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Weekday Escape N°239

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Weekday EscapeHi! Welcome to the latest Weekday Escape!

Again we start with Amajeto in their typical room and no need to hurry, you are well protected here from wet and cold weather outside. The next cosy room which you're supposed to escape is by Springman Haruoroom with original and fresh puzzles, and then you arrive to Selfdefiant's garden - what you're looking for is the house key, not a garden gate. TomoLaSiDo hid six key parts and twelve sweet potatoes in their apartment - can you find them?

Have a good time and enjoy!

Boots and Umbrellas
Boots and Umbrellas

It's late autumn, and it's cold and persistent November rain which inspired the newest Amajeto's game. The room where you find yourself locked is well supplied for such weather - though it takes a short while before you discover wellingtons - but your target is (as usual) to collect enough tiles to complete the final puzzle and obtain the exit door key.
The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

Escape of One Room Studio
Escape of One Room Studio

Springman Haruoroom is a newcomer; and their room is nice classical escape with innovative and not too easy puzzles which may take some thinking but not too difficult (why did I look at walkthrough...I could do it all by myself...should be more patient). Your goal is simple - open the plain wooden door leading to freedom. Will you escape?
The cursor is not changing, save button, one ending.

P.S. Notice thumbnails on the right side of the gamescreen - it's complete list of Place of Light's (Akarika) games. I think I mentioned all of them earlier, but I do that again as their games are among the best escapes ever made. All available on JiG.

Grandpa's Yard Escape
Grandpa's Yard Escape

Selfdefiant's yard is quite big and has everything - well kept lawn, garden bed, chute and swing set for kids and something like apartment building for birds. You are locked there though and grandpa would be very angry if you broke his pale fence - seems that you need to find a key to get into the house and that means to solve several puzzles.
The cursor is changing, autosave, one ending.

Escape Challenge 97: Room with Sweet Potatoes
Escape Challenge 97: Room with Sweet Potatoes

TomoLaSiDo wants you you to a) assemble a key and b) collect twelve sweet potatoes (you may take with you the thirteenth one too). Notice, that there is one difficulty in this game - an important hotspot isn't visible and due to not changing cursor can be easily missed. It's in the bathroom behind the toilet, just click on the left or on the right side of it. Can you escape with all the potatoes?
The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

P.S. Sweet Potato Party can be found in Weekday Escape N°101 (game #11 on Detarame Factory's site). And here is point'n'click game about a sleepwalking potato: Transylvania. Mr Potato isn't sweet but the game is.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


That thumbnail section (actually Newest Posts) of Haruo's page includes links to new games too. Right above/after Room with Sweet Potatoes is Ichima's remake, Snowy Day Christmas!

Patreon Contributor kktkkr November 27, 2019 9:01 AM replied to chrpa

Yeah, the comment system does that if you try to reply and then submit another comment.

Anyway, this post is also missing its tags, and while going back to track down the "missing" game I found that WE N°236 has the wrong tags (copied from WE N°235).


I added Selfdefiant's game. It was not a miss but I was unable to make it working. I found another site which offers it.
I changed the tags too for WE 236. Thank you all for the support.


Boots and Umbrellas

It almost makes you want to just stay indoors.


You start off facing a television screen (currently off) over a set of large colorful drawers, of which the bottom-left has a four-button lock and the top-right has a button grid lock, and there's also a green umbrella on the left. (Also, some books and plants that are too boring to be clues.)

Turn right to find four small framed pictures above a shelf above a couch next to a blue umbrella on the floor. Clicking on the right half of the shelf brings up a view of a book which has a square tile and a word clue.

The bottom-left picture tilts when you click its corners.

Turn right to face the locked door and two more umbrellas in a stand. A picture on the left is divided into a grid with some tiles missing, and below that there are four more colored drawers. The right two are unlocked and contain different-colored boots, while the top-left has four colored digit buttons and the bottom-left has four dials on colored squares.

Turn right to face the windows (the rainy scene outside is a bit weird). Two gray things (wineglasses?) are placed on a shelf containing four plant-inspired geometric arrangements. Under that, between the armchair and table there's a gray umbrella you can open. The table itself has two drawers but you can only interact with the top one, which has four pairs of large and small colored square buttons.

Four digits

Use the clue from the shelf above the table to unlock the top-left drawer on the door screen.

Counting the circles (using the colors from the lock), you find that there are 3 green, 3 red, 7 pink and 9 purple.

Enter 3379 into the drawer and open it to find more boots and a square tile behind.


Use the clue from the umbrellas to unlock the bottom-left drawer on the door screen.

Umbrellas are pointed away from the handle, and so the green, yellow, blue, red umbrellas point down, down-right, left, down-left.

