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Submachine 2: The Lighthouse

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submachine2.gifMateusz Skutnik just sent word of the release of his latest game, Submachine 2: The Lighthouse, the sequel to his excellent Flash point-and-click adventure, Submachine, previously reviewed here at JIG.

Here's Mateusz's own description of the game:

"A sequel to the world's famous point-and-click Submachine game, that grabbed minds of millions of people. I received huge feedback from all around the world, most of the demands stated to make the second game bigger with harder puzzles. So here it is, while the first game had 20 rooms, this one has a total of 98 unique rooms, and the puzzles are a lot tougher, but that's just my subjective opinion, since I can't really tell if they are or not. Important notice: this game has NO dead ends, you cannot get to the point of no return, where the only option is to reset the game. No such thing in the Lighthouse. Hope you'll enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed making it, and sure enough, submachine3 is under construction as we speek, so expect more. Flash plugin 8 required to play this game." -Mateusz Skutnik

That should keep you busy for a while.

Play Submachine 2

We've been here covering the entire Submachine series since the very beginning with reviews and walkthroughs for all of them...

Outside the main storyline, and yet still another great Submachine, is a game created for the band Future Loop Foundation:

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

class game this. i had to play through a second time using a walkthrough to get the secrets though.

the walkthrough i used is posted below (try and beat the game without it first. it only takes 5 mins with the walkthrough so doing it a second time wont be that bad)

  1. Click the Submachine game machine and look at your right side on top of the rocks there is a tiny red ball. You've just found Secret(1)

  2. Keep going left and go up the stairs, pick up the cog wheel on the floor. Secret(2) on chair.

  3. Go downstairs and go to right, drag your wisdom gem into the space between the stand and then click on the tiny ball to drop the ladder on your right room.

  4. Go two room on your right, click on the Phonograph(antique music player) and drag the cog wheel into the square space. Click on the round button.

  5. Climb up the dropped ladder once and go to the right. Click on the bottom left of the machine and write down what C equals to.(C=?)

  6. Go back to the ladder and go up. Go into the hole and keep going left until you find a room key.

  7. Go back to the ladder and go up. Go right and you can find a fork in the square hole. Secret(3) on top.

  8. Go back to the ladder and go up. Go left and keep going up the stairs. Secret(4) in the broken left wall.

  9. Go all the way to your right. Secret(5) in the sand.

  10. Go left once, take the pamphlet and click on the picture. Zoom in the small writings and jot down the dotted sign.

  11. Go left once. Secret(6) on top of light.

  12. Keep going left until you see two doors. Go into the left room and take the cat note in the left shelf.

  13. Use room key on right door and take the sewer key. You can flush if you want.

  14. Go all the way down the stairs and go right then go down. Use sewer key on the locked hole.

  15. Go into the hole, from inside the hole:

    • Go 1 time left, 1 time down, 1 time right to get 2nd floor key

    • Go 3 times left, 1 time down to get Secret(7)

    • Go 3 times left, 3 times down, 1 time right, 1 time up to get Letter to Liz. There are 3 Secrets here.

    • Go 9 times left to get Secret(11)

    • Go 7 times left, 1 time down, 1 time right to get Positive Coil

    • Go 5 times left, 2 times down, 1 time left, 1 time down, 1 time right. Solve the puzzle.(This is easy, make sure all the dot turn blue)

    In the puzzle room, Go left, down, right, right, up, take the switch handle and get the heck out of the hole.

  16. Go back to the ladder and go up. Go up the ladder again and go into the square hole on your right.

  17. Go to the end and use switch handle. Pull down the switch handle.

  18. Go back to the ladder and go down. Go left and click the tile on the wall to find Secret(12)(Count from the bottom right corner: 5 times left, 4 times up)

  19. Take the stairs all the way up, go right and go into the metal door. Pick up negative coil.

  20. Go up twice and use 2nd floor key. Go in left door and take diary 2 from the typewriter. Go left and take movie memory.

  21. Go into the right door, click on the glowing machine and enter the code that you jotted down earlier. Press the green button and take the light bulb.

  22. Go right and click on the moving stick. There are 4 Secrets here.

  23. Pick up note to myself on the bed, go out of the room, go down the ladder and get out of the metal door.

  24. Go left and go all the way down the stairs.

  25. Go left, put the light bulb and movie memory into the camera, pull down the switch, click on the lens to look into the camera and click on the ID card in the picture.

  26. Go right and all the way up the stairs. Go right and into the metal door, go all the way up the ladder. Use the fork on the broken wire and pull down the switch.

  27. Go left door and up the ladder. To key in the 4 digit code you need to find the answer for e=m*c^2. You have found c earlier and you can find m in diary 2.(m=?)

  28. Go down the ladder, go right door and up the ladder. Pick up Secret(17) and solve the puzzle.(All you need to do is turn all red dot into green)

  29. Go down the ladder and go left. Go up the middle ladder twice. Go left to get Secret(18), go right and use positive and negative coil.

  30. Keep climbing up the ladder until you see a huge light bulb. Secret(19) is on the floor and take the portal note.

  31. Go to right to pick up digout key and go to left to put ID card into the slot.

  32. Go all the way down the ladder and go out of the metal door. Go all the way to the left and use the digout key.

  33. Go in the square hole, pick up the Secret(20) and go until the end and pick up the fuse.

  34. Go back to the big bulb room, go to the right and put the fuse on the machine.

  35. Pull down the switch under the big bulb and kaboom you're out!!!

After all that i found the secrets are pointless lol

and heres a very simple explanation of of "that equation"

First, multiply C times C Then multiply your answer by M (example C=3 M=521, 3x3=9 then 9x521=4689)
note your C and M values will differ from the above example


Nice game and it's tough.

