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William and Sly 2

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Rating: 4.8/5 (816 votes)
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elleelle_williamandsly2_image1.pngIt has stopped raining. The clouds are parting and with the sun brightening the world of Lucas Paakh's mushroom-munching, dauntless red fox, you'd think those vexatious gnomes would give it a rest and take in some sunshine. Instead, they have stolen and torn up William's journal, scattering the pages high and low. William, who is too busy working on his tan to be bothered, sends his vulpine friend, Sly, to gather the pages together. This is where your adventure starts in William and Sly 2, a stunningly gorgeous sequel to the original William and Sly from 2009.

Those cagey gnomes have blocked up many of Sly's caves, so no longer does he go blindly spelunking for treasures. Yet, it turns out, gnomes cast sloppy dissolution spells so the blockages crumble at the slightest touch revealing... treasure, which in this case refers to mushrooms (Huzzah!) Explore this surreal landscape of towering sequoias, intricately carved cliffs and mysterious caverns by using the [WASD] or [arrow] keys. You begin with a map already in your possession, which you can access by tapping [shift]; this feature comes in handy as you navigate the byzantine panorama and might even prove useful to your crusade strategy.

While searching for journal pages, you'll encounter enigmatic shrines where you can meditate to uncover side quests for new abilities, one of which is essential for completion of the game. These campaigns add significantly to the fun and require thoughtful problem-solving to complete. Happily, the fairy flies from the first game remain useful for these matters. Bring up the journal pages via the [B] key to read backstory hinting at how the little fox came to live with William, why he was dubbed Sly, and other narrative touches that round out the story.

elle_williamandsly2_image2.pngAnalysis: If you thought the first William and Sly was a feast for the eyes, fill your sights on the imaginative production values of the sequel. In both, you'll experience a fantasy realm of breathtaking scenery and rich environmental effects, a place where exploration and curiosity are rewarded with new surprises and abilities. As a result of using Blender to multilayer the sprites, the landscape has undergone a 3D-like transformation and the rich details of the first incarnation have multiplied triple-fold. Just as soothing and meditative as before, the music, also by Lucas Paakh, takes on deeper tones and a richer sound. Bird song has replaced the thunder and lightening; there is a post-storm calm and serenity in this world.

Another noticeable change (an improvement in my book) is in the ease of play. With the absence of darklings from the first title, traveling about is stress free, allowing for full enjoyment of the non-linear gameplay, and you won't find a boss battle either. If you can empathize with Sly's compulsive obsession with mushrooms, the joy of fungi accumulation persists here. On the other hand, if you expect more for your platform gaming skills, you might be initially disappointed by the near effortlessness of play, although the focus on exploration and discovery is aptly utilized amongst these superb graphics. Outside of the platforming aspect, the William and Sly games fall neatly into Azurefish's category: interactive art with puzzles and gaming thrown in.

Once again, the greatest complaint about William and Sly 2 is that it ends too soon. Yet there is certainly replay value, if for no other reason, to simply indulge yourself in a whimsical dream world of exploratory sumptuousness. Yes, that's a mouthful and a fitting description of this eyeful!

Play William and Sly 2

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Solutions, Maps and Tips for William and Sly 2

Map of Journals, Keys and Bombs:
Image: Map of Journals, Keys and Bombs

Map of All Items, including Mushrooms:
Image: Map by Isi
[Thanks to Isi!]

A map of pixies, runestones and shrines—along with how to earn special abilities—is included in the following sections:


  1. Gain this ability at the easternmost shrine.

    • Press [down arrow] at the shrine to read the clue:


  2. To free the spirits from the runes, first you need to use bombs to break open the rocks that trap them (see screenshot).

  3. Map of Ahmni, Runestones and Frozen Pixies

  4. Once you have freed all four runes, return to the shrine and pray again. The ohnem will reward you with "teleport".

    • Teleport allows you to move from runestone to runestone in an instant.

Ahmni Sight

  1. Gain this ability at the middle shrine.

    • Press [down arrow] at the shrine to read the clue:


  2. First, find all four AHMNI -- air, earth, water, fire -- in treasure chests around the landscape (SEE SCREENSHOT).

  3. Map of Ahmni, Runestones and Frozen Pixies

  4. Next, place the Ahmni in the correct pedestals:

  5. If you look at all four pedestals on the map...

    • Air should be at 12 o'clock ("aloft").

    • Earth is at 6 o'clock ("rest").

    • Fire is at 10 o'clock ("the fiery west").

    • Water is at 3 o'clock ("fears the fiery west" and, by process of elimination, is east).

