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Cuarentazo A Flash translation of Cuarenta (Forty), a popular card game in Ecuador. You must reach 40 points before your opponent by capturing cards and scoring points through skillful play. The sound in this game is what really sells it. Every time you win or lose a point, a choir of excited voices cheer or jeer you!



Categories: browser, flash, free, game, grow, linux, mac, politics, puzzle, rating-g, recipe, spanish, windows

This game is rated :D for content, click through for an explanation
El Compló El Complo is a casual puzzle game, similar to the Grow series of games, in which several items are added to the puzzle, one at a time, until complete. The detailed animations of El Complo contain much of the same charm we are used to seeing with Grow, and thus makes this game a fine addition to the growing list of 'recipe puzzles'.

Saltacol For a thousand years, the prairies of Siberia were plagued with saltacoles, the rarest species of mollusk. But now, only a single male remains and it is trying like a crazy person to reproduce. Fortunately, he learns there is a female that exists, and sets out on a journey through 5 terrible caves to be with his love and save the species. Experience this beautiful and original Flash game by Voet Cranf.

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