I have these:
1. 1 secret
2. a CAT note
3. a pamphlet
4. a negative coil

I have used the gem and the cog wheel.
Now I'm stuck with so many rooms.


I can't seem to find hte place where to put the negative and positive coil, can anyone write a walkthrough?


This is a great entry! Keep up the good work, Jay.

El: Have you not seen the

Key in the sewer?

I am currently stuck.
I have picked up and used:
Three keys
A small cog
Switch handle
Film memory
I havent found a use for the negative coil yet.

I have 6 secrets (How amazing is that little moving hand thingy...?!), two diary entries, a note to self, letter to Liz and a note about the cat. I gotta hurry up and find the next thing to do, cause this music is creeping me out!


well... got those:

5 secrets, a CAT note, a paphlet, door and sewer keys- door key came from sewers, then used door to get the second :-)
done a small puzzle in the sewers to get a handle, used it... also got a fork.
almost forgot- got both negative and positive coils.
have no clue what to do next.


el use the cogwheel in the

record played

and the gem in the

thing that looks like sideways headphones

Currently working away. Great game!


AAAARRRGH!!!!!! I'm stuck!
Great game, but I really get lost easily... Can't figure out how to start that movie player or what it is...


Big Hint...

the dark spot near the end of the first sewer pipe will have something there that will open up a WHOLE new set of scenarios for you

Have fun, I know I am!


What a great game! I finished it with only two hints from Nordinho.net... really fun and challenging.

artemius June 14, 2006 8:16 AM

Found a fork, but no idea how to use it....


I have

10 secrets
room key
second floor key
sewer key
light bulb
movie memory
positive tube
negative tube
switch handle
both diaries
cat letter
letter to self

I can't figure out the code to the third floor power on the left. I got the right power arrows to all line up, but I can't get the left code. Does m-795 and e mean anything?


I have

10 secrets
room key
second floor key
sewer key
light bulb
movie memory
positive tube
negative tube
switch handle
both diaries
cat letter
letter to self

I can't figure out the code to the third floor power on the left. I got the right power arrows to all line up, but I can't get the left code. Does m-795 and e mean anything?

Fishybobbins June 14, 2006 8:47 AM

I have used everything apart from the postive and negative coils, does anyone know where they go?

Fishybobbins June 14, 2006 8:54 AM

If c = 2 and m = 561 then what does e =???


Great game!!
I have everything and am near the end but I just can't figure out where to use the 2 coils.

I am so close but yet so far...

oh and I have only found 15 of the secrets.

ddanger June 14, 2006 8:57 AM

I got all the items and 16 of the 20 secrets, however I don't know where or how to use the pos. and neg. coils.

mooooomba June 14, 2006 9:05 AM

Tough game indeed, ahahaha.
I think it's easier than most of the pixel hunting escape-the-rooms though, because all the objects are visible in size (although they may be camouflaging amongst other similar colour objects).
I've managed to collect all the items now, but argh I am just missing the four digit code to finish off the game.

For those interested on what the items are, here is a list of what you need to collect so you can check whether you can access some parts yet:

In order from left to right,
Room key 1, Room key 2, cog, light bulb, fork, negative coil, positive coil, portal note, letter to liz.
Sewer key, Dig out key, movie memory, handle, fuse, ID card, phamplet, note to myself, cat note.
diary 1 and diary 2

I wonder what the secret dots are for though, I've only managed to see fifteen of them.


mooooomba could the 4 digit code be whats written in brail on the lighthouse picture on the wooden floor with the phamplets?


Moooooomba. In the sewer theres a pipe with a dot puzzle on it. Do you have to make it all blue or all black?




Have anyone completed this game?

Wahnsinniger Chemiker June 14, 2006 9:22 AM

Read the letters cearfuly.

The Name of the cat is the key

This is my first time posting here, so I hope I used the spoiler tags in the right way


yay. very nice one. im stuck at the lasttttttttttttt puzzle. where u gotta enter 4 numbers.

i got 4 out of 5 lights green at portal. the last light im guessing depends on this puzzle. any hints ?

i so dont wanna close the window and then start all over. this has taken quiet some time. about 1-2 hours.

and theres no way anyone can write a walkthru for this. hehe.


Do you have to do anything with the sink knobs?

mooooomba June 14, 2006 9:28 AM

Oh nevermind I've finally got it...
and I was staring at the two variables all that time...

The video clips are always so freaky to me, and as for the ending...

to be continued...
hahahah looks like we got to wait for submachine 3

btw el, you probably missed out on some places you can click to lead you into different rooms.


I'm at the same level as moomba.

I just cannot find the code for the switch with the "e" on it.

Diary 2 says m = 863, The machine in the ladderhall next to the sewers says c = 2. Combined nothing happens. I've also tried the erectdate in the pamplet (1857). This wasn't it either.

Fishybobbins June 14, 2006 9:31 AM

What is the code???

Jimbo_G June 14, 2006 9:37 AM

I've got all the items and worked out the codes, but I don't know what to do with the two coils. Any hints on where they go? Is it anything to do with which lights are on or off?


how do you use the video camera? I've placed the movie memory but the switch doesn't do anything...