  6. When all the Ahmni are placed, return to the middle shrine and pray. The ohnem there will reward you with magical sight.

    • Ahmni Sight allows you to locate treasures (mushrooms, keys, bombs, and other items). Uncollected items will glow with blue sparks making them more visible from a distance.

Pixie Flight

  1. Gain this ability at the western shrine.

    • Press [down arrow] at the shrine to read the clue:


    The locations of the 4 frozen pixies are marked on this map:
    Map of Ahmni, Runestones and Frozen Pixies

  2. To free the pixies from the frost, go to a dragon pyre pole when you have collected 3 fairy flies then...

    • Press down at the dragon pyre pole and quickly travel to the pixie you want to defrost. The fiery magic surrounding Sly will free the frozen pixie.

    • HINT: Use the eastern dragon pyre pole and teleport via runestones to reach three of the pixies. Then use the middle dragon pyre pole to reach the pixie just left of it.

  3. Once you have freed all four pixies, return to the western (far left) shrine and press [down arrow] to pray. The ohnem there will reward you with pixie flight.

    • Pixie Flight allows you to reach high places. Press [up] multiple times to jump as high as you need to go. You can also move left or right while in the air for a sort of flying effect.

General Information and Tips for Exploration

  • Opening the map will acts as a backup "save game" to ensure your progress is saved before you exit (this may cause a moment of lag).

  • If you want to mute the game, press the [M] key.

  • Only 5 keys can be carried at one time (so stop hording and open those boxes! ;-) )

  • You can navigate with your game map toggled open. Moving your red blip around the map this way allows you to better track exploration and make sure you have visited all areas.

  • Remember to walk over all parts of the ground (it's easy to leap over a spot without noticing) and push into all walls to break the dissolution spells in those places.

  • Also look high, using pixie flight to reach lone island platforms and outcroppings near cavern ceilings.

  • Pixies are not the only things that can be encased in frost; so if you see something frozen that's too high to reach, it isn't a pixie. ;-)

Image: Map of Journals, Keys and Bombs

Image: Map of All Items, Including Mushrooms - by Isi

Map of Ahmni, Runestones and Frozen Pixies

To ensure best game performance: use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for your browser and update Adobe Flash Player.

Oh wait, finally found everything I was looking for on a lone floating island I did not get close enough to the first time round. Finished now! :)

My hints on getting everything

1. Collect what you can at first with a run through of the whole map without any abilities.

2. Then unlock the teleports as you now have enough bombs and know the locations of the rocks that hide the teleportation stones.

3. Get spirit sight next. Try and reserve your keys for the chests that hold the Ahmni orbs, but remember that you can only hold up to 5 keys at a time.

4. Free the frozen spirits from the ice next. Have a look at where they are relatively to the fire poles on the map. Make use of the teleportations stones too as they help reduce the jumping around.

5. Lastly, finish gathering everything. the best method I found is basically search up and down from the beginning and look for the glow from spirit sight. And don't forget the floating islands that you would otherwise not see unless you spam spirit jump!


Yes yes yes yes yes yes!! I loved the first one! Always, always wanted more.

Off to go plaaaay~~~~!


No. Way.

I remember the first game from AGES ago. I loved it. The calming atmosphere, the fluidity of Sly's movements, the beautiful sparkle of the fairies and what not.

I'm so glad this came out. I read the title and nearly had a heart attack I was so happy. This game is nothing short of spectacular and I'm honoured to play such a simple, but immersive game.



I didn't think a sequel would ever be released!

*clicks play*


Just to add. The music is beautiful (i say that a lot) and makes me want to listen to it for a whole 24 hours. I could listen to it till the day I do.

The one critisizm I do have is the art, however. I LOVE to scenery, that I have no troubles with. The problem I have is William and Sly. I know they were changed to fit the new style, but I just dislike how they look. I liked their cartoony versions better.


Omg! My favorite game now has a sequel! Oh dear creators if you ever read this you have made my life so much happier :D


Beautiful. Love this.
Just one issue/question though: does the game save your progress or do you have to start again if you close your browser? It looks like it might take a me a while...

[No worries, barring any gnome-based sabotage, it will save your progress. Just click "continue" instead of "new game" when you return. (My poor computer-strained eyesight saw those two as one in the same...catching up is not hard, though). ~ elle]


I helped all the spirits, found all the mushrooms, and did it quickly. That made me a caring, obese, and quick fox. I love it, 5 mushrooms!


Can anyone post a map or something?

