him until just now, on the roof level.


Hey guys for your info:
Yeti zombie does not only appear at night, however will not appear on other levels after going through 4-10 two times (if you get it earlier you must have hacked. )
Cob cannons dont need restocking. As soon as you fire a count down timer for the cannon to reload begins.
Bobsled bonanza is easy. Just use a gloom shroom tactic. Six in the pool and eight on land. Jalapeno not needed, but watch out for zombonies. (you can use chompers if you want.


To see what you need for the gold trophy, just hover your mouse over the silver trophy.


For survival hard levels
Try to ensure that you have all plants and at least 9 seed slots. Other wise the game will be ultra hard. Try to plant cobcannons when you can. Spike rocks, gloomshrooms, whatever. Just survive those tough flags and you will win


mistresssneak your awesome how did you find out about that that gives you so much money in about five levels although i didnt see any gargantulars


opps you cant see gargantulars


i just got 5 plants in 2 days but i hadn't played in a long time maybe thats why


is there a way to get lots of money because my tree of wisdom is only 80 feet tall and by my calculations it would take 2500000 to get to 1000 feet tall and ive bought everything else

Anonymous June 30, 2011 6:38 PM

why do you buy wallnut aid. you could just dig up the wallnut instead of putting it on top of it right?

Chacacay July 5, 2011 7:08 PM

How tO have the tree of wisdom?i already finished adventure mode lots of times and even completed the zen garden, mushrooms and aquatic plants...i also have 10000 to get it from daves shop but i dont see the tree of wisdom for sale...help!


the wallnut first aid stops the zombies from geting past for that split second while it is not there it is a big help and it is cheap to get but you have to have finished story mode once ac least

somebody July 11, 2011 4:39 PM

@PvZ Expert: Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick is the same thing as any other ordinary level, but faster. Just do what you would normally do and it'll be fine (because as zombies walk faster your plants will attack faster as well). Also try and use explosives (eg. cherry bomb) or other "instant" kills (eg. squash) as much as you can.


What's the Tree of Wisdom? I play on my iPhone and can't find anything about this. Also - what to do when Zen Garden is full? Sell to Dave? :-(


For Last stand plant the cob cannons once on every land area(not pool) they aim anywhere so it will be useful for large swarms of zombies ^.^ hope this helped:)


what does the man beside peoples names mean


Where do you get Doom-Shroom stuffed


also on zombotany,spikeweeds are very great.


I love this game, and that's saying alot, because I don't normally play any games. My problem is that my "roof cleaner" has been sold out (I never purchased it). Is there a way to get it back so I can purchase it? The guide says it will come back the next day, or next time I play, but it never has.


I LOVE this game, and that's saying alot, because I don't normally play any games at all. (my 7 yr old grandson introduced me to this game) My problem is that my "roof cleaner" has been sold out (I didn't purchase it in Adventure mode). Is there a way to get it back so I can purchase it? The guide says it will come back the next day, or next time I play, but it never has. Have made it through Adventure Mode and several each of Puzzles, Mini-Games and Survival.
Thanks, in advance, for your help!!


i have the game for nintendo ds. is there any way to do the clock reset thing on the 3ds


Ignore my previous posts. Only been playing about a week. I have the roof cleaners and pool cleaners. Just didn't realize it. Thanks!


please someone help me i don't get zen garden plants how do i get for me to earn a lot of money?


I'm playing this on a console (ps3) could you put down the Easter egg button combinations for the ps3 please thanks :)

CuddlyGorilla January 22, 2012 4:27 AM

Please help
I know I am missing something obvious here, but even though I have achieved everything in the game, there is one last item in Cray Dave's car that says 'Coming Soon' in the section where I got the rest of the mini-games. How do I get this? Is it the Vasebreaker pack? This is on an iPhone. Also, is it possible to use the extras like 'daisies' etc on an iPhone?

anonymous January 31, 2012 2:51 AM

How do you get vasebreaker

nancyh10301 May 8, 2012 9:59 PM

I'm playing Plants vs Zombies on the android kindle. I've gone through the game twice. I'm on my third time through and stuck at the mini midget level 3.5. All I'm getting through the conveyor is cherry bombs, pea shooter, lily pad and mini nut. I cant seem to stay caught up on holding the mini zombies back. Suggestions?


Is there a way to get coins fast it's because I want to buy mini game packs but they cost a lot of coins. The only way I know how to make coins fast is by selling my plants in my zen garden but I don't want to sell my plants


I need help passing survival fog hard. I have been trying to pass it forever and I can't play survival endless until I pass it. Does anyone have a set up that will work?


Hey guys try this will ya. Go to last stand and first put 2 rows marigolds and 1 gold magnet. Then put some defences like peashooters and torch woods. Marigolds will drop and magnet will collect automatically. U will get like 1000$ per flag and now i have like 76 thousand xD hipe i helped


I can only beat 84 liztoys


... I play Plants vs Zombies 1 on my iphone.
I've completed all the levels through to the boss zombie several times. I've gotten all the achievements. It wont let me get more coins.
And the diamonds are apparently worthless at this point.
When I go to the achievments, there is a deep 'tunnel' below ... if you scroll down that you see levels of earth ... keep scrollin' - see a bone, then scroll more you see some gem stones, then keep on scrollin' and you get to china and see two chinamen looking at you ... so
i assumed after i completed the first set of achievements another set would load and so on until this tunnel was filled. Or maybe diamonds would accumulate somewhere in the tunnel.
Also, what is the puzzle thing? or tree of wisdom? etc ... Ive not seen any of these things ...'
I guess my question is ... have I done all thats possible with this game on an iphone?


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