Wahnsinniger Chemiker June 14, 2006 9:39 AM

I need 2 hints:
What should I do with the pos & neg coil?
Where do I get the 6. Item in the second row?


Im stuck >.<

Ive gotten the room keys 1 and 2, the cog, the light bulb, the negative coil, the positive coil, the letter to liz, the sewer key, the movie memory, the handle, the ID card, the phamplet, the note to myself, the cat note, and diary 1 and 2.

Ive used the room keys, the cog, the lightbulb, the sewer key, the movie memory, the gem, and the handle. Help anyone?


I am struggling with what to do next,
I have:

room key, sewer key and 2nd floor key (used)
12 secrets
cog (used)
movie memory (in player but not seen)fork
positive and negative coils
diary 1 and 2, note to self, letter to liz
cat note

I have come across three points where i'm not sure what to do

1 the vertical pipe with 16 spot panel
2 the horizontal pipe with clear panel
3 the ladder on its side at the top of the metal (grey) room

I would be greatful if someone could point me in the right direction, cheers


wow this is hard


can anyone tell me what to do with the

vertical pipe with the 16 spot panel
the horizontal pipe with the clear panel

in the sewers?



Im so stuck. >.<


This is ace. I can't find the following items though.

portal note
dig out key

Any clues?


I am being dense here.

I cant work out what to do with the fuse or the two coils, I can't find the light bulb or the id card and the code entry things are foxing me :-(

Ho hum



Jarak: Look at the poster near the pamphlets. (For the lightbulb) Other than that I can't find the ID card. And dunno what to do with the Coils.


hey moomba,

what is that 4 digit code ? and how do u get it ? im tired of this last one. ive spent too much time on this last code.



hmm wheres the fuse anyone?? and what do u do with the ID card? and the two coils?? i dont have a fourth key either or the mentioned fork or the portal thingy hmmmm???


where did you find the fuse?


There seems to be a bug to do with secrets and the picture of the lighthouse. Keep looking at the picture to see what I mean.

waahoowaa June 14, 2006 10:12 AM

How about a hint to get the digout key?


I cannot figure out the panels on the pipes in the sewers, and i dont have the dig out key.

Can anyone help?


Yes, nicely tough. Good game.

Jarak, the ID card is found when you look at the movie.

you find what c value is? Also try to read the Diary 2 to find the value of m. The code entry has something to do with e value (as spotted there) and the name of the cat. It's a very famous formula.

Good luck!


The digout key is found at the top most level of the lighthouse, after you find the portal room. It's at the right of the room.

dvdwinter9 June 14, 2006 10:20 AM

What is the 4 # code for the device 2 rooms down form the spinning gear and rod puzzle???


arg i cant find the fuse anywhere! hint anyone?


I've got the M value but

it's too high for the formula to work - if I work out the formulat with the values I have, it comes to like 6 digits or so (M= 946 for me)

what the heck? It's too long to enter into the thang.

Fishybobbins June 14, 2006 10:26 AM

Where do the positive and negative coils go???

waahoowaa June 14, 2006 10:28 AM

Hmmmmm -- I must say that I am stuck.

El, I have

The answer to the formula

and I've entered it in the

top left room

and nothing happens. I've already solved

the top right room with the 3 digit green code

. I assume with those two parts I'll be able to access the portal room?

Oh - I have 11 mystery dots so far.


Ah scratch that, figured it out. Still can't figure out how to get the

movie thing going


evan, did you try to look at the end of the diary 2? it should fit into 4 digits.

The formula is e = m*c^2


still hung up on the last 4 digit code

Therefore, e=mc2 = 894 3(2) = 894 9
but when i enter 8949...it doesnt go green.

help please. this is so fustrating...did the whole thing in 1 hour...but now 2 hours on the last 4 digit code. sheitzer.


When I get up the stairs It wont let me turn. WHY?


i have solved the 4 digit clue and also have a green light on the 4 spinning gears room, but what happens now?



doh. nevermind . got it. entered the 4 digit code and finished.

got 16 secrets of 20. nice one mate. very nice. just the right difficulty for me. not extremely...not too easy.


im stuck there too

dvdwinter9 June 14, 2006 10:39 AM

What is the 4 # code for the device 2 rooms down form the spinning gear and rod puzzle???

Wahnsinniger Chemiker June 14, 2006 10:40 AM

Does anyone can give me a hint vor the pos & neg coil?


In the portal room i have all lights green except for the last one. I also have not figured out where to use my coils yet. Help anyone?


What do i do when i get 2 the top of the stairs because it wont let me turn around to go to further rooms

dvdwinter9 June 14, 2006 10:42 AM


If you light up all the lights on the vertical pipe, it will open the clear cover on the horozontal pipe and you can grab the switch inside to use on the switchbox in the rectangular pipe-like thing to move the horozontal ladder


got it now

if you are stuck in the room in between 4 digit code and gears try your inventory

cutlery could be used to bridge the circuit


!!!!!!! WHERES THE FUSE!!!!?!?!?!? >.< this is so agrivating.

Wahnsinniger Chemiker June 14, 2006 10:44 AM

Where are you?
If you mean the stairs in the lowest level, then this is the only room you can see there!
You need to find a way to activate the ladder


where do you find teh fork then?


im stuck on the first set of stairs the one with the red chair. I have:
-2 secrets
-a gear that i used
-a diamond that i have no idea where to put
-the one page of the diary
what to do next ?