I have 99 mushrooms, 21 journal pieces and is lacking 2 keys. Ran around the whole map twice after gaining

Ahnim Sight

and still can't find anything =(


Not just an amazing game but I personally loved it even more than the original. Even more knytt-esque, with the music fading and the emphasis on exploration.

Long rant with spoilers and how much I like things/ critique

I loved how there wasn't a boss this time, thought the pixie foxes were great and liked the infinite flying ability. If it wasn't for the "sight" power-up, I would have never finished it though/ found all the mushrooms.
I think my only big critique is that the area was too small, thus back tracking a million times got a little monotonous. Maybe if the area had been bigger I wouldn't have found the game to be tedious at all. In Knytt, most of the worlds and user created worlds go on a bit longer, so I might be spoiled from those long sprawling worlds.
But the art style in this game is just amazing, so even though it was a tiny bit tedious, I still love this game.. even if it might be a year before I am compelled to beat my time

Great game :D


I enjoyed the first one. This one seems more resource-intensive, though, so I can't play it from work because it's choppy/sluggish.

But from what I've seen so far, I miss hopping on tree branches and I don't like the new fox graphic.


I have gotten the 24 journal pieces and 100 mushrooms, gotten flight, sight, and the teleporting stones. I got a message that said to visit William so he could fix the journal, but he just gives me the standard messages. Am I doing something wrong?


Awesome! :-o
Played without sound in a bad computer (very slow) and still this is awesome.


Also, yes, much better than the first one. The first was a bit overwhelming and over the top. Too many items, too many repetitive tasks etc..


Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone! :3

@Sarah.n.d.:You're supposed to have 25 journals before that gametip comes up. I'm wondering if that's a bug. I'll look into it.


Finally got everything

Because you helped all of the ohnem, devoured all of the mushrooms, and took all day doing it:

You are a caring, obese, and zen-minded fox.


@Sarah.n.d.: It really was a bug! Thanks for the comment, I was able to fix it before it spread too much.


oh :( how do I get my computer to stop the whole screen moving when i use the up and down arrow keys :( the characters move in the game but so does the whole page of my computer screen, never had that before anyone know how to stop it?

miskinsincap December 27, 2011 5:54 AM

Hehe, I also got everything, but my title is slightly different

Because you helped all of the ohnem, devoured all of the mushrooms, and did it quickly:

You are a caring, obese, and light footed fox.


Please anyone can help me? i've found all the


but i don't know how to put them on the totems.
i simply love this game,the music left me in a good mood :-)


I'm confused. I've finished two of the shrines, but I can't seem to jump high enough for the other frozen pixie, even when I hold W.


I dont really get it:

- what are the fireflys for?
- what can i do with the anhims?

i found the 4 frozen pixies, but the kind of god in the temple is still telling me about the 4 pixies to be found

Thank you for answers.


So I'm in the middle of game play right now - LOVE IT btw - LOVE IT!!!! Graphics are great. and I appreciate the free platforming without having to worry about those buggersome darklings - and I appreciate that the game creator is on here with us to directly interact and receive feedback - right now my faves are zillix (of endeavor fame), L.Paakh, brad borne & Tesshi-e. anyways:

1) The Temple/praying thing bugs me a bit. It looks malicious first of all - are we supposed to help those spirits - are they the same spirits (at the temples) as are in the runestones? I don't like the addition of "spiritual" elements so closely modeled on real life - in real life - people pray at temples. It's a little creepy - maybe it's just me.

2) What is the clue with the ahmni's - or is it just randomly placing the 4 colors in a trial & error fashion or is their some logical tip-off for it. I have all 4 ahmni's and the 4 locations for the poles - the map is SUCH a frigging help. Maybe you should make us have to work harder to get the map - cause the map is essential in completing everything.


and what's up with the new uber-buff william?? lol

Is he supposed to be an avatar for yourself (paakh)?

If so - a lil' narcissistic there, no?


Can anyone post a walkthrough or guide? I've only managed to complete the first shrine and I didn't even know how to get all the bombs. Sigh.


Here's a map. Not yet complete, but you're sure to get all the pixies and ahmni poles if you explore the areas/caves here. https://jayisgames.com/images/hs_tofunaga_william_and_sly_2_map.jpg

crashlanding December 27, 2011 12:23 PM

Why hello there new william.


lovely game, definitely an improvement on the original, and I LOVED the original.
The sounds and visuals are STUNNING. Waaaay above normal browser game standard.
Extremely impressed :D

C.M.O.T. Dibbler December 27, 2011 2:51 PM

And I thought the first game was stunning...


The pixies are frozen... They need to be freed, somehow... If that's not enough:

You said fireflies... fireflies...

