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Categories: android, arcade, disney, free, game, ios, ipad, iphone, microtransactions, mobile, puzzle, rating-g, tablet

This game is rated :D for content, click through for an explanation
Stack Rabbit From Disney Mobile, the team behind Where's My Water?, Where's My Mickey? and related spin-offs, Stack Rabbit is an isometric puzzle game that's so adorable it just might melt your face off. Playing as a blocky rabbit searching for food, your job is to steal veggies while avoiding the not-so-watchful eye of Max the guard dog. It's an extraordinarily simple premise that's executed with a lot of style and flair, just the way we like our mobile games!

Where's My Water? 2 After half a dozen sequels and spin-offs, we still don't know where all that water has gone. We do know how to move it around, though, which is what Disney Mobile's brand new physics puzzle game is all about! Where's My Water? 2 brings Swampy, Allie and Cranky back for more dirt digging and ducky finding, adding an ocean of challenges, items and additions to this free to play sequel.


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Categories: android, disney, game, ios, ipad, iphone, kindle, mobile, physics, puzzle, rating-g, tablet, wheresmy

This game is rated :D for content, click through for an explanation
Where's My Mickey? It's a sweltering day outside. Seeing all the thirsty people gives Mickey an idea: lemonade stand! He's missing one key ingredient, however: water. Too bad it's not as simple as marching over to the sink and turning on the tap. From the creators of Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry?, the new physics-puzzle adventure Where's My Mickey? follows the same touch and drag formula as its predecessors, only with a new visual style and some few imaginative gameplay additions.

Mystery Shack Mystery Help Dipper and his sister Mabel escape the Mystery Shack Mystery in this point-and-click adventure game by Disney. Based on the popular animated television show Gravity Falls, players must collect items and solve puzzles to break through all three rooms of Grunkle Stan's Mystery Shack. Fans of the show can enjoy exploring familiar scenes and discovering hidden easter eggs, while newcomers will find plenty of laughs and kid-friendly fun.

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