Fishybobbins June 14, 2006 10:47 AM

What on earth do you use the coils for, someone please help me!


To go to the portal room, you need a fork to connect the cut wire.

the fork is located at the hole at the right of the top most red rooms with ladders

You need to solve 5 puzzles to turn on the bulb at the portal room. Those includes the 4 digit clue, the 4 spinning gears room, and...

3. put the ID card in a machine at the left of the portal room
4. put the fuse in a machine at the right of the portal room
5. put the positive and negative coils at the small hole that starts from of the room with ladder to the portal room


There's no point asking what a certain code is, because they won't be the same for everyone. There are enough clues already posted here to find both codes.

However, if anyone knows where to use the coils...


thanks dvdwinter9

dvdwinter9 June 14, 2006 10:48 AM

what's the green 3-digit dotted code?


i got it thanks Wahnsinniger Chemiker


The coils (positive and negative) are used to light on of the bulb in the portal room.

If you are in the portal room, go down 2 levels, and there are 2 holes at the left and the right of the ladder. Go to the right and at the end you see where you can put the two coils.

dvdwinter9 June 14, 2006 10:51 AM

where's the ID card?

Sarkaztik24 June 14, 2006 10:51 AM

I have put the cog in the music player and turned it off, but I cannot do anything else. It won't let me go any further when I get up the first set of stairs.

How do I activate the latter?


Lyman, you can put the diamond on the machine with the blocked red brick.

Wahnsinniger Chemiker June 14, 2006 10:55 AM

@ el
Thanks, you saved my day!


Where is the id card?


Can anyone post a walkthrough cuz all i have is the begining items + the

cog wheel

waahoowaa June 14, 2006 10:59 AM

Stupid fork. That was the key for me to finish. Although I only had 13 secrets...


same problem as dvdwinter9
where is the ID card
I have put the movie memory in the player, but cannot view it



Yeay finished, with 18 of 20 secret items.

Those holes in the walls were hard to spot. I thought it was just a different tile.


what's the radio in the typewriter room for?

waahoowaa June 14, 2006 11:00 AM

Billybob -- check your inventory. You have one more thing already!

the Memory gem


got it (the id card)

put the light bulb in the back of the player and turn it on, the card falls out at the end of the film



As far as I can remember, but not the secret ball, because they don't mean anything

1. Go to the left until you see the stair and go up.
2. Find the cog wheel on the floor.
3. Go back to the room at the left of the stair entrance. The room with red brick wall and some kind of a machine.
4. Put the gem on the machine and it will pop up some kind of antena.
5. Click the antena.
6. Go to the right twice where you see the gramophone and zoom it.
7. Put the cog wheel and press the button.
8. Go to the left and you will see the ladder.

Next walkthrough later as you will miss the fun. :-)

glennfridge June 14, 2006 11:04 AM

I finished with 16 out of 20 secrets. Does anyone know where all 20 are?


Is it just my computer or does this game REALLY slow down after youve been playing it for 20 mins? It's becomming unplayable for me now, about 5 frames a second.

For those suck with hte 4 digit code...

the values of M and C change every game,
e = m*(c^2)
if m = 669 and c = 3
e = 669*(3^2)
e = 669*9
e = 6021


THANK YOU I needed it


whew finally. Fun game. Who knows what happens when you get all 20 secrets?



Go to the lighthouse picture and click on the small "writing" above the arrow. That is the code for the glowing green console 2 doors down from the typewriter room. Enter it in and click the button above the dots. If the console stops glowing, go back one click and grab the light bulb.


Comment on ending:-

Soooo... you find yourself stuck in a submarine within a video game within a lighthouse within a computer...
Sure, we've all had dreams like that.


im stuck i am very stuck!! :(
I have used the 1st room key, the 2nd room key, the sewer key and the diamond.
I havent used the negative coil. Any help would be greatly appreciated

PinkieHil June 14, 2006 11:10 AM

This looks great. I'm really glad there is a sequel to submachine.

I would totally play right now, but I'm at school, and they don't have flash installed! Looking forward to this when I get home.


how long is the stupid movie?


The movie seems to loop without end. I don't get it.


Lyman, have you explored all the sewer tunnels? You'll get the Liz letter, positive coil, a switch handle and 5 secrets, beside the 2nd floor key.

Dave, you don't have to wait forever. It's an interactive movie.

click somewhere where the movie is running, it will give you an ID card.


I am stuck on the ID Card....

I have set up the camera, I click the switch and turn it on. I then view the film, but its only a still image with interferance (like a table with some plates and medicine bottles on it)? There is no ending to it! and i dont get any id card :(


Try to move your mouse when watching the movie.


Okay so I figured out that

I needed to go into the other room with the other puzzle to mess with the lights,


I've got the prongs all having green, and the lights aren't all green. GRRRR. What am I doing wrong?


Hi, i'm new to this blogging website

Is it a blogging website?

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right i'm going to go and play the game



when i get to the top of the ladder i can only go left once help


Also, how do you go up twice??


if m=843 and c=2 what is the code?


I got the cog wheel, placed it where it belongs. But then! If I go upstairs you only got a chair there.. and downstairs is one tiny hole but nothing more!

Jonathan Finnell March 5, 2008 5:19 PM

I figured out how to solve the turning the lights in the bulb room green

you have to go through the light house and solve every single puzzle. Unfortunately, I can't find all the puzzles please help me someone.


Where do I find the fork!? AAAAA! HELP ME!