Oh, and pray at the shrines. They should tell you what to do with the Ahmin-thinigies. (How do you spell that again?)


Press down at the dragon statues to make fire. Touch the statues before the fire is extinguished for the pixies. Then pray at the shrines for your reward once you have all of them. I'm not entirely sure where the 4th Ahmin is, but you need to place them where the middle shrine tells you to.

Could someone help me with the following?

Does anyone know where the final ahmni is? The one that isn't blue, yellow, or red? (Earth, I think.)

Selendrile December 27, 2011 3:48 PM

I can't find the last pixie I have walked through everything and can't find the fourth pixie does anyone have a map of the locations???


I feel really dumb. Everyone seems to get to all the pixies and all the journal peices, but I'm lost. I can't jump far enough to get to the last pixie, but I know where it is and it's frustrating. And that's the thing I need to get to where it is. If that makes sense. Help would be welcomed wholeheartedly.

Sarah.n.d. December 27, 2011 4:34 PM

@ Luke: No problem, glad to be of help! I was so happy when I found that final journal piece. This is a wonderful game and I hope a three is in the works ;)


I still really like it, but I think I liked the old animations better.


I got all 4 pixies and went back to the shrine to turn in the quest but my sprite jump isn't working. I'm pressing/tapping up but it just functions as jump with no difference. Nothing happens if I try to pray at the shrine again :/ Very problematic since I need it to reach certain places...

Cyberjar88 December 27, 2011 5:13 PM

Still missing one last chest...


So I know where all the chests and everything are, but I have no clue where the keys are on the map :/ any help?


@koager: Press up multiple times, he'll just keep jumping in the air. :3


Got all journal entries, sight, the jump, teleport but 99 mushrooms... I'll wait to see if anyone posts the locations


Ah, yes, runs much better on my laptop. Aside from the fact that I miss hopping on branches and like the old animations better, I didn't like the timed fire-to-ice runs. Still amusing, though.


I've got 23 journal entries and 99 mushrooms. I have the special sight, but i just cannot find one last key (for the box I'm sure has the last two entries) and the final mushroom. I wonder if they're together. I've been jumping all over and using my map FOREVER, but no luck. Where are all the keys??

Kittymaverick December 27, 2011 7:56 PM

Hm...just missing 3 journals now, and I know I have at least one more key to find as I have a chest to unlock still... Hope that map for journals, maps and such comes out soon...


I'm wih Zoe, and feel like an idiot. The arrow keys are moving the whole screen. Can't play!Any help would be appreciated... I'm on a Lenovo Thinkpad, Windows7 and IE, I believe.

[The scrolling in Flash issue is a known bug in IE. You should try using a different/better browser. -Jay]


I can't seem to toggle the journal, either, and can't get rid of the note that says I can.

[As I mention above, try using a different browser. I think your problems will disappear. Also, make sure your Flash Player is updated. -Jay]

Kittymaverick December 27, 2011 8:32 PM

Oh wait, finally found everything I was looking for on a lone floating island I did not get close enough to the first time round. Finished now! :)

My hints on getting everything

1. Collect what you can at first with a run through of the whole map without any abilities.

2. Then unlock the teleports as you now have enough bombs and know the locations of the rocks that hide the teleportation stones.

3. Get spirit sight next. Try and reserve your keys for the chests that hold the Ahmni orbs, but remember that you can only hold up to 5 keys at a time.

4. Free the frozen spirits from the ice next. Have a look at where they are relatively to the fire poles on the map. Make use of the teleportations stones too as they help reduce the jumping around.

5. Lastly, finish gathering everything. the best method I found is basically search up and down from the beginning and look for the glow from spirit sight. And don't forget the floating islands that you would otherwise not see unless you spam spirit jump!


I think I found a bug?

I exited the game with all the abilities and most of the items barring a small handful of mushrooms and pages, and when I came back I had the four pixies following me again and no flight ability. And I [i]might[/i] have lost a mushroom. I can't quite remember if I left off with 98 or 99 of the things.


Ok, so I've got all 100 mushrooms but only 23/25 journals. I also have one key, and one bomb. All four teleport runes are activated and I have solved the mysteries of the three shrines. I've looked everywhere, but I'm obviously missing something important. . . Help please?


ok, before I've even started the game, gotta say that when I pulled up JiG just now, saw 'William and Sly 2' I was seriously went '*gasp* yay!"


Ergh! I'm still missing 5 journal pieces. I have the sight, jumping thing, and teleport, but I'm still stuck on those last. Five. Pieces. It's driving me nuts.

von Mengden December 27, 2011 11:50 PM

Hayseed, look

above the second rune from left


So ridiculously happy to have a sequel to the lovely original. And it's even more fun to play and look at. I love the updated graphics and music especially.

