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Flight Rising

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Rating: 4/5 (23 votes)
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Flight Rising

Please note that Flight Rising requires a free account to play. Due to capacity issues, account registration for new players is only available during certain periods of time. Registration is currently closed.

Stormlight Workshop's Flight Rising, a free online blend of MMO adventure and dragon-breeding simulation, has been recommended to us several times over the years, but due to their limited registration periods, we never really felt comfortable writing about it. With their current registration open, however, we thought we would take the time to bring it up now for new players to register while they can and discuss the game. Due to the fact that we had to wait until, well, now to register an account of our own, please do not regard this as a comprehensive review. We will update this article at a later date.

As to the game itself, well, Flight Rising revolves around founding a clan after pledging your allegiance to one of the elemental dragon gods, and then running your lair and managing your dragons and their offspring. The focus of the game is arguably on the breeding system, which allows you to breed different dragons together for various qualities and genes, some of which you may have to work for, or trade with other players to get. At your lair, you'll need to choose the dragons you wish to breed (getting a peek at potential future offspring), and then have them lay eggs (anywhere from one to five) in a nest you'll have to incubate over the course of five real days. Not enough for you? Well, like a bigger, radder Neopets (whoa... early 2000s flashback...), you'll get to play, hunt, and even fight with your dragons, though you have a limited amount of turns per day to do so. You'll also, of course, need various resources to care for and feed your dragons, and the coins you earn from minigames and other activities can be spend on everything from expanding your lair to hold more dragons, or buying new equipment to enhance them for battles in the Coliseum. Flight Rising also has an optional currency called Gems, bought using real money or earned as a bonus if you keep your dragons happy with high energy, and these can be used to buy items as well, even those from other players. It's a surprisingly deep and engaging game, perfect for playing in short bursts, with gorgeous artwork and fun mythology, and we'll report back once we have more experience ourselves! Have you played Flight Rising?

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Necomni April 8, 2015 3:42 PM

Just started! Feel free to use my username "lyxil" as a referral, and add me as a friend in-game!


I just started, too. If you'd like, go ahead and use me as a referral:

My username is GabePuratekuta


abe10 here. not sure if I will keep playing though.


Just started, feel free to friend me. WhiteAcre

vamoosi April 9, 2015 1:56 AM

i'm completely amused that you're recommending flightrising just as it's kind of falling the heck apart. well i say that as though it hasn't been a bit of a trainwreck since day one in just the worst of ways ... like one of the creators is incredibly and openly racist, one of their early admins was super transphobic and ableist and even though he stepped down flightrising decided to bring him back fsr?? ... the site is pretty broken and the economy is trashed ... the staff team is literally one of the worst i've heard of in a long while. they recently change the code of conduct on the site and put up a thread for people to ask clarifying questions, saying the thread would be open for three days. but then people asked difficult questions and pointed out how bad the new code of conduct was and so the thread got locked four hours after it was made. later they deleted it altogether

like this site is... A Mess

it's fun? sort of? kind of. it's fun in that your dragons can be pretty, and if you have the sort of patience and social skills for it you can make backstories for them or theme them or whatever... but... it's not exactly "bigger" or "radder" than neopets at all. neopets is way WAY more able to keep your attention for more than ten minutes. flightrising has about... four games? memory, a bubble shooter, some kind of confusing tetris, and a game which is literally just you guessing if the next card drawn will be higher or lower than the one you see. i'm p sure there's one more but i don't remember it at all

the coliseum is so painfully slow and pointless that forcing yourself to level a dragon up to level five is about all you can do

so basically your entire interaction with this site will be log on, feed your dragons, click your familiars, click your nests, log out. that's all there is to do. and really, that's all you /need/ to do -- i never played games and i made enough money that way to keep myself supplied with enough money to buy a dragon here and there, but it wasn't interesting by any means

like the only thing i can find to say about fr is that you don't have to give your dragons totally unique names. it's got that much on neopets

so like go ahead and play it but? Don't expect a lot from it haha... a lot of us waited a long while with it expecting it to blossom and it opened a few petals and then stopped entirely... kind of a mess... kind of a boring mess... whoops

juzoushades April 9, 2015 7:12 PM

Oh, the art is nice! It looks like something I'd want to play, too, because I'm a sucker for "take care of your pixels" games. But I just missed the deadline.

Does anyone know how often they have registration windows? I looked around on the site as much as I could, but couldn't really find anything...

Leopardmask April 10, 2015 10:33 AM

Oh, I've heard of this site! I didn't really know what it was before. I have a couple of dragon art books by the creator of the site, NeonDragon. I'd been meaning to check it out. Thanks for the sort-of review!

Pfaffinator July 29, 2015 7:27 PM

The review link for Ruffian! points here. Please fix the links.


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