There is no coil room! When I finished solving those thingys that rotate, I climbed up the ladder that the fork will reveal. But I can't find anything to put my coils to? Where is it?

Hot Sauce Eater April 18, 2008 11:27 AM

Whatever you do, DON'T COLLECT THE SECRETS! IT'S A WASTE OF TIME! Just make sure to collect them in part 4 and 5.

christana April 29, 2008 6:54 PM

its absolutely impossible to find the fork i've been everywhere....snif.

blaaaaaah June 15, 2008 11:36 PM


in the big bulb room, my five lights are GGGRG [green and red]. what do i put in the room to the left of that? are there two fuses i'm unaware of? i do have an open item space under the red coil. oy!

Teh Crimson King June 16, 2008 7:19 PM

I swear I followed that walkthrough twice step by step and I still only have 18 secrets, I even checked the walkthrough numbers to make sure he didn't skip any but there were still 20, so i need help, please

lukas masaitis June 17, 2008 12:55 PM

hey how do you go left and right on step 29? some plz help me


so its 840x square of 2
the 4 digit code is 3360

MIKAELA July 2, 2008 10:50 AM

Where does the cog weel go?

Michael July 4, 2008 3:41 AM

where is the third secret? what top ?

Anonymous July 12, 2008 2:49 PM

after putting the fork in place, go up the ladder that descends. go up only two sections, you should see the light bend toward the ladder at this point. look at the back wall for two openings. the rest is simple.


where do you put the stupid coils!?!?!?!?


Hello, how can I find the third secret(at the fork)? I clicked like a maniac and found nthing... I got 19 secrets only, just missing that one.


(Spoiler tags be your friend. ;) )

The fork secret?

The one downstairs in the alcove, right? This is tough with a dark monitor. Edge up over the alcove, in the shadows on the top right. It's on the junction of two bricks, if I recall it correctly.

Don't feel too bad, I've been replaying Sub2 for a year and never found it till I reread the walkthrough.


Well, thanks Shudog. I was busy clicking in the alcove and then I suddenly realised that the tiny red dot is just on the wall... Ha... Laugh as much as you can and call me DUMB-O!


Mark -- Cheers, I did the same thing!

Liz -- I think Jay&Co frown on posting non-original content. I recognize that walkthrough.

[Edit: Thanks, it's gone. -Jay]


The ID Card

The ID Card is in the movie , its around the the middle , click it and a hand will come out , take the ID card and put it into the camera , you then zoom out and the ID card pops out of the camera lens


Jay , how come i always double post when i only click the submit button once?

SDWolfCub August 11, 2008 3:11 AM

WHAT IS THE 4 DIGIT CODE??? How frustrating. Everyone says they know the code, but nobody actually posts what it is.


The 4 digit code changes each time the game is played.


Did anyone notice the words over the metal door?

I tried for the life of me to make it out, but I lack zooming skills and 20/20 vision.

Obviously not relevant to finishing the game, but I assume it's some kind of easter egg


i know i might be dumb, but can someone plz tell me where the fork is?


Where is the 4 spinning gears room at?

Ara_Hallos October 11, 2008 11:17 PM

Hi all, I've figured out the code, figured out the numbers for the code I have but it still doesn't work.... Could I ask someone's help on the code? please? I wanna finish the game because I've played all the others and never finished this one...:(

C= 2 and M= 636

I'd give you all a million thanks if you could.


What number did you end up with?

E = M x C squared, right? so, 636 (M) x 4 (C squared) = 2544 (E).

ShimmyCocoPuffz October 14, 2008 2:49 PM

If m=610 what is the code?


Depends on what your C is.


easy - the formula is simply einstein's e=mc2 (where 2 - squared)

you get the c from the machine at the start of the game - in my case it was 3 - so three q=squared = 9
m you get from diary 2 - in my case 767

so my code was 767 x 9 = 6903

Hardest and most frustrating bit was spotting the entry for the coils - tit's not clear but half way up the screen with the ladder you'll see a couple of areas (one left for the secret, one right for the coils ) where the line of the wall changes slighty - thats where you want to be!


If the m in my games equals 996, then what would my answer be? I understand the *c, but I don't get the ^? What does ^ mean?


How can I light all 16 lights at the same time?


OMG! where's the broken wire?


I tried to zoom in onto the pictue of the lighthouse but I can't, cause when I click on the picture of the lighthouse to zoom in, it just exits! It happened with the same picture on the wall too. Help please!


Can anyone tell me more about the key room in the walkthru number 6 and also where the fork and secert are in number 7? Thanks.


YES!!! I completed Submachine 2!! *Does a dance* No I have to do submachine 3 and the parts that I'm stuck on... :( And since I'm new, how do you put spolier tags?


2 hours (yeah, i'm slow), 2 checks of the hints, 16 little red gumballs, and i'm ready to go submarining! love these submachine games and this site!


When I go into the hole, 1 time left, 1 time down, 1 time right, I can't find the 2nd floor key!

Can anyone help me?


I seem to have a small problem with obtaining the first key

Red room, inside the sewer pipe

It won't let me pick it up

Has anyone else experienced this? Submachine 2 is the only one that I have yet to beat


Oh, wait. Nevermind. I found it. And I was confused on which key I was aiming for :P


i cant get thru the portal know how


where is secret 12?


I can't pinpoint secret #4 nor 12. But this series is getting wickedly mysterious! I love it!

Anonymous June 12, 2009 11:23 AM

I've played this game and i like it.
I'm finished in 6 minutes, and I've must to say: it is not easy as I tought. But hé, there are these games for, don't they?