Now, of course, I'm hoping there'll be a third one down the line. :D


i need help i need one more key i've checked everywhere but i cant find one please help!!!!!!!!


OK, i've got, what i think is, all but one cave found and mapped.

what am i missing?


I have made a map of the locations of all the mushrooms and journal pages, since no one else has a complete one. The four unlabeled chests contain the Ahmni and have already been identified in Elle's map.



Aw, sorry elle. ;) I almost posted saying I was making it, but I took a break halfway through and wasn't entirely sure if I'd want to finish it.


Can anyone tell me how to get:

the journal piece and key near the 'Echo Echo' sign located at the lower right-most corner of the map? I see both items on the ledge, but can't jump high enough to reach them.


It runs too slow on my computer =( ... I have a MacBook Pro.


Extremely good game.

Except for the intro sequence. Seeing William sit getting a sun tan (?) is downright hilarious.

von Mengden December 28, 2011 1:32 PM

Very cute game!

Because you helped all of the Ohnem, devoured all of the mushrooms, and took all day doing it: You are a caring, obese, and zen-minded fox.


I can't seem to get at

The pixie in the middle of the map, on the floating island

This has been really infuriating, can someone help, please?


@isi, thanks so much for the map, trying to find the very last key was driving me potty! found it at last thanks to your map :)


the powerups don't kick in, i am on firefox

[What are you doing to get the power-up? Check with the solution guide and map to see if you followed those steps. Thanks! ~elle]


yes i played the game right, but praying at the temple doesn't make the sprites go away or the powerup to start they just hang around


Lovely game, 5 stars.

Found out that after game resume the pixies got back even I had done the pixie quest. Had to go to pixie shrine again to get rid of the shiny squirrels.


@Stompi: None of the pixies are on floating islands. You're probably seeing a frozen journal piece, which you can get to after the pixie quest. Look around on the ground some more and you'll find the right frozen block.

@blumley: Happy to help!


That was wonderful, but I could never ever have done it without the maps. Thanks for all that hard work, elle, and thanks for the tips, Kittymaverick.

I'm glad I didn't eat all the mushrooms, because it lets me be a "thoughtful, sleek, and zen-minded fox".


Because you helped all of the ohnem, ate a lot of mushrooms, and took all day doing it:

You are a caring, healthy, and zen-minded fox.

is there another ending? if so, what is it? (it says "Keep playing or start a new game for a different result!")

this game is really amazing. the graphics are amazing-i can literally see william breathe! very fun and intriguing game-i was playing HOURS nonstop! it's so relaxing too. it's a nice game to come to when you're stressed-you don't actually have to play, just play around and make sly talk to the pixies and such! i love this game. PLEASE make a third!!!!!


I loved this game - was just thinking it was getting a little repetitive when I colleted all the pixies and got the associated power-up...

Reminded me a lot of the Super Bubsy game on the SNES (oh how old I now feel - I wasn't even young when I played that!)

5 stars :-)


Absolutely enjoyed this game, graphics were great and fluid movements. I would love to see more games like this one, easy going, treasure type. Perhaps a another character to interact with would be nice too. Liked the first game, Love the 2nd installment!


well, my cave map broke, but i finally got 'em all.
had to start over to do it though. funny thing is, i didn't find any new areas. i must have...

...been carrying too many keys and exceeded he limit. i think it's 5.

they told me

Because you helped all of the ohnem, devoured all of the mushrooms, and did it quickly:
You are a caring, obese, and quick fox.

so, i decided to pester william, repeatedly

...and got a different 'name' each time
You are a caring, bloated, and quick fox.
You are a caring, bloated, and light footed fox.
You are a thoughtful, obese, and quick fox.
You are a thoughtful, bloated, and light footed fox.
You are a thoughtful, bloated, and quick fox.


One of the pixies isn't where the map shows it for me. It's in a higher place and Sly can't jump to get to it. It's so frustrating. Does the map change for other people, or is it just a mess up?


This is such an awesome game. Thanks for the hints and tips, everyone here, and for maps that made me realize I was shooting for the wrong things, lol! :)


A note to all you people asking about pixies that you can't reach (in case you didn't already notice)-

All the pixies are on the ground, not on a platform. There are journal pieces frozen in ice that you need to fly to get to.


I love this game! It's probably the most relaxing game I've ever played. The graphics are cool and the whole game is just mystical and serene. Unfortunately I have 99 Mushrooms and 24 pieces of his journal! Where are the last few items? I already unlocked all the chests, got all the power-ups, un-froze every thing that was frozen and I have gone throughout the whole place more than 5 times over. Where do you suggest I look again?


