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Grow RPG

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Grow RPGAnother one of my favorite games gets an update! Oh happy day! =)

Grow has to be one of the best Flash games ever. Created by ON of Eyezmaze, the original Grow game is a brilliant and original puzzle game in which the player drags items, one-by-one, in a chosen sequence to a large red sphere. Every item has rules with which it levels-up and interacts with the other items. Fascinating animations unfold as each item 'grows'. The object of the game is to get all items to their maximum level by dragging them in the correct order.

I have been checking the site often since first discovering the game over a year ago, hoping for an update.

Grow RPG takes the classic formula that made the original so compelling to play, and adds additional RPG-like elements, such as enemy combat, a shop to buy health and weapons, and even a dungeon with hidden treasure.

The game is played exactly as before: Simply drag the items onto the large green "GROW" sphere. The order you choose determines your success in defeating the flying winged devil.

I haven't yet seen everything to this game, though I didn't want to wait to post it for anyone else who might be as giddy as I am to learn of this new Grow game. Click.

Update: Just finished it, and I must say that I enjoyed the additional elements that make this Grow game more meaningful than the previous one. A little animated story unfolds once you place all of the items in sequence, with some actions occurring even before you finish.

As with the original, the author has done a remarkable job with managing the complexity produced by the permutations with which the various elements may be combined, thus producing different results depending on the sequence chosen.

Unfortunately, once you learn that you have maxed out all items, watching the little story unfold is a bit anti-climactic since you know the little devil will be defeated. It would be better to withhold showing the levels attained until after the story has ended.

Another excellent game design by ON of Eyezmaze. More games like this, please.

Still want more Grow? Play the entire Grow series of games (in order of release)...

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

everything is all maxed out if you follow this:

1) house
2) grass
3) castle
4) water
5) tower
6) rock
7) chest
8) stairs


Christopher July 23, 2005 2:18 PM

OMG... This is great... I love the games by this guy! Thanks for the update!


You consider the original Grow to be "one of the best flash games ever"? All you did was drag crap around and see what happens, and what did happen was never that neat either. Not my idea of fun. Eyemaze has made much better stuff.

This, though, seems cool, so I'll check it out.


This is hard. Must... Find... Solution...


Woo! I beat it!

schteeeven July 23, 2005 2:39 PM

woohoo i got it!

i think this was much better than the first one. for the first one, there was no incentive to solve it, no motivation. in this one, you gotta kill the dragon guy and not die yourself, so there was more incentive to actually figure it out. i never did finish the first one, btw. but i liked this. this was fun.


ooo, you are spoiling us with good stuff, jay :)
Keep it going!


This one is fun, although there aren't really any RPG elements, but your character walks around in an RPG-like world.

I managed to get everything at max except the rocks. Argh.


First of all, thanks for a great site which has become a daily read. I love quick Flash games, and I almost never look back at the ones I've already tried, so it's nice to have a fresh, daily supply of new (good!) ones.

I loved the original Grow, so I was excited when I read this post. But now I'm kind of disappointed. I solved it all in about fifteen minutes and four or five attempts. Somehow I want this type of game to be something you almost tear your hair off over ...


Yes! I beat it.

Also, I didn't catch this the first couple of times around, but the king guy in the castle is wearing a cast from getting beaten up by the purple dragon. :D


Another one? I didn't think it was possible. I can't wait to spend half the day trying to figure this out! Great find, and thanks for not waiting to post this up.
*giddy giddy giddy*


I beat it too! Woohoo!

I think there is a bug, though. If you put down the water too early, and you don't get the tree to grow, when the old man goes into the forest the game stops. Anyone know who we could contact about this?


quick question.

does the tower have any true purpose? after all, it sinks no matter what lvl. I'm sure i'll figure it out later, but now, i'd just like a little hint. = )


Hey Royce - though I haven't experienced the problem you did, I do think the game is still a work in progress. I believe that ON may still be working on the game due to the "ver.0" indicator.

Tontie is another game that used to have the same version number, and then he released Tontie 1.0, which was a significant update to the game.

You can try visiting his Eyezmaze site and leaving a note in his guest book.


Brandon - if the tower sinks, then you need to make the devil stop making earthquakes sooner.


scratch that, i figured it out. great game!


Lovely, got everything to max and beat up the devil :)

Brandon: use water to stop more holes appearing and keep your tower.


I've tried many combinations but I've never been able to get everything at the top level! Could someone perhaps maybe consider posting the answer for me? I would be eternally grateful...


Please no spoilers yet with this brand new game!

haha - I have sent you a couple of hints to get you started via email. =)

TheWaterJar July 23, 2005 6:04 PM

I got everything maxed but the mountains. Why won't it max out?! O_O


Mountains? Are you playing the original Grow game with the red sphere?

