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Grow Nano Vol. 3

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Rating: 4.8/5 (712 votes)
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JayGrow Nano Vol. 3Here's a game that needs no introduction around here, the next game in the amazing and wonderful Grow series from Eyezmaze has just released today. Grow Nano Vol. 3 has the same familiar gameplay, graphics, animation and soundtrack as the others, and it is sure to put a smile on your face.

The objective is to heal the little blue man that you start with. This goal follows the lead of the previous game in the series, Grow Island, and makes the sequence that is necessary to achieve maximum level for all elements logical and overall very enjoyable to play.

Play Grow Nano Vol. 3

Still want more Grow? Play the entire Grow series of games (in order of release)...


Here's the order...

1: Leaf
2: Blanket
3: Fire
4: Woman
5: Ice
6: Vegetables


Woooo-hoooo! Great! Thanks for that link, jay!

AndrewBagel February 20, 2008 12:46 PM

I just love the charm in these games. This is one of the first I did without a spoiler.


Fun. But way too easy. Have to wait for next one.


pokemega, i won in a different order:

leaf, blanket, woman, fire, ice, veggies. so i basically went up the left side then up the right side.


Solved on the third try. It becomes very easy if you use playing cards numbered from ace to six and arrange them as you figure out what goes where.

Dorianitas February 20, 2008 1:01 PM

hey!! is the first time I can finish one of this on my very own!! yey!!!! I feel kind stupid but I could do it!!! yey!!! I Love this games!


hi,um i just joined the jayisgames community, and let me just say, that this is the best site ive ever been to! i love the grow series,and as short, and easy as this was, i love it!its really addicting to try to find out how to do it yourself (although i beat it on my third try) in case anyone wants to know what it is.....then here is one of the orders:


well, there you go! i hope it helped..........i love your site jay!


I love On/Eyezmaze and enjoyed this game, but I was a little troubled by the fact that the little guy's friend is pink, thus assuming a female identity, goes and cooks him food.
I'm not sure if I'm being a little over-sensitive about this. I mean, I know pink by no means says it's a woman but if the friend was yellow or white I guess I wouldn't have thought twice about it.
Am I right to be a little offended?


After playing that again, I notice the pink one appears to have larger hips and slimmer legs, adding more evidence that I think it is supposed to be a woman.


Razorgirl, I interpreted other people as the sick one's family. By making soup, the pink person is just doing what is necessary to care for a sick loved one, as should be expected for anyone, pink or blue or any other color. If the genders were implied in the opposite way, I would hope to see the same thing.


a discussion about gender roles couldn't be more irrelevant here. it also wouldn't matter if the sick character was white and the helping character was black because thinking about that kind of stuff while playing this game is ridiculous.


This is the full explanation, walkthrough at the end.

On the first turn something comes out it cannot grow any levels, but it may be used to heal.
Leaf needs 5 turns to mature, so must be used first. It heals 4 times.
Bed needs 4 turns to mature, so must be used second. It heals 5 times.
Woman and Fire BOTH need only 2 turns to mature, so can be swapped, but must be third and fourth. Woman heals 6 times on her own. Fire heals 3 times on it's own.
Ice needs 1 turn to mature so must be used sixth. It only heals once.
Vegetables needs no turns to mature, assuming Woman is already out, and with Max. Level Fire out. It only heals once. It must be used last.
This totals 20 heals.
So, there are two ways to do it:
Leaf, Bed, Woman, Fire, Ice, Vegetables
Leaf, Bed, Fire, Woman, Ice, Vegetables


The game is about the author's illness. The woman character that makes him food might be a specific female who actually did make him food while he was sick.


Jeeze, that's a huge needle.


Dude, she's pink, wiggles her hips, and cooks the blue guy food. It's kind of sexist. Not a huge deal, but annoying nonetheless.


i can't believe this is turning into a sexist discussion.
by the way, i find the rainbow sexist because it includes blue but not pink. O.o


Get well soon, ON!