Can someone please work out the answer for me? What's m=505? Thanks. I'm really stuck on this one and I can't carry on with game without the code.


@ghada: sorry, can't. You have m... what is your c? And:

What famous equation uses those variables (letters) ?

ForMyYaoi July 1, 2009 10:34 PM

I will give you all a hint


kittievanbuttpants July 5, 2009 5:22 PM

...hate....math......game ....over..loading.....brain......

kyoger hunter July 8, 2009 4:37 PM

ok can any one help my c=3 and m=632 and ive spent over an hour trying to figure it out any help will be apprecated


Cat's name is Einstein...For those of you who still remember Einstein from science class; he is MOST famous for his theory for creating the first atomic bomb. (World War II) E=mc2......take the "m" value from diary 2 and MULTIPLY it by the value for "c" squared. In other words, if "c"=2, then 2 squared is "4". 4 times the "m" value will give you the four digit code. If "c" = 3, then 3 squared =9. 9 times the "m" value = "e". the four digit code. And so forth. Remeber 6th grade math, anybody????


kyoger hunter: c=3. 3 squared is nine. Nine times 632=5688.... four digit code is 5688......

kyoger hunter July 8, 2009 9:22 PM

Thanks, Wayne. I figured it out after I calmed down and thought about it.

jizzybizzy July 13, 2009 1:40 AM

Thank you El Primo! Out of this and many other walkthroughs for this game, your comment about where to put the negative and positive coils was the best and obviously most helpful!

Thanks again,
p.s. I found my new addiction.

(for all you slow ones out there, i meant the sub machine series as my 'new addiction'.)

kyoger hunter July 14, 2009 11:14 PM

dont lol us!!!!!!!


and i love you all!!!!!


Can someone help me please?

My m=659 and my e=3

help is appreciated, thanks.

flaillomanz August 28, 2009 9:11 AM

great walkthru.
Bad site to play it on tho, i nearly finished and then the page refreshed with an advertisement.
not fair.


hahahahahaha. must say its a very trippy game. finished the full game. not a piece of cake but if you want any kind of help let me know! and if anyone says the secrets are of no use then don't play the game, because unless you don't find all the secrets u will never know where the next door is!


it was awsome cant wait 4 sequal


Wow! Gotta love that super irritating sliding inventory panel. So if you need to drop an item in inventory onto the sceen beneath that great little menu, the game will encounter a bug. Unplayable fun!


the answer to that code is 7101....... i took out the answer and it went right !!!!!!!!!!!!

The Savior! July 29, 2010 4:22 PM

okay first chillax!

This is for the negative and positive coils.
Go to the portal room right in front of the big lightbulb

Go 2 times down the ladder.

look closely at the pattern on the walls, towards the middle there are 2 hidden passageways.

Go right 2 times, insert the coils into + and -
Go back to the ladder, go left 2 times.
there is a secret.

Here's a secret: the red balls are useless, no points/nothing...

cool? enjoy.

fbd89726 August 7, 2010 5:06 PM

Am I the only one that can't seem to find diary 2? also where do I put the - and + fuse like things?


argh is there a bug in this game? have worked out the code e=mc2 but the answer does nothing :(


There are several complete walkthrus in these comments. Flip through, find them, and you'll see you are reposting something other people have already asked.

As for E=MC2 ... e= M times C squared

The games tells us C = 3
3 squared is 3 times itself = 3 times 3

3 x 3 = 9

E= M times 9

There is a letter where it says oh by the way M = ###. The three digit number is unique to YOUR game, it's randomly generated, so you will not find the value of M in these comments.

Check your notes/letters/diaries. Find M.

Then multiply your M(three digit number) times 9.

For example: 666 x 9 = 5994 or 123x9=1107

That will be your four digit code. Enter the code inside the lighthouse proper. It's a fuse box with four white squares and carved into the metal is an "e" underlined.

Carriegirl December 13, 2010 5:08 AM

For step 8 how do you work the broken wall?


someone please help me get the code,

m = 582

c = 3

subsiftandsmash December 15, 2010 11:00 PM

Submachine 2: The Lighthouse Walkthrough

Ow… My head! What the- Where am I? I remember having a dream about me playing a game called Submachine. Did I even wake up? It feels like I'm awake… There's an arcade machine in front of me with that exact same game. I guess that it wasn't a dream. How did I get here? I guess I could explore a bit. Those environmental noises are driving me insane! I walk to the left and see a gramophone, the source of the sound. How do I turn it off? It looks like its missing a piece. There's something in my pocket… Whoa! The wisdom gem! And the diary page from the game!