If so, there is a page with discussion for that version here


yay, I finally beat it!

Francesca July 23, 2005 6:54 PM

aw, way better than the first version of Grow!
this one acctually makes more sense.

i'll wait for the spoilers though.

Luckdragon July 23, 2005 7:34 PM

Thanks everyone for not posting spoilers. I finally figured out something by myself!

Fun game, I'm glad I finally got it.

silverwing99 July 23, 2005 7:51 PM

Jay, can you e-mail me some hints?


Awesome! I didn't have much success with with first "Grow", but this 2nd one makes more sense. The action at the end definitely helps with which object should go in which order. I always mimicked the sound when the blue ball was retrieved. Thanks jay!

yotengouncorazÛnfr·gil July 23, 2005 9:11 PM

oy gavolt, I have gotten the sequence that gives you max's on everything except the rock but I'm stuck! Any one wanna give me any hints ;) ? Fun game though and those blue ball sounds are hilarious. I imitate them too lol!!

EvilHayama July 23, 2005 9:20 PM

I too liked this one a bit better than the original grow, but I missed the wierd stuff that happened if you did it wrong.
The way to go with these games is if it's not maxed, you have to put it in earlier. Figure out what items you put in after it are already maxed before the end and put 'em after the rock.
Are there multiple solutions to this one? I remember the original did...


Are the stairs first as the game sujests?


Woo! I finished it. Way cooler than the first version..


ARGH. love this game, so annoying. got tree's lvl 2, house lvl 4, and rock lvl 2, and rest maxed, but cant do more... HELP PLEASE.

i normally dont beg, but...


David - I think the house is actually a mill, and I'll give you a hint: there are more than 7 levels to the mill. =)


WoOt i beat this! this is far more interesting than the first one.. though i like both alot!

alot of stuffs are dependant on each other and the water stop those earthquakes. houses are more than lvl 7! and i think thats alot of clues.


Thanks for the comments... but i still cannot get more then lvl 2 tree. Thanks for the hints, though. still working on it.


nevermind... just finally beat it. YAY... took long enough. THANKS for the hint about the house.


Leveling up the tree is confusing because it [mostly] isn't about giving it time to grow.


wow, i'm kinda proud of myself. i actually beat it without cheating. hahaha!! :)


gosh i love eyezmaze. and this was great! so cute and well-planned and original. plus you just posted the fourth stuffed animal inpatient, which i also adored. rock on, jay!! :)

remister July 24, 2005 5:45 AM

This is game is good, I finally beat it after countless of times. Whooo :) If needed help you guys can email me :)


hey jay! your site is great!! this game is killing me!! got evrythng maxd besides the rocks!! help:)

yotengouncorazÛnfr·gil July 24, 2005 10:23 AM

yessss!!! I beat it! That feels hella good. It's a lot simpler than I thought... I wrote the sequence down on a napkin and when each thing maxed out then switched two things around and won! thanks jay for this awesome brain-game. I feel smarter now lol.


Wow...that was...really...easy.

Fun as hell, but a little dissappointing.

silverwing99 July 24, 2005 10:58 AM

The object of the game is to kill the devil.


Argh! I keep getting everything but the rock!


can someone tell me at least the first and/or second item? i keep getting the lvl. 4 armor and lvl. 2 sword and then i die at that purple dragon!


Mike, build the House first so you can live in it :)

flyzerodive July 24, 2005 1:44 PM

very fun and satifying ending! :)


Wow, great game it's very fun, hard,but fun.I've tried five times and I'm still stuck. Can someone give me a clue as to what goes second?


I'm none too excited with all of these people saying how easy this is. Am I missing something?

I did the mill first, and I think the trunk is last, but as for everything in between, I'm clueless.


Beat it! It's so satisfying once you do n_n Here's a hint. A nature item goes second ;)


This game is *not* a difficult game to figure out: There are only eight (8) items that you need to drag and drop in the right sequence.

There have already been some good hints given. EvilHayama offered the best advice in figuring it out above:

"The way to go with these games is if it's not maxed, you have to put it in earlier. Figure out what items you put in after it are already maxed before the end and put 'em in after."

Please, with such a short gameplay experience that this game offers, let's not have any spoilers detailing the correct sequence.

Keep trying. As Kitsune mentioned, it will be very gratifying once you figure it out for yourself. =)

It took me several tries to get it right. I wrote down each sequence I tried, and then the results they obtained. Each set of results gives you valuable information with which you can make a good guess at the next try. Eventually you will get it right.