In case you haven't noticed, the woman is the most effective remedy in this game. Which is to say, there's nothing a little love and care can't heal.

Lovely game, sweet as On's games usually are.


Fun game -- short but I guess the author really is sick!
I agree that the pink one is a caretaking woman, but I think the game is "autobiographical" in a sense, and that the pink one is probably the author's wife. (Trivia fact: pink only became associated with "female" in the 1940's sometime (link)).


I'm impressed. He is sick and yet he manages to make yet another perfect game. I don't know where or how he manages to do all of this while being sick, but it is impressive.

I only wish I knew Japanese so I could tell him that he should take as much time as needed with his game, and that nobody would rush him while he is sick.


So morale:

Leafs, Blankets and Fire are more important than Women :p



I'm with you! My hubby is one of those men that does cook for me when I'm healthy AND when I'm sick and yes.. he does wiggle his hips on occasion while cooking..LOL

I do believe the pink character represents a woman but so what!? So a woman cooks a hot meal for her man when he's sick, what's wrong with that? Big whoop.. this game is fun none-the-less. I always enjoy the grow series and can't wait for the next installment. I didn't know the programmer of these games was ill.. or is that just part of the dialogue for the game?


fuzzyface, well those things are always available, even for those who do not have a girlfriend/wife. :P

I actually expected this to have another ending, one where you didn't use any medicine at all, but instead focused on becoming healthy again through love and care alone.

No, moseywio, it seems he is really ill, he has even written about it on his blog, the game page Jay has linked to.


completed it in 5 mins lol : )


Just to throw in my two cents:

I believe the blue person is a man (although he is only blue because he is sick) and the pink person a woman (because of her shape). I do not, however, believe that the game is being sexist by having her cook for him, as he is clearly quite unwell and can't even stand.

As for the wiggling of the hips: I'm not sure how that could be considered an objectification of the female body, as the body in question could not be a more desexualised, vague representation of the female figure. The "man"

stands in a macho pose

at the end too, remember, but as a gay man, I didn't find that at all hot :)


i don't wiggle my hips when i cook (and yes i do cook), but i have been known to do various dance moves while cooking. putting a chicken in the oven is more enjoyable when you do a little grapevine.

as much as i'd hate to admit it, this is the first grow game i've beaten without a walkthrough or brute-force trial-and-error (like grow nano 2.0, where there's only three choices, hence six combinations). i think this one was acutally more fun than the others, because i could definitely see a linear pattern develop, and how object A very specifically works with object B over time. i don't know if i saw that in any of the other ones (or maybe i was just missing the blatant sequence before).

so props to on for another great game!


wow, so much discussion already...

I LOVE grow games, this was a great diversion over lunch. Solved it the 5th try, and I thought it was a great little story to go along with the game mechanic. And as always, so cute! :D


Without wanting to prolong the discussion further, I think I realised that the characters in the game were possibly based on real people, therefore perhaps gender/image were placed on them when he designed them.
I'd like to send well-wished along with the others.


Got it in three tries :) I love the grow games.


Great fun :) glad to see On is still going on. *bu-dum, cha!*

Hand-E-Food February 20, 2008 5:23 PM

Lots of fun! I'm glad On's always got new ideas.


I finished it in 5 tries. I usually look at spoilers, but figured cheating is never fun.


Short but very cute. I love Ons' games!


I think it's really kind of him that he made a game for us even though he's not well. I couldn't leave a comment over at his site, but I hope he gets well soon!


Wow, first time I finished a grow game without help.

And I think we are making too much of gender roles here.


I think that the whole gender roles debate can be satisfactorily put to rest by considering this game in its proper context. While it is in no doubt inspired by the author's illness, I think it is also back story for GROW: Island. As soon as the game started I recognized that familiar energetic yellow man, running all over the place, single-handedly building up civilization. It's little wonder he got sick. The wife and child are the same one's from the end of GROW: Island, but now they also have another child!