When I read Awesome graphics I thought "yeah right" - but they were, totally captivating I loved the way Sly moved, so fluid. Last mushroom, key and journal took forever - but because I missed them right at the start!

Great game :)


It is hard to each some parts in William and Sly 2... I tried hard to jump the fox from all the possible angles but it never reach.... what to do??
Like after conversations gets over with William, the Sly can't reach the platform on it's 4th jump.

Sponge1074 December 30, 2011 7:42 AM

When I started the game it worked fine. I then began to do the Ohnem quests, and when I completed them the Ohnem disappeared but when I tried to use the teleport it still said 'a figure is trapped in the light'. Same story for the Ahmni sight and sprite jump. Is it a bug, or was I doing something wrong?

chris watson December 30, 2011 8:20 AM

I have all 4 pixies, have smashed the rocks off all 4 runes, and sorted out the elements (glowing brightly), but i still havent got any of the specials (have prayed at all 3 temples)

Any ideas?


i'm a thoughtful, obese, zen-minded fox... -.-

<3d it!!! ^_^


The graphics of this game are just amazing, i was hoping beyond hope there would come a second of the william and sly games. This makes my day.


I got this title,

Because you helped all the ohnem, ate a lot of mushrooms and took all day doing it: You are a caring, healthy, zen-minded fox

I don't know, but i think the titles are random. I still liked mine though :)
absolutely loved this game.


I like how all the signs are snarky. Particularly, if you go to the right border of the map, it says "This wall was not in the first game". If you go to the left border of the map it says: "An invisible wall... What kind of magic is this?".

The graphics... Ohhhh boy. Sure, the cartoonish character style from the first may be gone, but now, the 3d-like sprites are the most detailed I've seen in my whole life.

Also, the story you get from the journals is very good. Better than "Go light up the stones" story from the first game.

On a scale from one to 1 to 10... 12.


For those of you praying at the temple and not getting anything from it, what OS are you on? I have heard this from one or two people on Kong but I haven't been able to figure out how the bug is happening. It seems that if you restart the game, though, the temples will work, so it could be a flash hiccup.


Big kudos to Lucas -- what a great game.

Gorgeous visuals, just tricky enough to keep you interested but easy enough to be low-stress, nice music, tight controls -- all the technical things, plus I just enjoyed it.

Loved playing it through the first time -- and just finished the second time just because I liked looking at everything.


I absolutely LOVED this game. I found the scenery so life-like, especially the lilac plants. when you moved from side to side, they looked as if they were popping out! excellent job overall.


If you are missing mushrooms, journal entries, etc., then be sure to look ALL around, keep your map on even while you are looking,and turn your volume up. When you have the Ahmni Sight, it makes a slight popping sound when those blue dots show, so this will help as well. also make sure you have searched EVERY wall, for the reason i missed mushrooms was because i missed a hidden cave entrance. Keep in mine you dont have to find all mushrooms, too. just the journal enteries.


having myself used to the game, i got a different result.
Instead of being

a caring, obese, and zen minded fox.

i became

a caring, obese, and light footed fox.

because of finishing it quickly. :)
I really loved the game.
I didn't like the first one too much because of the boss snake. but both were good. :D


The foxes were exquisite! I'm happy there were no "bosses"; I really hate them in games. (Perhaps games could have a "lame bosses" toggle, ... seriously! [smile]) Going from the lowest Dragon Pole to the upper right Pixie was a real challenge; only had one second leeway. Just a really great, wonderful, game! :-)


Beautiful -- I could play this for hours, and it seems that I am 'cause just not fast/exact enough to get the fourth pixie unfrozen with my fire.... Thank you for creating a lovely experience in 'game-play'


I tripped too into the "mistake an unreachable frozen scroll for a pixie" trap, since the only frozen stuff I found so far were pixies. Loved the poingy buggers, by the way.

Astonishing visuals (maybe a bit too particley, looked a bit overdone in places, and being on fire throws down my framerate to the gutter) great soundtrack, nice story, even a haiku!

Too good, I fear some game company will snatch Luke from the free scene sooner than later. Best luck to him if that happens, though, and thanks for all the shrooms!

TheFlobster January 1, 2012 1:17 PM

I finished and got:

Because you helped all of the ohnem, devoured all of the mushrooms, and took all day doing it:

You are a caring, bloated, and zen-minded fox.

But i continued and asked him again and it changed to:

Because you helped all of the ohnem, devoured all of the mushrooms, and took all day doing it:

You are a caring, bloated, and persistent fox.