LunaticByTheSea July 24, 2005 2:07 PM

Awesome! I beat it after about 25 attempts.I love these games but am usually quite inept at solving them. Thanks Jay, for a great site. Im a long time visiter,1st time comment contributor.I was inspired by my own brilliance.


LunaticByTheSea July 24, 2005 2:27 PM

A Gentle Nudge.

Two of the natural items are placed 2nd and 4th.

The two items with pointed peaks are placed 1st and 3rd.

The trunk does not go last,nor do the boulders.



Woohoo! So awesome! I just finished, very satisfying!


I will give some hints too, please dont read if you want to figure it our yourself.

There are some items that has to be at certain level in certain time. Devil makes too many holes and your Tower Of Internal Knowledge sinks - make sure he cant punch more holes. Dragon attacks the Castle Ruled By King With Magic Powers - make sure your castle is well defended.

Good luck :)

Francesca July 24, 2005 4:11 PM

ahhh, i finally finished it.

now to remember how the sequence went...


oh man, oh man, that took me forever and it was worth it. pity it isn't more RPG and you can't walk around in the world afterwards.


Finally beat it, took 8 trys of writing down my sequence and figuring it out..just 1 hint. to go underground put it last...


Wow. That was fun. I was pretty frustrated at first, but I'm glad you all kept the spoilers from being posted. It's a lot more satisfying to solve it on your own.

Jay > awesome

ShadeOfLight July 24, 2005 10:03 PM

That was AWESOME! I'm a big fan of RPGs (Like Dragon Quest/Chrono Trigger/Final Fantasy, etc.) and I also LOVED the first Grow game, so as soon as I saw the name "Grow RPG" *gasp!* *CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!* The last grow I had to have help on....but this one actually plays out stuff to help you figure out the solutions. I finally beat this with a friend of mine. We figured out the solution and wrote down failures and solutions on notepad. I don't want to spoil the game for anyone, so i'm not gonna post anything. But if someone DOES want help or hints, just e-mail me. Oh, and Bobby, what a coincidence it is that thats my real name too. =) Thanks for the awesome site and games, Jay.


Beat it, mostly thanks to Lunatic By the Sea's hints. What fun.


I was so excited to see that this was here.

Hey, good job on giving hints without spoilers, everyone - except Peter!

Jay, what is your policy on editing/censoring your comments? I can see this totally ruining someone's day.


I finally got it! What tripped me up was the fact that if you place the water too *early* then your mill and trees don't grow.
I've given you one tip, here's more:
1. The dungeon goes last.
2. Your castle needs to be done quickly, lest it get burninated.
3. The tower should be placed as late as possible.


I dont think Peter did spoil it. I wouldnt have completed it if it wasnt for him and I agree with him about the not being forced into reading it bit. The 'Spoilers' are doing many people a favour. Nice site Jay im lovin it.


Sorry, just woke up. And I chose to delete Peter's comments simply because I kindly asked people *not* to post all-out spoilers with this game since it was just released this weekend.

Furthermore, the game is so short that there is simply no reason for a solution to be posted. There are enough hints and spoilers posted already to give anyone a fairly good start if needed.


It's your site Jay, and I do agree with you that most people would solve it eventually. Thanks Jess for sticking up for me I got scared with all the meanies ganging up on me :)


No worries, Peter. Thanks for your understanding. =)

random bob July 25, 2005 2:44 PM

sigh... dunno if it would be practical to pull off for the comment system of your's jay but maybe it would be best to add some optional tags for use in comments that would allow visitors to click a java based link to get spoilers or hints, seperate tags to suit accordingly, through popups or some such...

i have to agree that this game is short enough that it doesnt really need more than hints.. but everyone has their own personal strengths so maybe that would allow them to choose themselves


Maybe jay could add separate "spoilers and hints here" link into main review that would open pop-up and give hints starting from very subtle ones and each time you have to click button again labeled "I dont want to play myself, I only want to see the solution" to see next hint until finally it would give complete solution. Some people dont actually want to see complete walkthrough, but only need little push in right direction, so they can stop whenever they feel they have seen enough.


Agreed, Random and Tonypa. A facility to support spoilers without potentially ruining the experience for those who prefer to play without them is an excellent idea, and one that I have been contemplating for some time.

Soon. =)

jamie red July 25, 2005 4:46 PM

I just completed it on my 7th go, thought the devil was gonna kill me at first.


wow, i got it finaly. took me couple fo trys to get the number of earthquakes i had to do to get water donw, after that it was easy. i am glad i did with no spoilers.


Wow, another one! I think I'm going to go back and play the first one again before venturing into this new one. Is there a way to download this game?


I tried a lot of things but finally I got it! Now, I have to go back and play the first Grow!