As to the question of whether or not this civil engineer might be female in the first place, all I can say is that if you create a character who bears resemblance to the icon used to designate a men's bathroom, you're probably going to think it's a man.


On must have had the flu for his inspiration on this one. Beat it on the my third try, maybe because this is the first grow game that makes any sense. unfortunately it wasn't enough to give me my fix. guess I will just have to wait.


What a strange direction for the comments on this game to take. I feel sad for the people that thought so hard about it.

I think it's a beautiful little game. Simple and lovely. It made me smile. I'm thinking, and I could be way off here of course, that the intent of the game was just that.

As a couple of commenters have said (but not enough as far as I'm concerned), it's terribly kind of the author to provide us with these good feelings when he/she is clearly ill.

So to the creator of this game, if you happen to read this: hope you get well soon, and thank you for the wonderful game.


I think this game is totally self-serving. Clearly, On is some kind of happiness vampire, and the only way he can heal himself is by hearing our squeals of glee. Don't fall for it, people.


On's wife has a cute bum.


Cutest. Game. Ever.

This is a pretty easy Grow Game, so for those new to the series, definitely try this one as one of the first!

That's all I have to say. :)


I respect the opinion of everyone, I just don't see what's so great about the grow games. They have nice graphics, and they good for a play or two, but I don't think they are really that great. Thanks.


I know the answer doesn't work this way, but IMHO, when someone is sick, I think putting them to bed would be the most logical first step.

Blizzardfyr February 21, 2008 12:37 AM

If Blanket is not leveled up enough when meds are maxed, the person runs away from the doctor. Thus implying that you must crush your loved ones under a huge mound of blankets to ensure their survival by stabbing them with fifteen-inch needles.

The preceding statement was meant jokingly. Please don't start an argument over this.


Two comments:

1. Lighten up. Not everything is a social commentary.

2. Long live GROW Games!


bumoftheums February 21, 2008 1:12 AM

I was actually more offended by the gender neutral colors of their children...And not only that, but, well, If you look at both children, the yellow one could possibly have been their offspring, but, well...what about the green child? Seeing as how the the father was sick throughout most of their first and second children's births, I think the mother may have been making more than soup if you know what I mean. The child has absoultely NO resemblance to his (or her, forgive me for offending) father. Let's start paying closer attention to the details next time people...

BuenoCabra February 21, 2008 3:06 AM

I can't believe this guy would apologize for his game being late on account of sickness and make a mini (er, nano) Grow to appease us in the meantime. Can we get together a fruit basket or something?

On rocks.


well i'm a guy and i cook... anyway what does all this guy/girl stuff has got to do with this game!??!?!!? fun game. competed on my 3rd try... :)


I find the representation of the doctor very sexist. Not all doctors carry around huge man-sized syringes and stick them through the blankets of sick people. Gee, talk about stereotypes...


Good heavens, I wish I had the free time to think up some of the stuff posted here -- go volunteer somewhere -- fill your time with something beneficial -- you'll be happy, and so will the people you help!!

Another fantastic game from On -- can't believe he managed this from his sick bed -- hope he's feeling better soon.


So, lemme get this straight.

On, sick in bed, makes a new grow game.


That man has determination! This is a great addition to grow, and On is sick! Wow...

I'd send him something but Japan is a tad far from Canada.


I love these games. They are like little pockets of mental escape from the world. :-)
I find it a bit odd that its invoked sexism debates though. Oh well, everyones a critic I suppose (not me though, I'm off to tell my girlfriend to cook my food now)
Only joking before I get hung out to dry. ;-)
Oh and welcome to JIG gbaspdude.


why's the guy blue?

[Edit: because he's sick. -Jay]


Ha! Lovely coincidence that On releases a new Grow game... the same day I am home sick in bed. With soup.


wow. O.o



Get your room in order:

Get your favourite pyjamas

Get your fuzzy slippers

Find a box of tissues and a wastebasket

Crawl into bed:

Pull your covers up to your chin

Feel better soon!

We need you for hint-throughs!


Password and Login for eyemaze? Huh?


