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Categories: browser, ddurham, flash, free, game, kmacleod, linux, mac, platform, puzzle, rating-g, windows

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The Top Hat Club If you want to join the club, then the titular hat is requisite. It's just that simple. But getting to this millinery accoutrement is not as straight-forward in this platform puzzler by David Durham. Use [WASD] or arrow keys to move about, pick up items, and enter doorways and the [space bar] to jump as you pass by obstacles such as disintegrating tiles and rolling barrels—all while keeping that hat on your head. The difficulty of this feat varies by your agility and timing, yet the production values are consistently excellent. So hold on to your hat and get ready for the fun!


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Categories: action, arcade, ballphysicstheme, cgdc-entry, cgdc4, ddurham, game, linux, mac, rating-g, windows

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CGDC4: Backfire The next entry up is from David Durham of the UK. You may remember David from previous games featured here, the adorable Gear Puzzle from our first competition, and the exceptional Timebot game from our "replay" competition. In Backfire, David delivers an action-based arcade style game with "ball physics" integral to the gameplay. Please post your kind feedback and constructive criticisms in the comments for David.


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Categories: browser, cgdc-entry, cgdc3, ddurham, flash, free, game, linux, mac, puzzle, rating-g, replaytheme, unique, windows

This game is rated :D for content, click through for an explanation
Timebot Timebot is an action puzzle game entered into our recent game design competition. It's a game in which you must guide a robot throughout several levels. The objective is to roll onto switches that open doors or materialize platforms and make it to the exit within the time given. The replay mechanic in Timebot turns what would otherwise be a simple platform puzzle game on its head and creates something truly outstanding.

Gear Puzzle Gear Puzzle is a simple puzzle game featured in our recent game design competition. As the game begins, a small blue character with big puppy-dog eyes catches sight of a pink character locked in a cage. The cage is chained to a gear suspended from the top of the screen. Pegs line the wall and various sized gears are scattered around. Helpless but heroic, the blue guy does the only thing he can to help: jumps on the gear across the room and starts spinning it. Your job is to arrange gears on the pegs to transfer the motion across the room to lower the cage.

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