Click the dials 4, 3, 6, 5 times and then open the drawer to find a single boot and a remote control.


Use the clues from all four drawers on the door screen to unlock the drawer of the table.

Each drawer contains a different number of boots. From one to four, the colors of the drawers are GYBR and they contain boots which are YBRG.

Click the squares:
3 1 0 2 (outside)
0 1 3 2 (inside)
times, then open the drawer to find a square tile.


Use the remote to turn on the TV, which shows a clue with four letters.

Use it on the TV again to change the clue to a row of colored squares.


Use the first clue from the TV (and the book) to unlock the tilty picture.

The letters of BOOTS appear in the
⌞⌝⌝⌟ ⌜
corners of the screen, so click those corners of the picture. All four frames come loose, and you can flip them over to find a square tile and small grids with colored lines and (some) black squares.


Use clues from the picture frames to unlock the top-right drawer under the TV.

As indicated by the drawers on the door side, you need to mentally rearrange the grids so that yellow is at the top left, blue at top right and so on.

Doing so gives you the grid
B - - B
- B B -
- B B -
- B B -

so click all the buttons in the middle columns and the top row (but not both), then open the drawer to find a square tile.


Use the other clue from the TV to unlock the bottom-left drawer under it.

The squares on the TV have colors that match the LL UR LR UL UR quadrants of the gray umbrella.

Push the ⌞⌝⌟ ⌜⌝ buttons on the drawer and open it to find the last square tile.


Place all six square tiles into the picture grid beside the door, which activates a randomized puzzle that you can solve by clicking its pieces to rotate them until they match.

Once you're done, the picture slides up to reveal a gold key. Use it to unlock the door and leave!

Escape of one room studio

Don't lose hope! After all, it's only one room.


You can't skip any puzzles, so make sure you view each clue before entering its code. (If you're solving puzzles normally this shouldn't be an issue.)

Some doors automatically open when unlocked, and some items are automatically collected.


To the left of the small(?) exit door, a chest of drawers has a cactus plant on top, and its drawers have four buttons that flash red, four buttons that flash yellow, and sixteen buttons that show crosses.

Turn right. The door on the left has six symbol buttons. Next to it, there's a colorful couch. Above that, there seems to be a paper window as well as a drawing of a family. To the right, there's a potted plant and clicking on it zooms in so you can see a metallic handle.

Turn right to face two windows, where you can click on the curtains to open them and let sunlight in. You see some numbers on the floor too.

Turn right, where you see some letters on the floor next to the numbers. The metal bar extending from the wall doesn't help you reach the shelf above. On the right, there's a wardrobe locked with a grid of eight color-changing buttons (one of which seems stuck), as well as a small door missing a handle.


Attach the handle to the small door (beside the wardrobe) and open it to find some colorful cushions.


Place the cushions on the couch. You can now click the cushions to lift them.

That's fun and all, but what do you get out of it?

Following the color pattern on the couch upholstery, click the 6th, 1st, 3rd, 4th, 2nd, 5th cushions from the left.

A note appears under the yellow cushion!

Open and shut

The note suggests that you need to start by opening something twice.

And the way that the clue is printed is a hint for where you can do that.

You need two things to open and close on the same screen, one left of the other, which means that the actions on the clue need to be done on the (glass) windows.

So start with both curtains shut, then click the left one once, the right one 4 times, the left one 4 times and then the right one once.

A clue appears on the right window!


Use the new clue to unlock the door beside the couch.

The grid image of the right window lands on the numbers on the floor. There's only one way to interpret this clue, but it's a physically realistic one: the left and top edges of the floor grid are the left and bottom edges of the window.

That means the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 are lit by panes that have the diamond, crescent, club, heart markings, so push those buttons on the door to open it and find two ladders.


Place the ladders against the high shelf, where they line up perfectly with the bar on the wall.

You can now climb up to take a better look at the bears and the box which has a four-letter lock.

Use the clues from the floor to unlock the box on the shelf.

The shapes of the ladders and bar form an amidakuji, which means you need to read upwards (or downwards) along the pattern while crossing every horizontal bar you meet.

(For example, the letter A would follow a path passing through (from bottom up) the 12123434 columns, ending at the far right side.)

Due to the symmetry of the ladders and redundancy of paired rungs, it's easy to see that all this pattern does is swap the left and right columns, which means the letters you need are FCDA.

Enter that into the box and open it to find four bowties with different colors.


Place those bowties on the bears. Hmm, those colors look familiar.

The colors of the bows match those available on the cupboard buttons. As the stuck button in the top-left tells you, those colors need to go into the top row.

What about the bottom?