Nice minigame, a great addition to the Grow series. And I liked that it was easy enough to solve. After Grow v3 (the first grow I played), I've only had the patience to solve a few of the others on my own. Mostly was just playing for the great graphics and story.

By the way, I think the game does reflect more traditional gender roles that are still prevalent in Japan. But it's not explicitly trying to be sexist. It's just that the feminist movement hasn't exactly had global reach, even in some of the more developed countries. As such, other cultures may not be as PC-conscious as we are here in the West and perhaps the United States in particular. So I think it's an ethnocentric fallacy to harshly judge what we see as a somewhat negative depiction of gender roles in foreign media.


JustMe..... Awww cmon. we dont need a hint through for this. Its a piece of proverbial cake with sugar sprinkles




ON was sick so he wasn't able to make a full grow game. However on the bright side, if he wasn't sick he probably wouldn't have made this game!


Sillybuttons, I didn't mean a hint-through for *this* game -- even I got through this one.

I meant for the more involved P&Cs and escape games that Pineapple does such an awesome job with.

(to be fair - it's not that I *can't* figure it out; it's more that I just don't have the time to plunk down and play a good escape the room for hours at a stretch...so hint-throughs speed things along whilst still giving me a chance to figure some of it out for myself!)


Too bad there's not an evil solution. Say, the leaf turns into an insurance actuary, the kids run around screaming, and the wife swats him out of bed with a rolling pin at the end.


I love this game! Ane evil solution would be quite cool, though!
On is sooo cool, and I hope he gets better soon. I luv the healing power that the family sends! its really cosmic!


leaf blanket woman fire ice food

hope it helps^^ and does anyone know any alternative endings? this game is so cute!


Some people are commenting here, saying that they feel sorry for the people talking about sexism, and that they need to lighten up. I realise this is a cute game whose intention was not to provoke such a discussion, but it has.

I really hope it wasn't the intention of these people to condescendingly put down other comment makers on the website for being 'too serious'. This is one of the rare times the JIG community has expressed how they feel about something other than casual games, and I for one am interested in that!


Too much PC-consciousness can often be as bad as being too little PC-conscious. If we start balking out and yell sexism at the sight of a cartoony figure cooking vegetable soup for another cartoony figure (which is depicted to be sick in bed, to boot) our future looks pretty bleak.

Now, where's me woman with me lunch already... Writing comments on Jay's blog is hungry work, dammit!

Anonymous March 2, 2008 11:07 PM

I throught this game was good, but it took me little time to beat it myself without spoilers. I think it could have been a longer game and a little more longer. Anyways, I really like the games by eyezmaze and I can't wait to play the next ones.

Sparkisweetheart March 3, 2008 5:06 PM

Ok that game was pretty easy, but i am letting the creator off this time...:) On the gender thing... even if it is a woman, cooking for the man, who cares? I mean really, wouldn't any wife cook for a sick husband? What if it was the other way around? The man would still cook for his wife. And, way be she wasn't shaking her hips, maybe she was more of moving her whole body, but from the back it just looked like her hips. I mean, i do that all the time!

Also, just a quick thing... what kind of person would shove that big of a needle into someone's backside? Seriously, i got squemish just looking at it! and the little sick dude took it without even a shake or shudder! That is hard core man!


is there an alternative ending?


Now that I did this one I am impatiently waiting for the next grow game.... even though it will probably take a few months.

Anonymous March 19, 2008 8:11 PM

Hey Jay i hope you get better soon. i love you game here are my top 3. Cube v1 grow v2 and this 1. I love your game they're sooo good i hope one day i can be as good as you.

Greetings: From Anonymous

Ta-Ta for Now


Anomymous, Jay didn't actually make the game, he just made the review. ON made the game.

Super Twichy March 22, 2008 5:33 PM

im new... and this site is about number 3 of my MANY top favorite sites !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gsaddfs2 April 4, 2008 3:57 PM

uh, jay, kids? there paents might see this, and think what might happen.try to take out or change all of the innappropriate comments for kids(___ism).you might find your self or someone else in court.p.s.

jayisgames rules!!!