Anyone can post all the journal scraps in order? I can't make heads or tails with them.


great game! my only problem is that the back ground NEVER changes no matter how high you fly.
All i ask is that you make it so eventually there is just sky

after i flew really high i decided to finnesh the game. i went to william but he just said the normal words.i then checked how many pages
i had and it said 24, where before it said 25.
did it erase a page?

anyhow, it's a great game and i hope to see more!


windows xp, latest versions of firefox and flash. it might be flash or my computer, games go to black screens after loading often. they work fine on a different computer in the house with the same os and browser versions.

[I'm not as familiar with the ins-and-outs of Flash as some folks around here, but I'm taking a guess that it could be a program clash...either on your hard drive or in your cache... Maybe you can empty your cache and clear browser history to see if that helps? Flash can be fussy sometimes. ~elle]


yep done everything from that to disabling hardware acceleration. i have been checking and it seems to just happen some times and nobody seems to have a solid answer, sometimes it just starts working again for this game or that or randomly fixes itself

[What OS are you running? If it's Vista, you might want to have a look at our Support page about running Flash on Vista. -Jay]


So. Happy.

JaviChumilla January 3, 2012 6:38 AM

I'm missing a mushroom. My result for now

Because you helped all of the ohnem, ate a lot of mushrooms, and did it quickly:

You are a thoughtful, sleek, and quick fox.

Orangurumi January 3, 2012 5:44 PM

Finished! Liked this one much more than the first, because of the beautiful gameplay, soothing music, and all around lovely puzzles and exploration.
"Because you helped all of the Ohnem, ate a lot of mushrooms, and took all day doing it:
You are a caring, sleek and zen-minded fox."
Staying hopeful for the threequel!


I fell in love with William and Sly all over again -- heck, I like it more now -- when I played this. It's got better graphics than the original, a more complex plot (revealed through all twenty-five journal pages), it's easier to collect all of the mushrooms and keys (thank you, Ahmni orbs!), and there aren't any obnoxious little mud critters that attack you to eat your fairyflies and can only be killed in a short window after you've activated a runestone (can you tell I sucked at killing them?). There's no combat at all, which allowed me to explore Sly's world at my leisure this time around. It's so nice not to have to worry about darklings attacking me because I unknowingly slipped onto one of their platforms. The flight mechanic in this game, which incidentally would have prevented such slips, is far more awesome than the first one's (although Sly's wings are really cool). Really, though, what fox wouldn't want to be able to fly and leave a trail of... er... fairy-fox dust behind them?

My ending:
"Because you helped all of the Ohnem, devoured all of the mushrooms, and took all day doing it:

You are a caring, bloated, and zen-minded fox."

PeachyinOz January 3, 2012 8:39 PM

Hi guys, what a great game, drew me into it from the 1st fox jump and played for hours...works great in googlechrome, dumped IE8-9 ages ago as too many problems. You cannot finish this without pixie flight, best to get that early....

and as elle has said a few times... not all frozen blocks are pixies. Thanks to the developers and I look forward to a version 3. easy 5 out of 5 for me, great graphics, smooth gameplay and strangely relaxing :-) .... happy new year to you all... Peachy


You are a caring, obese and persistent fox.


I helped ALL the Oni things, at ALL the mushrooms, and did it ALL quickly, so I am a Caring, bloated, quick fox.


i have all the pixies. what do i do?


i said windows xp

[Oh, yes, you did. Anyway, it definitely sounds like something is messed up on that one computer of yours, especially if a different computer in your house works correctly with the same OS and browser versions. I'm sorry I can't tell you how to fix it. Maybe reinstall Windows? *shrugs* -Jay]


i see all these other caves filled with bombs or some mushrooms or a piece of the journal but even with the disillusion spell broken and three pixies i can't get in! Can somebody help me??


So, I love this game, but I have a problem.
I can't find the fourth pixie! I searched as far as I can reach, but I can't reach any other places.
I think It's by the middle prayer place on a ledge, but I can't get to it!
I jump up and I can see it as I fall ;___;

If anyone can help, I'd love it.



Thank you!


This game is amazing, but I think I've stumbled upon a little bug. I'm near the end with 99 mushrooms, 23 journal entries and one locked chest. I distinctly remember picking up two keys, but after opening one of the two chests I had left, my inventory said I had no keys. I even used the map marked with the key locations just to see if I might have skipped over one, but after visiting all the key locations I still haven't found my missing key and the final chest is still locked. I'm so close to the end too :[

[That's an unusual glitch to be sure... Is it possible that, at the time you picked up those keys, you were already carrying four? Five is the limit on keys at one time. Maybe a messaging issue or a key and mushroom at same time? Try using the map of keys, bombs and journal pieces to double-check. ~elle]

Rifampicyna January 10, 2012 8:51 AM

I'm a

caring, bloated, and persistent fox.