Since the bows are on the bears, you need to enter the bear colors into the bottom row.

This means the final color pattern should be
Cyan(0) Pink(5) Yellow(3) Green(4)
Brown(2) White(1) White(1) Brown(2)

Click the buttons that many times, and the wardrobe should open up. It has four shelves with sets of four things, two empty drawers with a weird clue, and some colored arrows on the door.


As the drawer clue indicates, you'll need to do something a second time. But to progress you'll have to do it differently.

The only item that hasn't been grayed out after you solved its puzzle is the note from earlier.

Follow those same steps on the wardrobe drawers (click the LRRRRLLLLR sides), and you find a familiar picture of a family picnic.


Place the picture on the left shoji window above the couch. Now the grid overlaps it.

So use the clue from that picture to unlock the bottom drawer.

Comparing the two pictures above the couch, you notice some differences.

There are several ways you could find those differences: careful inspection of each square, or using screenshots and an image editor, or maybe opening the game in a new tab and switching between them.

Whichever method you choose, you find a total of four differences: an extra cloud, a dango skewer turned pink, an extra dragonfly, and some slight blushing.

Those differences appear in the
- - x -
- - - -
- x x x
- - - -

squares, so click those buttons to unlock the drawer, which has a small box with a three-digit lock on top of a mathematical clue.


Use the clues from/near the colored arrows to unlock the drawers beside the room door.

In the wardrobe, the red objects appear (from bottom up) in the 2nd, 1st, 1st, 4th positions and the yellow objects appear (from top down) in the 2nd, 4th, 3rd, 3rd positions.

Click the buttons in those orders on the top (for red) and middle (for yellow) drawers, which contain gloves and a knife respectively.


The apple in the wardrobe is larger than all the other fruits.

Use the knife to cut it, revealing a clue between the two halves.

Also use the gloves to safely handle the cactus on the chest of drawers, which has a clue printed on the dirt beneath.


Use the remaining clues from the room to unlock the box.

Using the numbers you found from the apple and cactus, the clue in the drawer works out to
15 × 64 + 3 = 963
so enter that in the box to open it and get a gold key.

Use the key to unlock the door and escape.


Grandpa's Yard Escape

The timer in this game seems inaccurate, but you can really win in less than 2 minutes with a little practice.


To the left of the locked door is an empty grill and a grass trimmer that's out of gas.

Go left to the side of the house. With the help of the changing cursor you find that the leftmost bush can be moved to reveal a box with twelve colored buttons, and the rightmost bush "smells weird".

Go right twice. Between two normal-looking bushes, there's a bunch of extra tall weeds.

Go right to find a tilled field covered with rocks. Nobody needs that many colored birdhouses!

Go right to find a pavilion which has a three-digit box on its left side.

Go right to find a playground. Clicking on the middle swing makes a key fall out, and you can remove a wooden board near the slide to reveal a safe with four round slots.

Go right to find a shed with a locked door.

Go right again to find a tree with a green marble balanced on its branch.

Go left to the shed and use the key to unlock it, then enter.

A bag of soil can be moved to reveal a white marble. Both cardboard boxes here are empty, but the one on the shelf can also be moved to reveal a clue. Leaning against the old light is a rake you can take.

Three digits

Use the clue from the cardboard box you moved to unlock the wooden box at the pavilion.

The clue on the moved box is just 710 upside-down.

Enter that into the wooden box and open it to find a gas can.


Go back to the front of the house, and fill the top of the trimmer with gas before taking it.

Then use the trimmer to cut the tall weeds at the right side of the house, leaving a swirly marble.


Use the rake to clear out the rocks on the field, leaving a blue marble.


Use the clue from the birdhouses to unlock the box hidden behind the bush (on the leftmost screen).

The color pattern is (green/purple/blue/red):
G(2) P(5) G(2)
B(4) R(3) B(4)
R(3) G(2) P(5)
P(5) B(4) R(3)
so click the buttons that many times and then open the box to find a slingshot.


Use the slingshot on the tree branch to shoot down the last marble.


Place all four marbles into the playground safe (make sure you click the slotted area), which opens up so you can take a gold key.

Use it to unlock the door and end the game!

Escape Challenge 97: Room with Sweet Potatoes

Stop eating all the potatoes!


The large rectangular window in this room is accompanied by two smaller square windows (without glass) in the corners. Due to a strategically placed stepstool, you can look out through both of the windows to find a sweet potato you can't reach and an empty patch of grass. Anyway, you can zoom in on the potted plant to find a sweet potato, and the table to find another sweet potato (item).

While zoomed in on the table, click its legs to change the view and find a capsule containing a key piece.