GodivaChocolate/JambaJuice/AppleMac- April 8, 2008 5:08 PM

Blah, blah, blah. Sexism, PC-conscious, judging-by-neutral/gender-colors. You guys take an innocent all ages game WWAAAYYYY! too seriously. We are talking about THE GAME!! 5/5 star game!
he's sick and some of you are talking about him ending about as a sexist person. how rude!

Anonymous April 26, 2008 7:22 AM

thanks for the order of the game

Kirkpad May 3, 2008 4:04 AM

Good ol' On, still doing his thing. I'd completely forgotten about him. Thanks jay!

Ainegue May 6, 2008 4:48 PM


Great game, but kinda easy.

Aethelind May 17, 2008 9:31 AM

WHY IS EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT SEXISM!!?? Maybe he was reffering to his Mom, his sister, his girlfriend, His aunt or his grandmother! Gosh. You people are taking this awesome game toooooooooooo seriously!!

Shattered May 26, 2008 1:19 PM

I agree with S.co. This game is just something cute to have fun with, and I'm sure it isn't intended to be sexist. But anyway, I loved it :-D I will also be waiting impatiently for the next grow game!


Okay, I have to say i find where it LOOKS like Razorgirl was coming from is a pretty unreasonable position.

It seems like she's drawing offense at the very image of a woman cooking for a man, meaning to be made "acceptable" either the cooking or the woman would have to be removed.

It also implies she thinks ANY portrayal of women cooking for men is sexist and wrong.

It's one thing to not want to follow classic gender roles yourself, but this is getting dangerously close to bossing around other people, saying NOBODY should follow the classic gender roles.


put it in this order leaf,cover,pink fig.,fire,ice,then the vegeis!

THEEEEEE gamer August 22, 2008 1:32 PM

There are 2 ways to beat it. Number 1:







Number 2:

go from bottom left all the way up then from bottom right all the way up

Hope it helps. :)


fun game beat all games (except for the one with shapes)


that was so sweet! and it made me hungry for some soup! XD


As for the green baby all i have to say is alternate ending for Grow Island

loes, priscilla, suzan April 30, 2009 11:05 AM

we figured it out! it was our first time without walkthrough!

leaf, blanket, women, fire, ice, vegetables


Okay, 2 things.

1. I love the Grow games! They are very cute and are perfect when real life gets too hectic and you need to take a break.

2. The only reason that her hips are moving is to show that she is doing something, and was more visually noticable than just her arms moving. Also, the sick guy can't move, and the kids obviously can't cook, considering they only look 3 and 6. So I think that there was no offense intended.

And with that statement, I think this discussion should draw to a close, since people have presented their points and stated their cases. But if you guys want to draw it out, go on ahead.

Razorgirl, I in no way itend to offend you, and if you do take offense I am sorry.


i love that grow nano v3 but it is too easy first step leaf,second blanket,third woman,fourth fire,fifth ice,and last food pls. make more grow games

private June 19, 2009 2:31 PM

cool game

no, seriously, sweet game


now stop arguing or ill use my eh powers!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

eh *blows up the other side of the world*



1)medicene 2)bed 3)female 4)fire 5)ice 6)food

Anonymous February 6, 2010 1:23 PM

Yay! I did it with no spoilers!


It was adorable! I loved the ending, too. :]

Luke the penguin kid February 21, 2010 3:57 AM

There are two ways to finish it, but they both give the same ending.
Way 1

1. Leaf
2. Blanket
3. Woman
4. Fire
5. Ice
6. Vegetables

Way 2

1. Leaf
2. Blanket
3. Fire
4. Woman
5. Ice
6. Vegetables

As you can see they are very similar and can be guessed easily. I did it without a walkthrough the first time, and discovered the second by mistake.


haha.. his head at the end^^

SuperSugar May 16, 2010 10:31 PM

..... Why does everyone's heads fall off? I played a different grow game, and at the end, some dude's head falls off. People must enjoy seeing peoples' heads fall off. =P

Anonymous June 20, 2010 11:07 AM

It was easy I just went to the left column and click from the bottom selection to the top. Same thing for the right. Hope this helps. I FOUND OUT WITH NO SPOILERS!


not that I really care or think it's very relevant, but the pink one got hips, while the others don't so I assume it's a girl.