How do i complete it??!! I'm stuck....i've tried it so many times. Help me!!


Just when i thought it was impossible, lol. I'd like to say i did it without help but while i skipped most of the hints on this site the advice i read helped. Can't wait for grow 3.



I enjoyed it even more than the first. All the elements of Japanese RPGs, including the deux ex machina intervention.

Daminous July 26, 2005 10:27 AM

Very nice game. It tooks me quite a long time to find the solution, but I finally made it - with no help ;).
Thanks to all posters for not spoiling this really original and creative game.


Yes! Finaly i beat it! Thank you LunaticByTheSea for your hint or i would still be trying to beat this game!


If you want another game like this, look up sandbox of god. ^^


Thanks, Irashta. You're right, I just downloaded it from VertigoGaming.net and played it. Very similar. Better in some ways, not so in others. Still a good game for anyone that enjoys this type of game and is looking for more.


P.S. ~ Jay, you have one great site! I'm always coming back for these fascinating games you seem to have a knack for uncovering... Keep up the great work! =o)


badass game jay i got it after 5 tries



Xalioniaf July 28, 2005 10:17 PM

Wow. Me and a friend raced each other to see who could get it first. I won by a hair! Anyway...clues...

The magic power of the king takes 4 turns. Build up the castle early.
rocks take longer to form than you may think.

Khrisper July 29, 2005 4:40 AM

Sorry for my spoiler yesterday :(
If you understand i am someone who is prowd of what i have found out/acheved and like to tell the world. As i say its stupid of me to post the sequnce... I guessed thats why you had 'deleted' my post...
Nva Again Jay


Finally got it. I have to say, I'm fairly disappointed in the arbitrary way you defeat the dragon, as it doesn't have anything to do with everything being maxed (if you know what I mean).


wow awsome game jay took a lot of goes though...

anthony July 31, 2005 1:25 PM

i dont get it, i put the trees first but the hut doesn't appear, can any one tell me why plz


I guess by "the hut" you mean the mill, well, the trees aren't first.


This game was the best game I have ever played. Thank you for making this game.


This game was just awesome. I had so much fun attempting to figure it out. It took me and my buddy quite a few tries to figure it out, but we did it, and had fun in the process. Thanks. xD




1st, jay thanx for posting this great game

2nd, some people don't know how to get past this game so can you post my message.

gaming tip:

follow that guy ...Ben i think.. ya its him

1. The dungeon goes last.
2. Your castle needs to be done quickly, lest it get burninated.
3. The tower should be placed as late as possible.

Posted by: Ben at July 25, 2005 10:28 AM

he gave me da BEST TIP i think this should help some people....

!!one more tip the devil jumps 3 times then add the water!!

PS to WHO ever's the pro: does the tower have to be built to the max level??

thanx again jay 4 posting great games
plz post this message!

Tiredhippo August 2, 2005 9:08 AM

Tiredhippos top tip....the timing of the water is critical....do it as late as you can.....


> does the tower have to be built to the max level??

Yes, the level of armor you get is equal to the level of the tower. If it's not maxxed out, the purple guy will get ya. Also, if the tower's only level 1, you get 10 gold only, no armor.


and the answer is..cuz i can get everything but one, to max..either the rocks or the tower


Spoiler warning: don't read this if you don't want the answer. But if you don't want the answer, you're probably not reading this topic. So it's

house, tree, castle, water, tower, rock, chest, stairs.

Happy now?


The answer wasn't necessary, there are enough clues as it is, and I think some people are still playing...mind you this thread was started a fair time ago.


Wow! What a fun, intuitive game. I played with the first one, but never really got it. This one just seemed to make sense :) Great stuff!


Yaz! My second walk through!

Shop thingy...


omg it took me 2 days then i realized i could use spoilers or walkthroughs wtf im angry and i feel like an idiot but hey i won finally

JamaicanBarbii July 7, 2011 1:11 PM

This is how you can get to win :D !!! yay u !! lol
1) House
2) Tree
3) Castle
4) Water
5) Tower
6) Rock
7) Treasure
8) Stairs

AfricanMars August 1, 2016 8:48 AM

There is an update. A secret ending (associated with panda) is added. I haven't found it though :(

Patreon Contributor Questioner August 1, 2016 11:45 AM replied to AfricanMars

The "secret" panda ending:

Do the same sequence for winning, but use the tower before the water instead of after it.

1. Houses
2. Tree
3. Castle
4. Tower
5. Water
6. Rock
7. Chest
8. Hole

AfricanMars August 3, 2016 11:55 AM replied to Questioner

i thought the hero can win with the panda =(
this ending is still cute though :)


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