Turn left to face a chest of drawers, where the drawers have three color buttons, three digit buttons, and four colored sliders. Above it, a copper rod seems to be mounted onto a disproportionately tiny wall panel with two buttons, and a framed clue on the wall doesn't make much sense.

Turn left to face the locked door. Next to it, there's an oven (you can open) and a blue bin, both empty. The wall box above has three digit buttons in various degrees of falling over.

Turn left to face a large white machine with a large screen, a row of lights and two buttons. There's a stopped wall clock above and a wall box on the left with four buttons (not counting the big rectangular one).

Check under the machine to find another key piece.

Enter the corridor leading to the toilet. After picking up a sweet potato, you can sit down, look right, look up and look left to view a drawing. (Also hidden in this room is an "important hotspot" that we'll come back to later.)

(Leaving the toilet no longer places you facing the opposite wall, hurray!)


After you push seven buttons on the large machine (lighting all the lamps), the guy throws several items at you and you have to catch only the sweet potatoes. (If you fail, back out and try again.)

You could do this by trial and error, or you could use a clue nearby to figure out which buttons to press.

The brown rectangles above the screen appear in a sequence of light and dark, corresponding to the sequence of items thrown. Since all the items land on the right side, the light brown rectangles (representing potatoes) tell you when you have to push the right button.

Push the LRLRRLR buttons to skillfully collect 4 sweet potatoes, which fall out of the machine.


Open the oven and place the potato item in it, then close the oven.

Then use the clue that appears to unlock the top drawer.

The lights above the oven handle are green, yellow, red.

Enter that into the drawer by clicking the buttons 2, 1, 4 times, then open it to find a sweet potato and key piece.


The number on the picture frame seems unreasonably large. And yet, its digits seem vaguely familiar.

Those same digits are precisely the ones marked on the clock.

And those numbers on the clock are in the same formation as the buttons of the wall box beneath it.

The 361932 digits appear at the RDULRU edges of the clock, so push those buttons on the box to find a sweet potato and key piece.


Use a clue from the picture frame to unlock the wall panel holding the long rod.

Hint: each letter represents an O or an X.

Among the letters of potato, only t contains crossed strokes (represented by X), while the others contain round bowls (represented by O).

Since the arrow under them tells you to read from right to left (which makes it otatop), push the LRLRLL buttons on the panel to release the rod.


Use clues from the unlocked wall panel to unlock the middle and bottom drawers.

The (matte) gray parts of the panel are shaped like the digits 512.

Enter that in the middle drawer and open it to find a sweet potato and key piece.

The red and green latches are now at the bottom while the yellow and blue ones are at the top. (Alternatively, the color parts occupy the bottom/top thirds of the metal hinges they're on.)

So click the leftmost and rightmost sliders twice, then open the drawer to find another sweet potato and key piece.

The key is complete, but your potato collection needs more work.


Use the rod on the sweet potato visible through the small window to the left of the table to make it roll to the right.

Now you can see the potato from the other small window to the right of the table, and use the rod to roll it along. Where did it go?

There are no more windows along this wall, but when you turn right you realize you just rolled the potato behind the toilet!

While facing the toilet bowl, click (the lower area of) the wall behind it to the left or right to find a hidden window. The potato is almost within reach, just behind the gloved hand.

Push the red button to touch the hand down onto the potato.

You may not have scored, but at least you tried.


Use the clues from the windows to unlock the wall box above the oven.

Each of the small windows is blocked by bars:

Left of table: 3 vertical bars
Upper-right of table: 1 horizontal bar
In toilet: 2 diagonal bars

Based on the direction of the bars in the toilet, you can figure out that the directions along the bars match the upright directions of the digits on the box.

Click the buttons 3, 2, 1 times, then open the wall box to find 2 sweet potatoes.


Don't forget to open the oven back up and retrieve the sweet potato (item), split into two tasty steaming halves!

Open the door and leave with all your potatoes.

Item list

6 key pieces:

Top left: in top drawer
Top middle: in middle drawer
Top right: in bottom drawer
Bottom left: under table
Bottom middle: under machine
Bottom right: in wall box beside machine

13 sweet potatoes:

1 on potted plant
1 on toilet seat
4 from machine
1 in wall box beside machine
1 in top drawer
1 in middle drawer
1 in bottom drawer
2 in wall box above oven

1 item, on table/from oven (this does not count towards the end screen no matter what you do with it)

And another item:

Metal rod/pole from wall panel.


This site is still alive?! I'm shocked!

RitsE223 December 16, 2019 7:02 AM replied to DAM

OMG it works


I like the minimalist 3D graphics, I just hope there will be newer updates, also love the room designs for www.bathroomrenovationswesternsydney.com.au/ portion.


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