Like this game :D It's fun to play, challenging but not too hard, but like always, I could solve it on my own (I suck x|)


It seems I caught this thread two years too late, but the issue of gender roles is still relevant so I see no harm in posting as well.

First of all, this was an adorable game--quick, relatively easy, fun.

I wasn't "offended" when I saw the pink/blue color dynamic but did immediately notice it. Yes, most anyone would cook for a sick friend/partner when he/she is unable to do so alone; I think we can all agree on that point. I think the point many people are trying to convey is that if it's true that gender and sex are irrelevant in caring for sicks loved ones, then it's not necessary to have the pink, womanly character cook for the blue, manly character. Instead, the developer could continue his earlier trend (see Grow Cube) of having every character yellow, a gender-neutral color.

Perhaps I was already on the lookout for gender roles in this game because of their strength in the last one--Grow Island. In that game, our male/not pink hero conquers the island (and more) while his fellow (pink) castaway accepts his flowers and then stays at home with the children, doing domestic work, e.g. taking out the garbage after the male/not pink protagonist is too busy with work to have time for chores anymore.

Again, I'm sure the designer wasn't out to offend in creating these wonderful games, but we should be aware of these gender stereotypes because of posts like this from Aethelind on May 17, 2008:

"WHY IS EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT SEXISM!!?? Maybe he [the designer] was referring to his Mom, his sister, his girlfriend, His aunt or his grandmother! Gosh. You people are taking this awesome game toooooooooooo seriously!!"

Every alternative, Aethelind offers, to a wife cooking is female, implying that it could only be a woman cooking for a man. Society's gender roles are so deeply embedded in Aethelind that he/she doesn't even notice his/her prejudices in a conversation about gender roles. Even some people that did notice them defend them by accusing commenters of "taking the game too seriously" hoping to kill all discussion on the subject; others defend them by reaffirming them in jokes. The heavy implications that has on society and youth is the reason some of us are concerned.

Now, having said all that, I'm going to bring to your attention one more fact: no one in this discussion has challenged this game's heteronormativity, subscribing to the assumption that everyone is straight,that two yellow (male in this case) characters can work together in other games but are incapable of having a romantic interest in one another. I'm not looking to start a debate on that topic as well, but simply wanted to bring it to public awareness.

I hope you're all having a great day!





2. BLANKET! (Can you imagine NOT having a bed, much more a decent blanket? ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU MIGHT DROP DOWN DEAD ANY MOMENT???)

3. Fire. (The other thing other than a blanket for warmth is: FIRE!)

4. Lady, or you might as well say his mate or wife. (C'MON! US LADIES DOING ALL THE WORK. Whatever. We cook, clean, and take care. 3 C's. Easy to remember.)

5. Ice. You would probably say, what good is ice if you want some warmth? You have a fever, or some kind of sickness where you need to cool down as well as stay warm. So... Uh, yeah.

6. Bucket of veggies (WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU NEED?!?!! A BUCKET OF VEGGIES FOR SOUP! Ah, of course you need something to eat.)

That's it. Some parts I laughed as was: (don't want to spoil it...)

1. When the doctor pushed a huge needle into the faceless person.
2. As his head fell off when he felt better.
3. Butt crack while drinking soup.

Anoymous (I do not wish to use my real name; to much personal info creeps me out. Anyway, I have to put in my email to help you peeps. :))

gogracey2000 July 4, 2012 9:51 AM

The fist time i did it i didnt even use a walkthrough. It took me a long time but i did it.:)

the order is: leaf, blanket, woman, fire, ice, food.


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