‘Last Summer I went camping under the big waterfall of Kent. I guess this was a great trip for me, however some people don't understand why. Well, I did lose my left arm, but what the hell, I found out that I had a third arm. The invisible one. Since then I started to learn how to use my karma arm, and soon my skills were those of a master. It wasn't a surprise to me when people started turning their backs on me, since I was considered to be a freak and mentally ill. Funny thing. I can't tell them the truth. It would be like explaining the possibility of space travel to a goldfish. So I'm just trying to…'

This is officially weird… I need to get out of here! I walk to the left a bit to find a stand connected to a box. At the top of the stand, it's in a crescent, as if something goes there. I look at the wisdom gem in my hand and try putting it there. It worked, and the box opened revealing a stand with a pearl on top. I touch the pearl and then it suddenly lifts into the air and then back on the stand. A ladder dropped near me. I climb up and see a machine on the right. The levers are stuck, but there is something scratched into it. ‘c=…' and then a number. The noise is still driving me nuts! I climb down and walk to the left a bit to find some stairs leading up to a small room with a chair. There is a cog on the ground. Then I remembered that the gramophone is missing a piece. I go down to it and put in the cog. Then I press the button to turn it off. Finally! Some quiet! And then there was a noise from above the ladder. Another ladder had dropped, so I climb up both. But just as I start climbing the second ladder, I noticed a sewer. I didn't really care about disgust right now, so I jump across and crawl through. I saw a key near a grate at the end, so I pick it up and get out. I continue climbing the ladder and notice another sewer, just it was locked. On the other side was a ledge. I get on and find a fork in a small square space in the wall. I take it and climb the ladder to the top. Another ladder… There is a small space in the wall near the top, so I climb and crawl through. There is a small switch that's missing a lever. I get out, climb down and go to a room on the left. There is a projector on the other side of the room and stairs near me. I go up the stairs, all three floors of them. I walk left and find two rooms, one of them locked. I go through the unlocked room to find a chair, a lamp and a shelf of books. Among those books is a note:

‘Mid October 05
Today a strangest thing happened. When I woke up there was a cat inside the lighthouse. I clearly remember locking all the doors and windows before going to bed - yet - there he was. I have no idea how he could get inside. That bothers me. I named him Einstein, since he's apparently capable of breaking the time and space barrier as he wishes. Probably as all cats do, but this particular one did it right in front of my very eyes. Well not exactly, but it's undeniable that he's here now. Just wondering if that has anything to do with my ability to build cross-dimension door with my karma arm. Guess we'll see in time."

So I'm in a lighthouse. Explains why it's so tall. But who is this guy? Is he insane? I mean, come on! Cross-dimension pathways? I left the room and saw if I could unlock the other door with this key I found. It works. I'm in a bathroom, but there is a key. Probably to those sewers. Outside this room is a panel in a wall on the far left side blocked by a padlock. I walk to the other side of the room and see a horrific sight. Dirt blocked me off from the outside world. Meaning one thing. I was inside a building… that had been BURIED!! How will I get out now? I picked up one of the pamphlets for a bit of a read. I was inside the Kent Lighthouse, near the Kent lake, where the guy had lost his arm. I look at the picture of the lighthouse near me. There is an arrow pointing to somewhere in the building. I had a closer look and saw that there was a kind of, binary code I think. I made sure to remember it, just in case. I walked inside a totally grey room with lots of ladders nearby. There was a negative coil on the ground and I picked it up. I climbed up a few to a door. A locked door. I climbed up another ladder and saw that the next one was turned on its side by some mechanism. I climbed down and went down the three flights of stairs. I climbed down the ladder in the next room a bit and reached across to unlock the sewer. I crawled left, down and right to find a key near the grate. Maybe for that door on the second floor. Left, up, left 6 times, down and right brought me to a dark area where I could just see a positive coil. Left, up, right 4 times, down 3 times, right and up, I climbed up into a red brick room with a note:

‘Hi Elizabeth.
Even in my strangest dreams I never thought I would be able to create dimensional pathways leading to new unexplored places. My new experiment took me right below the lighthouse straight to those legendary ruins. You can call me a discoverer from now on. And I only used that wisdom gem I found lately. Just think where possibly I could go using the lighthouse itself and its full power of light.
I'm considering moving to a another place in the next 32 days.
Will you take care of Einstein for me?

I wonder who this ‘M' person is… Probably the guy who brought me here. He's still making no sense about this portal business. Down, left, down, left, left, left up and right. There is a strange machine with a 4x4 grid of buttons. I press the first one in the second row, and lights came on. It's one of those puzzles where you press a button and lights come on making a cross! I pressed the third one in the first row, then the last one in the third row and then the second one in the last row. I heard a noise from nearby. It sounded like something opening. Left, down, right, right, up… There is a lever in a machine similar to the last one. Looks like solving the lights puzzle opened it. It appears to be the right size to fit in that switch up the ladders outside these sewers. I've searched everywhere I could. Time to get the hell out of here! Down, left, up 3 times and right 4 times, I'm finally out of the sewers! I jump to the ladder, climb up and climb the next one to that small tunnel like space with the lever-less switch. Let's put this in… switch it on… I hear a noise. Well, I don't know where it came from, but I climb down the ladder and walk into the room where I go up the stairs again. Back to the grey room and up the ladder to the locked door. I unlock it with that key from the sewers to find two doors. I go into the left one to find a typewriter with a finished note in it. After reading it, I realize that this is the second diary page. I put them together and read:

‘Last Summer I went camping under the big waterfall of Kent. I guess this was a great trip for me, however some people don't understand why. Well, I did lose my left arm, but what the hell, I found out that I had a third arm. The invisible one. Since then I started to learn how to use my karma arm, and soon my skills were those of a master. It wasn't a surprise to me when people started turning their backs on me, since I was considered to be a freak and mentally ill. Funny thing. I can't tell them the truth. It would be like explaining the possibility of space travel to a goldfish. So I'm just trying to live my life peacefully not disturbing anyone. The job of a lighthouse keeper seemed to be just right for me. And I wanted to spend the rest of my life in that lighthouse. But after five months my isolation came to an end when they decided to bury the building. My worst fear was to be buried alive. But what about to be buried alive inside a building? I didn't want to take any chances. So I'm leaving today.
For those who follow me; I am sorry…
and m=…(a number)

Oh man… poor guy. This ‘Mur' guy must have left some way out… But where?... The window is overflowing with dirt. There is are two drawers near it. On top is a projector slide. There is a projector downstairs, but I think it's missing a light bulb. I walk out to the next room and see a weird machine. There is a small green screen with some binary code on it… Just like on the picture of the lighthouse in the hall! I change the symbols to what I saw on the picture and press the button. A panel opened containing a light bulb. Just what I need to get the projector working! On the bed nearby is a note under the folded up bed sheets:

‘Einstein is gone. Again. I'm fed up with this.
Note to myself - stop worrying about that damn cat.'