...because I helped all of the ohnem, devoured all of the mushrooms, and took all day doing it ;)

and it's thanks to your tips. Loved the game, I'll possibly fail today's test bacause of it. It was worth it!


Lovely game!

I was zoning out while playing it; must have been the music :)


Beautiful game - really enjoy it but for one really odd glitch. When I complete the Ohnem quests I don't actually receive the rewards, so I can't finish the game :(

I blew up the rocks, returned to the Ohnem and he said his 'mission complete' poem, but when I pass by the runes it just says 'a figure moves within the light...'. Ditto the four sprites - I've now got four pretty shiny things jumping around me but I'm unable to fly like them! I've tried reinstalling flash but that's not fixed the issue. Any thoughts?

[What OS and browser are you using? Lucas Paakh said that restarting the game should fix this "hiccup". More information would be needed to track down what caused it, though. ~elle]


What's up with the overgrown lilacs?


@elle - thanks for getting back to me. I've restarted the game several times and always with the same unfortunate result. My OS is Windows 7 Professional and the issue arises with both IE v8.0.7600 and with Firefox v8.0.1 and v.9.0.1

I'd be grateful for a solution, but no worries if not; I really should be getting on with work in any case...

JooJooburger January 16, 2012 4:16 AM

I can see the 4th bomb in one of the caves on a high up ledge but I can't get to it :(! Is anyone else having this problem? or am I missing something important?


I was hesitant to try William and Sly 2 since I didn't really enjoy the first one, but I managed to make it to the end this time :) The visuals and music were relaxing, although I think it would have been better if the frozen items looked different from the frozen pixies.

I noticed that browser games began to run slower (and then couldn't run at all) when I let my Firefox automatically update since version 4. I solved my problem by downloading the older version of Firefox (3.6.25) that's still available on the Mozilla website.

CatzCradle January 23, 2012 10:44 PM

To be honest, I don't normally play games like this. But this one was just so relaxing and nice, I just couldn't help fall in love with it. Totally agree with the beautiful art and improved gameplay (meaning no more boss or darkling fights)! =D

I got "Because you helped all of the Ohnem, ate all of the mushrooms, and took all day doing it:
You are a caring, obese and zen-minded fox." xDDD


Just got around to this one. Got stuck for a bit trying to find the last journal page and mushroom, but the search wasn't as frustrating as it could've been thanks to the soothing music and all-around idyllic natural atmosphere. There's something about the William and Sly games that make you feel like you are really out in the forest when you play. Great game!

lycyfyrsam July 4, 2012 2:46 AM

i love these games to teensy tinsy itsy bitsy sparkling little pieces--all of them, these, azurefish, anything similar he might do in the future.

equal glimmery props & kudos to the music. it's truly fabulous, above & beyond the videogame realm--just like the games themselves. they transcend their platform[s].

only issue? oh william looks so so very much better in the first game than here when he's clearly been spending way too much time reading bodybuilding websites! i think us fans, as one, can stand up both virtually & proudly & say we prefer him as a dork! i know i do. i promise you.

i also wish he didnt send his wonderful magical flying pet fox around to do all his work--but that seems all of a piece w/ his current preoccupation w/ his physique. maybe next time?

elsewise: ten stars, not five.


Because you helped all of the ohnem, devoured a lot of mushrooms, and took all day doing it:

You are a caring, sleek, and persistent fox.

96 mushrooms, took several hours in several days.

Leopardmask June 7, 2014 9:24 PM replied to cu

"poingy buggers". Best description ever.
They reminded me of Mew from Pokemon, only shiny and they didn't really fly.

hyperspeed100 June 8, 2014 6:23 PM

I love it. The beautiful music (almost sad though) was relaxing and wonderful to listen to, and the smooth movements with the deep and detailed scenery and map made it all very pleasant to play. I love the little story you got glimpses of - it wasn't needed yet it was a nice, fun touch to imagine it all.

The graphics were especially cool, I haven't seen this style with a 2-D platform yet with deep background. On top of it all, there were VERY minor moments of lag (only when he would be on fire in the end part of my whole journey). I find its very difficult to find a game that doesn't lag when its simple graphics, let alone more 3-D/ sculpted like this.


This was not helpful at all it does not tell u the locations of the keys morons




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