I get out of the room and through the doorway. I climb down the ladders and walk to the stairs where I go down and across the room to the projector. I put in the slide and the bulb and switch it on. The view is of what appears to be a dining room table. There is a keycard on the table. It looks so real! It's as if I can reach in and grab it. Wait… There is a hand grabbing the keycard and bringing it towards me. I back away from the projector. Just as I'm about to go back upstairs, the keycard comes out of the eyepiece! How weird is that?! I take it and head on up. I go to the gray room again to see how I can use that ladder above the rooms. I climb up and see that it has turned! Maybe that switch with the missing lever did the trick… Climbing up brings me to a ledge with two rooms. I go through the door on the left and climb up yet another ladder. There is a number machine like the one in the game with the letter e scratched into it. Maybe is has a connection to the other letters… Hmm… e, m and c… Ah ha! E=mc2! It makes sense now. I times the number from the machine above the gramophone by itself to get c2. Then I times that by m, the number from the second diary page. I put my number into the machine, and a red light above it turns green! I climb down and walk across to the second room. I climb up and find a strange device with four small wheels with toothpick-like tubes sticking out. Pressing a button made one wheel turn around fast and another turn around slowly. When a tube was over the middle, a light on the device turned green. I tried to use these buttons to turn all of the tubes into the middle. When I did that, the red light above the device turned green. I climbed down and walked out. There was a switch with a broken wire. If only I had some metal object to connect it up again… Wait! I still have that fork! I put it in, flick the switch and a ladder comes down. I climb up, and the walls closing in means that I'm near the beacon. After climbing up a bit, I saw two square-like tunnels on either side of me. The left tunnel is a dead-end. The right tunnel leads to a generator room. There are two tubes with either a plus or a minus sign on them. Probably for the positive and negative coils. I put them in, and two lights on the wall turn green. I crawl out and continue climbing the ladder. All the way to the top. Whoa! What did Mur do to the beacon?! I guess he was serious. There is a note on the wall:

‘So here it is. I did draw a portal in here, however it's not stable. I'm going to use it, even though I can't tell where I'll end up.
Feel free to use this door whenever you like, just remember that the number of places it can take you is beyond wildest imagination.
Or I'm just trying to keep you from exiting the lighthouse.
Either way - decide for yourself if you're going to use it or not

Wow! An actual portal! This might be my lucky day! There are five lights next to the beacon/portal and only three of them are green. To the right is a circular slot and a lot of dirt. In the dirt is a key. And the only place still locked is the digout down in the hall. To the left is a slot for a keycard. I put the one I have in and the light turns green. I climb all the way down to the hall and go all the way left to the locked up digout. I unlock it and crawl to the end. I see a fuse on the ground. It could possibly be the last part that I need to get out of here. I crawl out and go back to the gray room. I climb all the way up, (man this is exhausting!) and put the fuse in the circular slot. Success. The portal is up and running! I flick the switch on the beacon and in a flash of light, I see myself on a beach. I'm walking to the shore. None of this looks real though. Like an image on a computer screen………..


at the big bulb room i got green green green green and red. what is the 5th red light needed?


I can't get the ID card cause there is no movie, its just a blank screen I already put in the movie memory thing its driving me crasy


e=mc^2 people...seriously doesnt anyone pay attention in school.


amrin, about the ID card:

After you put in the memory, you then need to put in a


and then

flip the switch.


my m = 1234 n my c=3 help me please

dreyfoundation November 8, 2011 5:44 AM

how to put the coils : just climb to middle ladder that have two rooms at the sides. (almost hidden, but it can clickable) :)


Take M and times it by 2 then 2 again and thats your number for the 4 digit code

Allinforicecream February 2, 2014 11:37 AM

The 4 digit code is on the coin.

The number is 5224

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnOD5SaJTtq5H3K3IQhKlYEUzynlJW8-to March 19, 2014 4:29 PM

Okay, I know that everybody is getting stuck on the code part, all you have to do is multiply c by itself, them multiply that by m. simple as that people!


Does anyone know if there's a difference in the "secret" locations since the HD update this past April? I can't find two of them and I've noticed that one location where I was sure there were 3 of them originally only has 1. Now the "secrets" apparently

DO something!!!

so I can't finish the game until I find them. :'D


kanna, not sure if the version I played is the same as yours. But 2 of the secrets are in different places as well. If you want to find them yourself, don't read the spoilers, otherwise, here you go.

One is

On the stand of the movie projector

And the other is

In the left corner on top of the window to the left of the digout entrance

IamEscapist December 29, 2015 10:32 PM

Out of all the submachine games in the series, this is by far my favorite, with sub8 coming in close second. The atmosphere, style, and plot is unlike anything else I've played. I didn't know I could fall in love with a game.


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